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For the ones who want to understand what is really happening today and prepare... The Shock of the Tsunami of Love A New Creation When Nothing will EVER be the Same Again...

Found this here in News/Latest Articles at the bottom of the page, after all the selling blurb..... however remote viewing is something i have studied For years and whooley believe in , similar to channeling and something i think we will all be used to doing in the not too distant future...

Enjoy this message, I did..

Torz xx

Happy New Year 2009


For the ones who want to understand what is really happening today and prepare...

The Shock of the Tsunami of Love

A New Creation

When Nothing will EVER be the Same Again...


This is probably the most important message I have shared, so far. Please help spread it as widely as you can.

Today January1, 2009, I received this message directly from the Oneness. Please read it, absorb it, and spread it. You really need to do so as many events affecting all of your old world will happen soon. Gerald O'Donnell.

Today is the first day of the first month of the year 2009, which forms 11/11: the year of One.

This is a message from the One.

Creation is at a major crossroads.

All has been prepared so that mankind safely rejoins its Source and its unity of purpose.

Soon stupendous events will rock the consciousness of man.

We have left our old shores and are in the midst of crossing onto a new land, a new Creation.

This is inevitable.

Many will question; many will see and perceive the necessity to engage fully.

We need not fear.

The Godliness is also fully engaged with you in this tribulation.

We will cross in this ocean and reach a new shore with the help, guidance, and protection of the One.

You are all Loved and will be cared for. Just trust.

The One will search in each of you for a spark of recognition that you seek Him and desire to be alive in His unity.

Nothing will remain alive outside of His unity.

You must engage.

You must prepare.

You have waited for eons for this and now is the time.

Accept to forgive, forget, and release.

Know and realize who you are, for that realization will open the gates of the new Heavens to you, which will in turn project the new Creation where you shall operate as promised.

Center yourself, and no one nor anything will trouble you.

Rejoice, for great beauty and bounty lies ahead.

Happiness is at you door; open it.

Do not falter; do not despair.

Keep focus on the road ahead and not on the storms surrounding you.

Remember who you are and why you came here, my people.

The One, January 1, 2009

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Comment by Aaron on January 24, 2009 at 5:44am
Thank you so much Torz, At times i feel like giving up or i'm too afraid to move on or change my self. I desperately need reconnection with all that is. I'm just not feeling it yet. At times it gets very scary for me, since i feel like i'm going through a slow death, not physically but spiritually. My dark side seems to be coming up alot and uncontrollable feelings and actions keep coming up way more often. There are times i feel completely at peace and love for others. I'm completely in the Crossroads right now i believe that is what my spiritual level is right now.

Thankyou so much for this post, I'm sure when i go through the complete death and rebirth i'll be ok. Infact i feel we are all going to go through this sometime before 2012.


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