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** Dolores Cannon is a regressive hypnotherapist and psychic researcher who records "Lost" knowledge from the subconscious under deep trance.

Wendy had just left the life as a worm (in Chapter 2) and I wanted to follow her to see where she would go next.

W: I'm contemplating what to do next. I'm leaning over an imaginary desk, and I'm studying -- what should I do, what should I do? Many possibilities.

D: Is there anybody that helps you make decisions?

W: There are many old ones, seemingly old, with long beards. They're contemplating, watching me, just waiting to see what I decide. I seem to be in physical form, young, male. And these old men are standing around just watching me. I'm working over a desk. I'm really young. It looks like maps on the desk.

D: Do you know what the old ones' jobs are?

W: It's like they're contemplating who I am, and what I'm doing. Just studying me. I'm thinking this is funny, because they think I shouldn't have this much knowledge, because I'm so young.

D: Let's move time ahead and find out what you decide to do. You've had a lot of time to think about it, and contemplate. What are you going to do now?

W: I'm leaving these old men behind. I'm going on a long journey to see what this place is about.

D: What place is it?

W: I don't know. It seems to be real, but it's not real. It has trees and woods. You can see it, but you can see through it. It has form. It's real. It's just not dense. Not more solid.

D: Do you know what this place is?

W: It just floats around. It's just there. It's like you can create. You think it and you create it. You take a step, and as you take a step you've created by imagining. It's like walking in the air, and there's nothing there until you create it with your mind. This is too weird. Otherwise, if you didn't create with your mind, you would be stepping into nothing. It doesn't make sense. -- But oh, it's fun! It's great fun!

D: So you can create anything you want there.

W: You have to use your mind. This is almost like playing. I'm young. It's like I'm learning. I won't have anything to stand on, or be in, or be part of, if I don't create it with my mind.

D: Do you think that's what you're doing now? Learning how to do this?

W: Yes. It's like it's in the mind. You think it, then you bring it down and make it a reality. I don't know how to explain that. It's like it's in that thought form, and the thought form is real, but it's not real, because it's not solid. But first you have to create it in a thought form for it to take form. That's it! To take form! -- It's like I can't move until I create in front of me. Otherwise, you're stuck with nothing, until you create it with your thought. It doesn't have substance until you put into it the details, the details, the details -- details. It's called "manifestation". Manifest. It's creating. This is most exciting. Otherwise, it's a void unless you create and manifest something.

D: This is something that's important for you to learn how to do?

W: Yes. Progression. Progression, otherwise you stagnate. Don't go anywhere. You learn how you create. You learn to create a reality. To experiment to BE.

D: So this is the next step, to learn how to do this before you go anywhere else.

W: Yes. It's thought. And then thought comes into form. Thought -- you think it, and then it is. You put the details into it and then it manifests.

D: Is someone helping you learn to do this?

W: It seems as though this realm is where you go to do this. And there are others around. I see points of light. I don't know what that's about. Electricity. Points. But it seems as though where are others. This is where you go to experiment. This is a realm where anybody can go to learn to create. It's a creator school, but I'm young.

D: So you have a lot of learning to do?

W: A lot of experimenting, and it doesn't seem like you exactly have a teacher. What you have is your mind.

D: So no one shows you how to do it.

W: No. You experiment. And if it doesn't turn out right, then you erase it, or undo it. And recreate until you get it like you want it. You can see it before it actually takes form. You can see that it won't be perfect, the you can uncreate it. It never gets to the manifested, thick, dense stage.

D: So it doesn't stay. You have time to undo it.

W: Yes. Times doesn't mean much. You're not aware of time. You just keep creating things. That's weird. That's weird!

D: Why is it important to learn how to manifest things?

W: To get you to think before you jump.

D: What do you mean?

W: Don't jump and then think, because you could flub up a lot of things. If you think it through, then it's easier than jumping and having to go back and redo, and redo, and redo. So you just go slower. And think it out, think it! This it more clearly, detail for detail for detail. There are many others here doing the same thing. My goodness sakes! This one person is working with the color purple. Just seems to be waving his hands, and this purple is moving in different forms. Totally fascinating! Energy movement. It is fun! Kind of reminds me of Fourth of July with a wand, and then moving it through the air.

