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Former Tekos school teacher presents holistic education seminars

Dear friends, If you like holistic education and admire famous Tekos school (Krasnodar region of Russia) you would probably like to know what do the graduates and teachers do when they left Tekos school.

Meet Anna Pavlova! - till the recent time - one of the school's top persons and also former Tekos school educator, teacher, educattion courses developer, administrator and head of the International department.
Recently Anna has started a project called "Plenitude of the World" and is now travelling around Europe giving seminars and webinars where she presents her visions on holistic education, parenting, children, family, people and money relations etc.

Video presentation:
Please support Anna Pavlova by sharing this message and also sign up for Anna's seminar or webinar - we need at least 15 paid participants to organize an event.

For details and signing up please contact Yury Smirnov at

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