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Francine goes to see a hypnotherapist because she wants to end her life, here's what ensues...

** Dolores Cannon is a regressive hypnotherapist and psychic researcher who records "Lost" knowledge from the subconscious under deep trance.

This session was done at my hotel in London in 2005. I had been giving many lectures and workshops, and was inundated with requests for private sessions. Francine convinced me that it was very important that she have the session, so I managed to squeeze her into my busy schedule. I am very glad I did, because the session was of great benefit to her. I do not think these things happen by accident. "They" are always in charge, and connect me with those I am supposed to help. Francine had been very depressed since childhood, and was now taking antidepressants. She told me she wanted to commit suicide. She just didn't want to be here any longer, even though she had a good life (by our standards). She was married with children, and her husband was very understanding of her condition. But she was one of those people I am encountering more and more that feel they do not belong here. They are uncomfortable with the violence and horror of our world. They want to go home, even though they don't know where home is. She felt she had reached the end of her rope. She was sincere about wanting to kill herself. The medication might have been taking the edge off, but it was only suppressing the real cause. I had an idea what I was going to find, because I am seeing more of these gentle souls now as we are approaching the coming shift into the New Earth. I have been told they are the pioneers, the trail blazers who set the stage others to follow. It was very difficult for the ones who came first, because they had a great deal of adjusting to do. The ones who came afterwards have not had as much difficulty. I had a definite feeling that Francine was going to be one of these volunteers who came in first to pave the way for the others.

When Francine was in deep trance, instead of going to a past life, she found herself in a very uncomfortable situation. She could not see anything, the information was coming as impressions and feelings. "I feel suddenly very, very heavy, and there's nothing there. It's blackness. And I feel anxious. It feels like my heart's beating faster. I feel as though everything is under pressure. I feel my body is being squeezed. It feels tight and squeezed."

I gave her suggestions to relieve any physical sensation so she wouldn't have the uncomfortable feelings. "What do you think is causing that?"

F: I don't know. I feel as though I'm being born, or I'm about to be born. It feels as though it's all over me, a feeling of being squeezed and squashed. My heart feels strange.

I didn't see the need for her to continue to feel uncomfortable. If she was experiencing her birth, it could have continued for some time. So I moved her ahead in time to see what was causing the sensations.

F: I see a baby being held up by its legs and being snapped on the bottom. -I think I'm the baby.

D: Where are you when this is happening?

F: I think it's a hospital. I don't see anything clearly.

D: Does it feel better now to get out?

F: I feel something's wrong. It doesn't feel any better. I don't feel so squeezed, but my heart beat feels wrong.

D: Do you mean it feels strange to be in a body?

F: Yes, I'm frightened and alone. I feel tears coming. It was a shock. It was not fair in that way. I'm confused. I can't remember why I'm here here or what's happening. Why is everything so cold and harsh? But I don't see much at all. I'm just feeling all this.

D: You said you had the feeling of being alone?

F: Yes, because it is not the feeling of being cuddled or held. I feel as though I'm alone.

D: Where is your mother?

F: I don't know. She's not here. I want to be held. I want to feel that I belong to someone.

D: Where you came from before this, did you feel alone? (No) What was it like?

F: I felt I was never alone there. Everything's so light and everything's white, as though I'm part of something really large. I know I'm connected to that, and it feels that it's just love. And it hurts to be away from that.

D: Were there people there?

F: It feels that, in the main it was just right. But I think you can be separate, in a way. You can have a body, but it would be made of light. Yes, I get the feeling that there are other beings of light all around me. And that we can feel like a mass of light if we want to. And being connected to them all the time, never feeling alone, always being understood, and we always work together. I was unrestricted and everything was much faster, but common, and it was light. It's hard to explain because there's nothing there apart from this light, and the occasional feeling that I can see shapes of other beings of light. But that's it. There's meant to be a feeling of love and togetherness there, as though we were all part of the same one energy. It felt all together.

D: What happened that you had to come into a body?