D: So, in that place you're only limited by your imagination?

W: Right. What you think, you can create. It's a place to practice, and it doesn't become solid form. It's a practicing, creating place, but you need to pay attention more to detail. -- Like if you were going to make a tree, you just don't think a tree, and all the parts are there. You have to think how a tree grows. What all the components of a tree are. This gets really, really, really detailed.

D: There's more to it than people think.

W: Way more. Otherwise, there would just be a flat tree, a dead tree. It would look alive, but it wouldn't be. It reminds me of paper dolls. You see the form, flat, but it's not alive.

D: It doesn't have the substance that something alive has. (Right) Is this something you're going to be able to use?

W: I need to remember to be more detailed, be more accurate. Quit jumping, jumping, jumping into things, and then having to step back and redo. Going too fast. Be more detailed. More thorough. Thorough, thorough, detailed, detailed.

D: Is this a place where everyone has to go?

W: No. If you're interested in energy, it's a good place to go if you want to create things. There seems to be an abundance of energy to work with. It's almost like everybody's young. It's childlike, and the curiosity's boundless. I know there are other realities, but you're not aware of them. You're just not interested. You're having so much fun creating. It's like just do it over. And you don't get into trouble there because it's not a solid world. It's great fun.

I wonder if she had the sense of being young because she had just left the life of the worm. That was a very simple, uncomplicated life where manifesting was not an option. Maybe because of her lack of experience, she had to go to the practicing place to learn how to manifest, because if her next step was to go into a physical human body, this talent and ability would be needed.

D: Maybe that's to learn discipline. It would be difficult if it was a solid world.

W: That would be the scary part.

D: On a solid world, if you create it, it's not going to disappear that quickly, is it?

W: No, and it's going to be malformed. And oh, the energy is so dense and heavy. It's not easy to readjust. That's important. It's hard to adjust dense forms.

D: That's why you have to practice first.

W: Practice, practice. Yes. Clearing. Help align ill-formed dense forms. That sounds strange.

D: What do you mean?

W: (Apparently listening to, or reading from, instructions.) "Help realign dense forms that have gotten out of line, that don't function properly. This can be done ..." Hmmm. -- I see people walking in dense forms, humped over, arms hanging down, dragging their legs, like it's such a terrible effort to be in a dense, heavy form.

D: You mean a physical body?

W: A physical body, yes. It's not aligned properly. You want to walk over to these dense forms, grab them around the middle, and lift them into a straight, upright, lighter being. This is just crazy. These bodies that they have taken on are so dense they need realigning. They can't even produce a child, an offspring that is aligned properly. These bodies won't form and offspring that is balanced.

D: Where are these bodies?

W: They're just walking all over Earth. On Earth! What appears to the naked eye is not what actually is. What you see when you're looking at them are humans. But actually with the inner eye, these forms are bent over dragging. The energy is misaligned. They're heavy. They lack hope.

D: But they don't really look like this on the outside.

W: No, they don't. This is hidden.

D: How did they get out of alignment?

W: Over time. I see them coming back, coming back, coming back. They've lost what they knew in the beginning. They've come here on Earth so many times, they've forgotten to become lighter.

D: Then it doesn't help to keep coming back?

W: These ones it didn't, because as every lifetime is piled on top, it gets heavier and heavier and heavier. You feel like you want to throw if off and lift their form. You want to empty the darkness, the heavy sludge. I see sludge. You want to clear that and help them.

This sounded like what Jesus said in They Walked With Jesus. When he looked at the crowds of people gathered around him, he saw them as lumps of coal, dark and dense. They were unaware that within themselves were bright diamonds just waiting to be exposed.

W: They're wandering around looking for answers and don't know what to do about it.

D: Is there anybody that can help them?

W: There are light. Forms that are like lights that are walking upright. And they walk up to them, and the dense ones are drawn to these light forms.

