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Change and Burial

The internet changed everything. And, it showed one of their weaknesses.

When it was possible to control everything printed, broadcast on the airwaves or programmed on television,  occulting information and creating disinformation was a different beast.

Grass roots type groups popped up everywhere, discussing all aspects of the occult and conspiracy.  These were isolated and had very limited reach to spread information and few platforms on which to discuss information.   They were hungry for membership and ignorant to disinformation and therefor easy to infiltrate and influence.

That influence would be used to make the group fall apart.  Feeding everyone something different which would cause a sense of superiority in each member.  From there we could sit back and watch it fall apart. Each member believing he/she has some gift or knowledge the others do not and insisting they lead.   ( the lack of consistency was never noticed even when members would compare notes - silly that. )

In some cases the infiltrators would convince the group there is no hope, or they were somehow endangering themselves by continuing.   Controlling police, news outlets etc,  made it easy to stage a few scary events for members of these groups if needed.  Perhaps kidnapping and threatening them.  Who could they tell?  Everyone was so separated.

Even the dangling carrot of providing new information was easier.  What if you were joining a new group and given this blog as a book, told it was left behind by some advanced race as a guide, without the internet to fact check or further research?  It may not be hard to convince you that is true.

Whistleblowers really had no where to go outside of a few controlled or stifled agencies which formed.  Late night radio only "nutters" listened to.  The News would not hear them, even if they did this was easy to correct.  No one could truly provide "proof" as all such physical evidence had been disappeared on them, they had to rely on those few ears they could reach helping to share their disclosure.

The "alternative community" (as is the newest name so the one we will use)  gained in momentum as methods of communication became more accessible to the public.  Conferences and seminars became more popular as time went on and the Illuminati began creating their own and absorbing those existing as they could.  The New Age Movement and many other culture projects were fed to this community and still have a strong hold on many today.

Channeling and psychic activities were controlled and manufactured in order to confuse those looking at this information.  Always ensuring the groups most serving the Illuminati agenda received the backing, the funding, and/or the audience.

Programs like MKUltra and organizations such as the lettered agencies ensured these groups remained misinformed and confused.

Minds were controlled by magic and symbology and cultural or psychological manipulation.

Eventually technology caught up and surpassed the traditional methods of keeping control.

The Internet gave everyone who had access to it a voice.

Information started leaking everywhere.  All of the skeletons started peeking out of their closets.   This changed everything.  Everything they had been manipulating or tracking and covering up along the way was all brought together and available to everyone, all at once.

Something you should know about these people by now, having dealt with them so long is they are arrogant to such a degree it's almost unfathomable. This leads to many errors in judgement.  Many of which are almost shocking how "dumb" they must be not to consider or to believe, something. (You've all seen it)  That said, they also adapt quickly.

Your writer has gathered through observation and information from many friends that today it's less about sanitizing information than it is to over saturate and drown it beneath layers and layers of well controlled and manufactured technicalities.

They will literally bury topics in so much information with commonalities and contradictions  all mixed in so that, although the answer is there,  the smaller details act as a smoke screen.  This causes unnecessary debate about and dissection of  various information sources, ensuring those researching topics go around in circles until they either give up or come to inaccurate conclusions.  If you've followed this you will see that their true whistleblowers and witnesses always manage to take second stage.  The most heavily controlled books become the best sellers.  Even if they all make it out into the public, they are placed before too many eyes that do not know what they're looking for.

Chasing the tail.  This happens with virtually all topics and is not limited to alternative or occult types of information specifically.  Take a look at the scientific community.  They are an important target.

To their benefit, they didn't have to do all of this themselves.  Humans have been well conditioned to create misinformation and disinformation on their own and distribute it amongst themselves. These conferences and their like began to generate some money and offer a new type of lifestyle.  A spotlight to be filled.  We have been well conditioned to enjoy that spotlight and many will lie, cheat and steal to get into it,  even for just a while.  Oh and there's loneliness.

At this point anyone from the intended audience can come forth and start speaking but you don't, because you know you'd have to scream to be heard.  What's the point?  "I feel you."

Of even more concern is the ability with technology to mind control remotely.

What you can look for in this regard is small things becoming big things, in your life.

Got a bit of a gambling problem? That is about to become a bigger problem if you're targeted.  Enjoy your "something" a little too much?  If you are targeted that will become a much bigger problem.

No excuses.  You want to be free?  Take responsibility.  You cannot blame the targeting if it works on you.  You have to adapt and evolve so that it cannot.  That is taking responsibility.

Your writer is not downplaying anything.  He knows what you have been through.   It will hurt.  A lot.  You will fail.  Many times.  Ultimately - you control you.  They are merely suggesting you do otherwise.  The choice of action is still yours.  You can take back control because what they are making bigger - is a small part of you.

The change is complete.  The new burial of the masses is in place.  Technology has taken over.  They have replaced themselves as the enemy.  They have replaced themselves with you.

So do you want to be free from them?  Then do it.  Your writer is not going to save you.  Our benevolent ET friends are not going to save you.  They are not going to stop if it keeps working.

They influence your thoughts and feeling which drive your actions.  So go back to the beginning:

Free your mind:  they have buried you in information. Keep it simple.  No one said the truth shall set you free.   They said knowing the truth will.  You've already heard the truth it doesn't matter how well packaged or covered in lies - You still don't know it.

Reach out with your feelings:  your thoughts can make clear or distort your feelings.  If you are successful in the first step this will be possible and well within your immediate ability.

You must do:  action is always the part that matters most.  You cannot blame any manipulation of the first two steps.  You can only blame your mistakes while taking the first two steps. In the end the choice to act is always our own.  You don't have to buy everything you're sold.

Many of you lived through this change so..

They changed.  So we must change.  They buried us.  We must climb out.

Would you start climbing if you knew they couldn't push you back down?

Imagine that is true, and climb.  Don't worry if anyone is climbing with you - leading or following or even side by side.

Just climb.

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