F: I felt it was time to go. I had to be brave, and I had to do this, but I knew I was going to forget who I was and how I was going to go. It was important that I went. I had something to give, and to bring light. I'm so lucky. I lived in the light all the time, and I lived there for a long, long time. And it was like if someone was asking for help, you wouldn't ignore them. And I had to go. I said I would volunteer to go. I said that I would go and help.

D: Did someone ask you to go, or did you decide on your own?

F: I think that I volunteered to go, because I felt I wanted to help. I don't think I was told I had to go. I had the choice and I wanted to go. I felt I could help overcome problems by giving my light, my love.

D: Did you know what it was going to be like?

F: I think I was told. I had an impression that it would feel difficult, and I felt as though I would be prepared for that. But I knew I would have to forget for a while, and that I would gradually remember.

D: Is that the hard part, forgetting?

F: Yes, because then you feel so lonely. And I didn't know who I was anymore.

D: Why is it important that you forget when you come into the body?

F: I had to fully incarnate as a human, and in a body, so that I would think I was fully human. It would be too much for my human mind to remember everything at once.

D: Have you ever been in a body, before this one?

F: I think I have, yes. But I don't think I've ever been on Earth before, because it was so hard to imagine what it would be like to be in a body that was so dense. I was used to feeling so free and so light, and then to feel so heavy all of a sudden. It was very confusing and difficult. They said it would be difficult for me, and I said that I was willing to go, because I wanted to help. I was ready to bear any of the difficulties that might happen in order to do that. I think there's a big plan. I think everyone has been asked to help. It's because there's been much darkness here, and much aloneness in this part of the universe. And it's time for the light to come. I was asked and I said I would volunteer to do this. I don't think I'm alone. I think there are others where I came from that volunteered to come, too.

D: How did that happen when they asked for volunteers?

F: There was a big council or meeting. It wasn't just our people, the lights, it was also other people. And in the meeting, this big plan was being organized, and they said they were asking for volunteers. That we were under no obligation to go, it was up to us. If we felt it would be what we could do, then we could go, but there was a bigger plan. And I remember my heart felt so big, full of love. I just felt, "Yes, I'll go do this. This is something I want to do." I felt that if I went, I could help with the plan to tip the balance, because the evolution of the Earth was being slowed down too much by an imbalance of darkness there. And just by being there, I would be helping to balance the light so the evolution could then progress in the correct way, and in the appropriate way.

D: Did they show you what it would be like?

F: They did brief us on what if would be like to be in a body. They said it would be very difficult to adjust, because we would feel restricted and limited in a way we'd never experienced before. there there was complete freedom. There was no restrictions at all. There was just love and unlimitedness. I said I'd be prepared to do that if it would help with the plan.

D: But on Earth it would be different. There would be restrictions.

F: Yes. It was hard to imagine how difficult it was actually going to be. I believed in the plan, and I believed that I had enough courage and love to make it work.

D: But when you were going through the birth experience, it was different, wasn't it?

F: Yes, it was different. Even inside my mother, in the womb, I felt even then that the darkness was restricting, as though something was wrong, as though I was not getting enough nourishment. Or just the tension. I could feel the tension.

D: But it was too late to back out then.

F: No, I know this was part of the deal. I'd committed myself by then, that was it. I was going to do it and I didn't want to back out. They said there would be help. They said I would feel very strongly about certain people, and I would talk to them, and I would feel less lonely. That there would be help.

D: Even though, as soon as you come into a body, you forget.

F: Yes, as though all that unlimited knowledge is just gone. It's just squeezed into nothing, and I'm having to learn how to breathe even. And yes, it's really hard. I didn't imagine it would be this hard. I didn't know how painful it would be. I didn't know how it would feel to be so disconnected from the feeling of love. Also, the physical pain. When I was first born, I had a pain in my heart. The heart wasn't working properly. There was a hole in one of the inner chambers of the heart. I wasn't developing properly when I was in the womb. I think the placenta was compromised in its function and there was a lack of nutrition. And also that area of the body was compromised because it felt cut off from the love as well. The physical manifestation of being cut off from the love that I always had known.

D: what happened? Were you able to repair the heart?

F: Yes. It was all part of the plan. It was to help people understand their power and that love could heal.

D: Do you know if you did it yourself, or if you had help?