D: Are these forms also in human body?

W: Yes. And they don't always know they're light forms either. (Shocked gasp -- she became very emotional.)

D: Why is that bothering you?

W: There are many of them around. They just don't know who they are. They don't know what they're supposed to be doing. They've forgotten, too. And they're just waiting, waiting for a specific time.

D: They get stuck here too, you mean, without realizing why they're here?

W: Yes. They get bogged down too, but they still have that light. And these ones that are like sludge, are drawn to this light. It's like a cleansing. (Gentle sobbing.)

D: Isn't there anyone to tell them to wake up, to let them know?

W: When the time is right.

This may be the explanation for the many, many people who are coming to me. They say they are looking for direction. They know they are here on Earth to do something, but they don't know what it is. It becomes a nagging feeling that won't leave them. During the session, the subconscious always tells them they are here to help. To heal, to give assistance, to get people ready for what is to come. They are never told they are here to play, drink, have sex, make loads of money, get caught up in the ways of the world. They are always told that they are here to help the other people. And usually it is to be in ways they would never have thought of with their conscious mind.

W: These people with the light are slowly, slowly realizing ... It's like they bump into this sludge, or touch it, or contact it, and this stuff starts melting away from these bent-over-sludgy, dense forms. But there's no one that can tell them what they're supposed to be doing.

D: Do you know what you're supposed to be doing?

W: Waiting for a specific time, hoping some of those dense ones might bump into me.

D: You can't go looking for them?

W: No. It's sort of a magnet thing, like being drawn to. It works both ways. You have to move around, and they're moving around. And you're just drawn together like magnets.

D: Neither one being aware that's happening. (No) Do you feel anything when this happens?

W: Yes. I can feel their emptying of this heavy, heavy energy. And that gives me great joy. Seems like they've been that way for a long time.

D: Are you back in a physical body as you're doing this?

W: Yes. We with the light, walk upright. This is strange, but the ones with the heavy energy seem to be bent over. This is not in actuality, but that's the feeling. The perception.

D: So you're back in a physical body, but you're able to see these things? (Yes) What kind of physical body are you in?

W: A tall, light body.

D: Is that what it looks like to others?

W: Yes, almost like cleanliness to them. They are drawn, they want to be like that, but don't know how to get that way.

D: If someone else were to see you in the physical form, they would see you as a tall, light body? (Yes) Does it have a physical coating over it?

W: Yes, but it's also kind of transparent. It's half skin, and we wear clothes. But the body seems to be a little translucent, or transparent. A glowing, radiating energy of acceptance, of not turning anyone away. These others just wander around.

D: Is this what you do after you've learned to manifest energy? You come back into the physical to use it?

W: It's remembering that I knew how. I'd been there and learned how to create. A remembering that I had been there.

D: Are you able to tell which ones are the light beings? (Yes) And do others in the physical body know?

W: They can definitely see a difference. There is no comparison. How do I explain? It's a knowing. It's an energy that the light beings give off. They actually look like all other humans, but you're seeing with a different perception. It's a knowing. You can feel the energy. The ones that are sludgy can't. They are just drawn like a magnet. They don't understand it. They want help. They're tired of being bent over and burdened, burdened, burdened, burdened, heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy.

D: If they're drawn to the light ones, do things change in their life?

W: Yes. You see them sort of look up and notice that there is something different that they don't have to live like that. But some of them won't want to change. They think that's all there is. They don't know what to do about it. There are others that are searching, but they are looking down, looking down. They just see Earth things. And then suddenly, they realize maybe there's more than just the Earth things, the material things. And they slightly turn their head upward, and that's like looking elsewhere. Like looking toward the spirit world. When they turn their heads like that, they see that, yes, there is something different. There are others out there. They're like them, but they are not like them.

D: And this makes the change to send them on a different path.

W: Yes. And touch, you want to touch these ones. That is so sad! (Emotional.) They've been like this for so long, and every time they come to this Earth, it gets heavier and heavier. I don't understand. Why didn't they become lighter instead of becoming denser and denser and denser? Touch them. Sometimes, it's just a touch.

