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I have had epiphanies about this and now I want to surface it finally...I am not able to find anymore who want to come out of the SYSTEM...and I am sad about this...their control over all others is strong...and I am only one...even talking about politics anymore seems to be grounds for being called a "terrorist". And I have lost friends over this...but yet I am strong and my will pushes on and I have seen this...I cannot help them see...I have tried and nothing will not let them see the truth. They have their own clock that is ticking in their own because if this I have ceased to try to pass on this word and have began my full-on attempt to awaken my true self. I have seen myself and my physical image of myself in other dimensions and in higher densities...and I think that I am ready to seek this out. My only sadness is that so many are still unaware of themselves and will never listen to reason...When I fully awaken myself then maybe they will see this and push off too... no more to say at this time....

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Comment by Shin Neo aka The Young Yoda on December 10, 2008 at 1:07pm
thank you for your kind words Tony...Love and Light to you...<(-.-)>
Comment by Zell on December 9, 2008 at 2:38pm
i am on the SAME EXACT boat my friend.. my friends look at me sometimes crazy when i talk about the imperical oneness and the higher self, they discard all this relevant information i try to share and laugh, and sometimes criticize. there stuck in there 3 dimensional perception of reality, which the elites hae done such a succesful job making precious souls into dumb beings enveloped around this self generating debt called "money" which only exist in peoples head...... dont worry friend, do your part and keep spreading the word... some of my friends came around and there level of awareness is raising.... All in all keep promoting integrity

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