F: It was already arranged on a higher level that this would happen, and we all took part in that. I took part in that, and so did all the people that were praying for me. Everybody's energy came together and the healing took place. I think it helped to rebalance, as well, things that weren't complete in my body.

D: Otherwise, the body would not have been able to live.

F: No. It would have needed an operation at the least. But that was the plan, to heal.

D: To come in by teaching people lessons even as a baby.

F: Yes. It was a good lesson. I felt love when I was healed. I felt the energy in my body. I felt people's prayers and I felt the love washing over me. And it felt good.

D: So you weren't completely cut off from love.

F: No, it was there. It was good to find that love. There is love here.

D: But there are many lessons to be learned on Earth, aren't there?

F: Yes. It was hard work here. I learned to hide from life. As a child I learned to shut down a certain part of myself in order to survive. In order to protect myself from the pain of when people were horrible and nasty, and when I felt other people's pain so strongly. I felt that was too much to bear, and I had to shut that part down for a while.

D: You weren't expecting that other people could be cruel.

F: No, no. It just mystifies me, I don't know why. Then as I grew up, I started to understand that people had been the victims of cruelty themselves. That turned to bitterness and anger, and then that came out and transferred to others around them. And it spread like a disease of fear, fear of being a victim of other people's anger.

D: They all have their own lessons. (Yes) Have you met other people that came from the same place.

F: Yes, I've met many people, some of them from the place I was from. Some have found it really hard, and are not coping well. I have tried to help. They have a hard time adjusting.

D: Is this what caused the depression when you were younger? (Yes) Talk about that. You said you had it for many years?

F: Yes, I had it for a long time. As a child too. That's when I started to shut down. I felt very tired. It was very difficult just to function as a human being. I was trying to be light. And I found it was hard to be the light when everything was so painful around me, feeling all this pain. I kept thinking about why I came here, and yet I couldn't remember. I always knew I would remember one day. There was always something more. I felt so guilty as well, because I was also trying to be a human being. And human beings have very limited understanding of the way life works, and we make mistakes. I would feel so bad when I realized I'd made a mistake that caused someone else pain. I've not dealt with that very well. I've always felt hard on myself, I suppose, because I've had this job to do. I thought I could do that, and then I realized that was not going to be easy. The human body has such limitations, and this dimension is slowness. Things move so slowly. And I've had to learn not to expect too much, and that's been a hard lesson.

D: You can't change it all by yourself, can you?

F: No, I'm part of a team, but I felt so alone. I thought I had to do it all myself.

D: Did you realize on another level that there was a team?

F: Gradually, very gradually. At first, I thought my team was in the Christian religion. I thought that because they talked about the light, and it lit something inside me. The part I shut down, I tried to open up. That was difficult. I responded to the light, though, in the church, but I felt so hurt by the people there. I kept expanding in love and light, and having to contract again all the time. I felt I had a communication with the light again. There was a glimpse of it. And yet it was tainted with limitations that didn't feel right. I knew there was more; I knew it was much bigger. It was like they see God as a grid of structure, whereas I could see God without the structure. There didn't need to be any limitations. But they didn't understand that, and they didn't like that about me. Then I knew it was time to move on. I felt very hurt by things they said.

D: Do you think they all came from the same place as you, or do you know?

F: I think everyone has, eventually. When you go right back, everyone comes from the same place. But it's different levels of forgetting when you get to places like Earth. Some of them have been in human bodies for hundreds and hundreds of years, and they're crippled by the limitations.

D: Do you think that's what happened, they lived in the bodies too long?

F: Yes, I think they've lived here so long, they've just forgotten who they were. They've forgotten about the light. Maybe they need a holiday away. (laugh) They need to remember what it's like to be unlimited and expanded again.

Francine had turned to taking drugs at one time in her life as an escape.

D: Do you think drugs helped when you felt lost?

F: I think I used them at times as a tool to access the part of my mind that I needed to open. The parts that allowed me to see all things as one again. I felt as though I was led to those parts of my mind. The drugs helped to open a door. I was looking for a way to feel the oneness again. That I was part of the light and that all the information was still there. It's just harder to get it. Many people think I'm very strange because I always see something deeper. It's just hard for them to understand.