D: That's all it takes. Something very simple.

W: Yes. Just walk among the people. Just the energy. Just by touching people. Sometimes, it's eye-to-eye contact. Energy is passed. They know on a soul level, that this is taking place.

I then had her leave that scene and gave instructions for Wendy's subconscious to come forth to answer questions.

D: Wendy was looking for answers. You showed her many things. Why did you show her this part about being a light body helping the denser forms? What were you trying to tell her?

W: That's why she came here. She is supposed to remember where she came from. She was a light form, and energy form.

D: Where did she come from, if you want her to remember?

W: From the energy Source of all energy.

D: Is that where she was experimenting with the energy?

W: It's one of the realms that have been set up for those who like to work, and who like to create with energy. She was sent out from the main energy Source, or Creator, and is allowed to experiment with creation.

D: She's supposed to remember the original Creator Source? (Yes) She was shown that she could manipulate energy. (Yes) Is that what you want her to know?

W: Yes. She is to join with other light beings who are waking up and remembering what they are here for. It's time to start remembering. There's much work going on at night when she's in this sleep state, that she doesn't know about.

Wendy had problems with her health all her life. "This is so she would look inward instead of outward in the material world. If she'd had good health, she would have not paid any attention to the spirit world. She chose a very hard body to manifest through. After she got here, she decided maybe she didn't want to be here. It was going to be harder than she thought. And she sort of drug her feet all these years. She does not feel at home here, but if she goes back now, she will not have finished what she came to do. We are also learning from this body, because it is weak. We take this knowledge and will be using it to develop ways to help mankind. Her body is not the only body that is in a weakened condition. The whole planet has weakened. She needs adequate rest, adequate food, more meditation. We showed her this manifesting realm, because she needs to pay more attention to detail. Detail in everything that she does from the time she wakes up in the morning till the time she goes to bed at night. Detail, detail, detail. Pay attention to what she puts in her mouth. Where she came from before (the energy side), there wasn't this heavy food. In another realm, she was just energy. And it wasn't the heavy polluted food that you eat nowadays. Be more attuned to liquid form of food, if possible. The lighter foods, the fruits. Not so much heavy dense dead food. More food with energy. Life giving foods. This keeps the body light. Heavy foods keep you heavy, stuck, grounded. Heavy in body, hard to move. Lighter foods make lightness, airiness. more room in the body for energy to move through. -- Everything she does, she needs to pay attention to. And be detailed, be conscious of what she's doing."

D: Isn't that a little frustrating or distracting if you think of every detail?

W: This will help align the body so others can help align theirs.

Asked about the problems with her breathing. "Part of it is the pollution that 's in the world today. Part of it is because she polluted her lungs with the stick that she put in her mouth, and lit. (Smoking)"

Heart problems: "This has been so since childhood. It's almost as if she felt she had a broken heart from the time she was little. Feeling alone in a dense, heavy, thick body. Missing the unconditional love. Love on this planet is nothing compared to home."

D: Does the heart need to be corrected?

W: She must remember to rest and visualize, visualize, visualize. Create with the mind and the body will follow. Visualize the organs in the body functioning properly. Visualize, visualize, visualize. Any damage can be healed, but it takes time. That's why visualization is so important. It will make the body aware that it can heal itself. And pay attention to what is put into the body. Fresh, fresh, fresh, alive food, live food. Life-giving, food giving life.

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Comment by Vaddix on December 22, 2009 at 12:24am
I love these post's. I really want to try it myself, but .... apparently i dont need a hypnotherapist to speak to my higher self.
Doesn't explain how i suddenly got into hypnotherapy alot over the summer out of the blue.
Comment by Nightfable on December 20, 2009 at 9:59pm
Yes, it's from her book 3 :) I hope you don't mind me posting. She brings such inspiration to me.
Comment by Vaddix on December 20, 2009 at 9:09pm
is this another session from the one posted last week?

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