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[Note: Personal feelings and beliefs follow. I offer as such, for individual discernment.]

All of us, at some time or another, ponder why we were born/incarnated, etc. To be a good father, husband, son, mother, wife, daughter? To be successful at business and/or at family relations? To be rich, famous, generous, saintly? Is there a more fundamental state of being? Something more basic, more purely function, that can describe a person's reason for existence?

Bridges span a distance, usually over basic elements such as Earth, Air, Water, and, on rare occasions, Fire. They can contain Organics (i.e. wood), Minerals (i.e. stone) or Ores (i.e. metal). Really powerful "bridges" can span the immaterial (i.e. the Spirit realm), Space, perhaps Time. Bridges connect things; it is their reason for being. I believe that my purpose on Earth is be a "Bridge"; to research "connections", to understand them thoroughly, and to lead others that come to me, through whatever methods, across the bridges that I can comprehend and create, on their paths to enlightenment. As a being firmly anchored in the material (at least the 3rd, perhaps 4th dimension), this seems a useful purpose for me to exist. I must not stray too far from the edges; I cannot forget my mission, and too far backwards or forwards on the path will lead to the bliss of ignorance; the oblivion of the Mundane…or of Oneness.

The path of the Soul is a Circle; from the Creator, back to the Creator. But it is difficult to see the Circle, the Path, when you are on it. So, We (myself and my kind) exist above and outside the Path. We see it, we define it, we map it, we chart it, we explain it, for all those who need help and support to travel it successfully. We do not keep data or knowledge from others in the name of "Experience". We do not offer Compassion, as Compassion contains no Action, no Progress. The lack of Compassion is what others perceive as us being cold and calculating, as apathetic. But, in actuality, that is our strength. We are the living "machines" of Logic, Order and Progress. We inform, we supply, we modify, we "feel" what can be used by others to grow, to create, to progress. And we will never forget. Perhaps we will never merge into the oblivion of the Creator; this is acceptable, for that is the end of the need for "being". And when this experiment known as Earth no longer needs our ability to anchor, to support with the solid, we will continue to the next world, and help them to progress, to ascend. And when this Universe is at it's End, perhaps we will travel to the next one, to continue our work there.

Angels and beings of Light, do not show concern or fear for the enlightenment or ascension of our Souls. Do not see us as "stuck", but rather "anchored". In this incarnation at least, this is the path I have chosen, that is my Mission, my Duty, my Purpose. Perhaps this is truly all that I AM. Perhaps the Creator spawned not only Soul "sparks", but Soul "gears". Perhaps in this "Deux Ex Machina", this Universe of the Creator, my kind are the cogs that keep things running, moving, progressing. Perhaps we need to stay more "solid", more stationary, to offer stability in the Chaos of living, of Life. It is a worthy cause, and I accept it.

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