D: Because they're so caught up in the physical world.

F: Yes. It's easier for me, I guess, than other people to see the games that are being played out. As though there's a game of being winning on a physical level, and there's a game of being connected to the light again. It's so destructing. And obviously having to be fully human too, I'm destructive at times. But I think it's time to stop beating myself up about that.

D: Do you think it would have been easier if you had other lives in a human body?

F: Yes, it's always going to be hard, isn't it? (At this point the subconscious took over fully.) It was important for Francine's journey as a soul to have this experience, because it would only help the One Light to know more. To add experience is always good. And it was helping a part of the big plan. It's not just to help her. She is helping even the light to grow in more awareness by doing this. She knew it wasn't going to be easy. She felt everything so intensely. She was going round and round in the pain, and she couldn't find a way out. The only way she could see was to die, because she knew she would be free then. But she couldn't die at the time she tried to. They would say, "No, it's not time yet. You still need to stay." Every time, they would stop it, because they loved her and they wanted her to succeed in the plan. If she'd left, she would have been disappointed. And she knew that it was for her good to stay.

D: It was not allowed, because she was supposed to finish what she had volunteered for.

F: Yes, and she wanted to stay. But there was the human part that was sad and in pain and angry and wanting to leave, wanting to end the pain. But she has a job to do, and she is going to see it through. That's the hardest part.

I knew I had contact with the subconscious, so I went ahead with my questions.

D: You went directly into this with her. Is that what you wanted her to know about today?

F: Yes. It's time for her to know. It's time for her to understand.

D: All her life she has had this difficulty feeling different. (Yes) She said she felt like she didn't belong here.

F: That's right. This is why.

D: Has she ever had any lives in a physical body?

F: A very, very long time ago. She had many lives in a body, but it was less dense than the body she's in now. They built cities, and they lived harmonious lives.

D: Were these bodies on Earth.

F: No. Far away.

D:Would it do her any good to know about these, for her curiosity?

F: Yes. She went through a series of evolution where she became more and more light, until finally the whole civilization became light. She stayed within that light for many, many eons. They had progressed to the point where they were unity consciousness. They felt oneness all the time, and there was no need to create physical bodies unless they felt like it. And then they'd create light bodies. They had overcome most of the challenges through their evolution, and it was a place where it was harmonious joy and love. That was a very comfortable place to be, and a feeling of accomplishment, too. Hence, it's very hard for her to be in such an unevolved state.

D: What happened to cause her to come to Earth?

F: There were many problems in a part of the galaxy where Earth is situated. With darkness, it's out of balance. And the Great Council came together, and it was time to start infiltrating the system. And by incarnating on the planet, beings of light had the opportunity to give their light to a planet that was overrun by darkness. She volunteered for the job, because she knew that she could do it.

D: But it's different when you get down here in the body, isn't it?

F: Yes, she found it very difficult to adjust. It's very hard to leave somewhere that's so peaceful to come to such a very dense, slow planet with so much pain. It's felt very intensely by people like her because she's very open.

D: They are very gentle people, and they have not had the programming for other lifetimes on Earth to cushion that.

F: Yes. They had to have great courage to go. And we are very grateful that they are going, because it's making the plan happen. And it is working. The plan is working.

D: There are many others who have volunteered to come, aren't there?

F: There are many, many. Thousands and thousands. And millions. And there are many children being born now, awaiting in a queue, to come. That's why Francine had twins, because they wanted to come together.

D: The twins were some of these volunteers? (Yes) Did they come from the same place? (Yes) And they've not had other lives either?

F: They're better adjusted, they're having help. They had help before they started, and they have the help of those that have already done a lot of groundwork and laid the path before them. And they have a mother who's done a lot of adjusting herself, and knows how to introduce them better to life on Earth.

D: This is what I have noticed in my work. Some of the ones about Francine's age, or even older, had great difficulty adjusting. Many of them wanted to commit suicide and leave.

F: Yes, that is a problem.

D: Then the ones that began coming after her seem to have it easier.

F: Yes, the way is being prepared for them. That was part of the plan, that the people of Francine's age should come with great courage to carve a new path. They knew that was going to be hard because they were breaking old structures and redesigning new ones in an ethereal kind of way. I'm getting a picture of the planet having a grid around it, and the energy that they've brought is helping to shift the grid into a new position. More love is flowing more easily and unblocking channels.

D: Their energy is causing a difference.

F: Yes, the light, for the first time, is now greater than the darkness, and there is a chance that the human race will evolve past the point where it was going to destroy itself. It was headed in that direction, and that's why they were asked to come. But they had to forget who they were, because the human race needs to feel that it has to evolve itself. She had to become human in order to be part of the human race, in order to change it from the inside. She couldn't change it from the outside, because that's against the rules.

D: Which rule is that?

F: The prime directive of non-interference.

D: This is not considered interference?

F: No, this is part of the plan. It's a good plan, because people forget that they're part of the light. But they start to remember, and the light that they bring, just by being who they are, actually makes a huge difference, just by holding the light within them. They are a tiny spark which connects to all the other tiny sparks around the globe, and it's becoming lighter and lighter.

D: And the children that are coming now have had the way prepared for them, so it's easier. (Yes) But they're still having difficulty, because some of them are so evolved. And the adults do not understand them. (Yes) I've had many teachers ask how they can help the children. Do you have any suggestions?

F: The limitations of the education system needs to be readressed so that the freedom of the spirit of each child can be truly expressed in a creative way. And they need to introduce less structure to the timetable, and allow more free movement between subjects, so the children can see how things are all connected together. It's hard for them to sit still and learn numbers and letters, and they can't see the whole picture. They need to know how this fits together.

D: I do not believe they should be put on these drugs.

F: They're not helpful. They're shutting them down. The children need to be changing the system, and they're trying to keep them subdued and suppressed.

D: So-called "normal"

F: Normalized, yes. But there are too many of them now. Things are shifting.

D: I don't think they're going to be able to suppress all of them.

F: No, the wave of change has already started.

D: Now we can see where the depression that has affected Francine's body comes from. (Yes) Do you think learning these things will help her?

F: Yes, she's already started some body work that is helping to rebalance things that have been out of balance, due to pollution. The toxic environment that humans live in is having a terrible effect, as their bodies are changing now. The pollutants that have built up in their bodies are causing them to feel stuck, and these symptoms occur.

D: Francine had several symptoms that the doctors were trying to diagnose: dizziness, tiredness, muscle aches and pains, and stiff joints.

F: Yes, this is all part of the adjustments in her body, and it's happening all over. People need to slow down and take care of their bodies because of the pollution. We are helping her, and as the depression lifts, she will want to be here more, because she'll feel happier here. The pollution on the planet has unbalanced her. The chemicals in her brain, and her body are out of balance. The drugs she's been on have helped her to stabilize that.

D: Then as the depression lifts after this session, and she understands what's going on, will the other symptoms fade away?

F: Yes, gradually as she integrates the things she's learned, her body will adjust. I'm getting a picture that her spiritual body has never been fully connected or lodged in the physical body, because she had to shut part of it down. And when she opened it back up, it didn't reconnect properly. It's hard for her to reconnect that, the wiring's all wrong. But she's rewiring it at the moment, and that is going to heal her. She will understand her purpose again, and her depression will lift. It's also teaching her to be still and learn the limitations of being in this body. It's an important lesson, that through the illness she's learned how to achieve balance in a way she would never have known before. And it's helping her. She is in control of the whole situation. She has created it all, even the discomfort of the symptoms is there for her as a tool. And she will have no need of it in the future. The body's being rewired while she's asleep.

D: Is that part of the DNA change?

F: Yes, that's part of the rewiring, the DNA changes. And the reason it's not happening harmoniously with Francine is because of the buildup of toxins and pollutants all around her and in her body. The rewiring is more difficult. It's like part of her spiritual body is vibrating much higher than her physical body, and that's not connecting properly.

D: Is this happening to everyone in the world?

F: Some people are finding it easier to change, mutate, as the DNA structure is changing. And the others are finding it harder. Those that live in more polluted areas, and those that have had more difficulties incarnating.

D: Do you think everyone is experiencing something?

F: It depends on what level people are aware of. But yes, across the board, there are changes occurring all over the planet.

D: It's a good thing we're not aware of them on the conscious level. We probably wouldn't be able to handle it.

F: It is important for her to remember that she was part of a great plan, and that she was part of the light. It is important for her to remember to keep going, and not to give up. It is now time for her to remember. This information that has been stored inside her mind isn't quite accessible at this stage, but will be useful in the future. She will have settled into a new pattern by then. Her body, will have been rewired, and it will be easier for her to recall these things that she needs to know. The information is often implanted during dreams, especially dreams of many different symbols. These symbols contain whole blocks of information, and this is being put into the mind. Just after 2012, the bodies will be rewired and the memories will surface. The information will be coming through then. It's already wired into the memory, and it will just come when it's ready.

Similar information was given to me when I was active in UFO investigations for the last twenty years. This was reported in my book 'The Custodians'. I was told this is the way the aliens communicate, not with words, but with symbols. They use concepts, blocks of information that are contained in a single symbol. The conscious mind may not be aware of what is happening, but the subconscious recognizes and understands the information that the symbol represents. Symbols are extremely old, and have been used down through time immemorial. When the person sees the symbol, it transfers and entire concept into the subconscious mind where it is absorbed at the cellular level. They said it would lay dormant until the time comes when it is needed. Then the information will surface, and the person will now even been aware of where it came from. This is part of the significance of the Crop Circles, because the symbols contain information. You don't have to be physically in the Crop Circle for it to be transferred. It can happen by looking at a picture of the Circle. So this session reconfirmed what I have been getting for twenty years. This always adds validity when it is repeated by people half a world apart who do not know each other, and do not what I have already accumulated.

F: Wherever Francine goes, she acts as a catalyst which enables peoples' light to be sparked withing them. And sometimes that doesn't come easy to some people, and it challenges them. But just by being who she is, she is doing the plan. Even if it's on the subconscious level, something within them turns on, and a light turns on. They find it easier to believe that the light can win when they have the influence of Francine and others like her. But some people are stuck, and find it hard to take this on. If she knew how much she was doing, she would be happy that the plan was being carried out in the way it was designed. It will help her to know that she is doing her job very well just by being who she is. Because she can't leave until the job is over, until the plan has been all put into place. She'll be happier to stay now that she knows. It's very sad that some people are overwhelmed by the task. Yet we are always there to help. It is very saddening. It's like they get caught up in the Earthly in the Earthly incarnation, and go round in circles and don't know how to reconnect with the purpose.

D: And the world is becoming less negative because of this type of people.

F: We want to tell her: You're doing so well, and to be encouraged. There's nothing to be afraid of any more. Your body is just being rewired, and you don't need to worry about that. Just relax. Go and do the things that you feel compelled to do. And just keep your eyes fixed on the goal that you came to do, which was to bring the light. Just be who you are. And know that you are very much loved, and that you're never alone.

Over a month later, I received a beautiful letter from Francine. I don't always hear from my clients after a session, and it is always gratifying to know that they have truly been helped by this unorthodox method. Here are some parts of her letter:

"Thank you very much for fitting me into your tight schedule. I have found it to have been of great benefit. The depression has lifted, and my doctor is satisfied that I can come off my antidepressants, which I am doing. The session helped so much to enable me to see WHY I am here. That I volunteered to be here, and I have a new determination to see the job through. I am also finding it easier to appreciate the good things about living on Earth. The good relationships I have full of love, and the beauty in nature that inspires. I said to my husband, Eddie, "I am so glad I came!" And he chuckled, just glad to see me looking happier. He has noted to me and others that the session, however strange the concept, has obviously helped.

"During the session, I was feeling a lot more than I could describe in words, and every time I have listened to the tape, all the feelings come back clearly. I felt clearly that the loneliness I felt was an illusion of the 3rd dimension. That I was in fact surrounded by beings of light most of the time, and that there are many other light workers around me at all times. It is just harder to see the connections here.

"When you asked my subconscious mind about other lives I had lived, I was able to see in a flash the whole story of the race I had belonged to. I didn't describe it in the session, but I remember seeing a planet with low gravity. The beings were tall and slender, intelligent, loving and very good at co-operating with each other. The city I saw in a flash seemed to have tall spires and buildings that didn't look harsh and out of place amongst the nature around them. There were all wiry trees. I saw how the race evolved to a stage where there was no need for the physical and the bodies became light and melded together in unity consciousness.

"When I was on holiday last week, I was gazing out from the terrace where I had eaten breakfast, and I had a very strong soul memory come to me. In the place where I was staying, there were many tall wiry trees, and their fluffy white seeds were floating weightlessly everywhere on the gentle breeze. The moment I first saw them, I knew they reminded me of something, but it wasn't until that moment that I remembered. On the planet of low gravity, the trees were more fragile and wiry. And when it 'rained', the water droplets were large and almost weightless, and hung in the air very much like the seeds here. It was a lovely memory of warm familiarity.

"Thanks again. I feel like I know who I am now, and I have a calm solid confidence in that."

Taken from Book 3 of The Convoluted Universe written by Dolores Cannon

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Comment by simpleman on December 13, 2009 at 12:57pm
Wow, NF. When I started reading this, I couldnt stop. Now I know where the deep down gut feeling of being alone in the universe comes from. I have had this feeling from time to time through out my life. This session answers more questions also. Thanks NF

Vaddix, Im with ya brother. I know what mean. And doing it the hard way has happened all my life. We never for get it that way. Have you? We learn from errors. Its how we self teach ourselves. We have an advantage though, we are aware of these things and that is helpful.

Reb, Ive seen something like your symbol. I have to go for now, but I will get back with ya on that later. :)
Comment by RL on December 12, 2009 at 11:00am

one of the symbols given
Comment by RL on December 12, 2009 at 10:56am
LOL vaddix enjoy the ride.
I have been given symbols during meditation. now i know what they are for. lol
thanks for this article
Comment by Jen on December 12, 2009 at 9:22am
This is excellent! What I got out of it is that I don't really have a "job" to do other than to approach everything in life with as much joy or "light" as I can muster. By doing that I am increasing the light on our planet. That is why we are here - our purpose - to balance and ultimately overcome the darkness on Earth. Doesn't seem too daunting to me. We all have been lead to this knowledge through reading everything we can get our hands on, but this session with Francine really put it into perspective for me. Thank you NightFable!
Comment by Vaddix on December 12, 2009 at 3:55am
hey Patrick I tried an open conversation. You know what i got back?
" why do things the easy way, when you can learn so much more doing it the hard way?"

Comment by Vaddix on December 12, 2009 at 3:33am
You don't know how many times Ive requested out loud to no avail. Openly requested help, openly requested dreams visions, anything to help me remember or at least give me some kind of clue what it is im here for. Ive wasted three years just drifting not knowing. And asking aloud with intention hasn't helped. I still dont know what to do with my life. I would love a way to have an open dialog so i can remember my past lives or remember anything to help.dreams and visions come too slowly and it feels like im making no progress at all. i cant tell between imagination and actual consciousness. An open dialog would be far easier.
Comment by patrick on December 12, 2009 at 1:31am
You can converse with your consciousness, just do it. Vaddix, you are clearly a smart guy. Remember that your consciousness only has three distinct parts, the 'me' or 'I', your (usually hiding) inner child, and your higher self. Say out loud that you intend these three aspects of yourself to come together in love to serve your highest interest. David Childerly deals with this sort of stuff, check him out.
Comment by Vaddix on December 12, 2009 at 12:26am
Freakin wow. Im part of an ammature hypnotist website. And sooooo many hypnotist's have come across this phenomena. I reaalllllly want to do this myself, cuase im so confused on what im suppost to do, at times like all of us here im sure we all feel like Francine. I feel sooo angry and frustrated with the way this place works, and its limitation. I just wish i could converse with my consciousness as easily as this.
I Think it would be beneficial to see one myself, i just need to find one in Houston.

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