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~ Earthbridge Newsletter~ The Divine Plan ~ Part 2

As today marked the 28th of October 2011 on your calender,
doom and gloom was expected by many [supposedly one end date of the Mayan Calendar],
others prepared their mock and sneer for a non-show as usual.
If it was that date, yet we are approximately 7 years off [now in the equivalent of 2018],
and all things were so precise on time, then it would still have been the last day,
and only tomorrow would have marked the start of the new Consciousness of Unity,
as named by some.

The reason I decided to address you is to emphasise the fact that complacency,
numbness and tiredness could prevent you from realising that tomorrow can indeed mark the start
of events leading towards a different consciousness; this new consciousness,
if not entirely in the immediate near future, then gradually with a lot more truth being shared,
surely no more mind games played,
yet in a much disturbed landscape and environment for a short time being.

Some of you have received word about increased volcanic and tectonic plate activity,
but there is more change and upheaval imminently brewing as we speak. 
"Things have to become far worse, before they can take a turn for the better"
might be the right expression here, yet once the dominoes start to fall,
they will run down quickly, my dear ones.

My son Christ Michael has until now kept a lid on things and allowed non-conformists
to his Divine Plan to brew their own stew, actually working perfectly in the same direction
with some major issues in your society, of course for very different reasons and motives.
All determine their own destination, yet a lot will be removed,
let's say who have chosen to be removed themselves;
as a result others will once again be able to freely determine where it is they want to go.

Since he is at his busiest ever, I decided to come and assure you, on my and his behalf,
that his unique approach is well underway to amaze many dignitaries
and highly spiritual beings from all over the universe.
Not in the least yourselves, who will see the entire scope of enterprise this involves. 
"Expect the unexpected", but in the best possible way.
Some of you remember your nightly trips, some of you dare to dream big,
but surely not big enough for what is in store, as your eyes have not seen and your ears
have not heard what awaits at the finish line of this Shift we are presently undergoing.

It has to be mentioned that "for the benefit and highest purpose of all involved",
many new meetings were organised lately, due to the delicate nature
of this operation my son is undertaking.
Especially where souls and non-soul beings need to be handled at the same time,
keeping Divine Laws in mind.

Yes, it might get tough and rough for many, but please remember that lots of people
have soul agreements that include these upheavals,
just like you have many Lightworkers and Star Seeds who have soul agreements
to be here at this time to help.
There is never any anger or deliberate decisions to bring anybody in harms way.
Many more souls we would have preferred, yet a critical mass will have to do with,
and turn things around as all had chances enough. Still, better late then never.

You have received good advice to remain vigilant and well stocked up on provisions,
essentials, food and water, in case you find yourself in harms way and have to move.
Let your light shine through your own merit at any time and be guaranteed help when in need.

Accept our blessings and backup to stand tall and firm when it comes to defend Truth
as you have experienced it, yet remain flexible in the way you bring it forth.
It will remain your truth as long as the others have not experienced the same.
You can force feed a goose, but you must respect free will
and choice of those you face or mingle with.
These are trying times indeed, and let your Higher Self guide you where to step forward
and where to keep your distance, as more aggrevation occurs,
for the aggrevation will not serve,
its only purpose should be to wake up people or to confront blatant lies.
You know the line of throwing pearls before the swine, if unwilling by their own choice,
therefore respect yourself and the truth at all times.
Realise and know that a certain level of comfort and happiness
amidst upheaval will be a good guidance if you are in line with your soul's purpose or not,
if you are doing what comes through inspiration.

My dearly beloveds, I will take leave now and bless all,
especially those that bathe and radiate in their own divine Love and Light,
for ones only reaps what they sow and walk where one deserves to walk.
May your journey take you closer to me, one step at a time,
for Light returns to Light and what you will see and experience around
you will not be able to dim your Light if you choose so. Be blessed. Papa Source.
(November 16, 2011)  PAPA SOURCE THROUGH JOHAN: 
(All Cycles Must Proceed: Glorious Times Ahead, Your Freedom Awaits You)
It is with great delight I am joining my beloved son Michael of Nebadon in his greatest endeavour so far.
Not so long ago, I came through this scribe to talk to you on his behalf
and encourage you to stay the course and not be afraid for what you are about to encounter.
Yet here I am again with more glorious news, if only you could see through my eyes.

Many meetings have proceeded this glorious moment.
Many dignitaries and workers from Orvonton have run to and fro, and are looking on
with anxious yet joyful anticipation.
Many times my son has consulted me, and with great delight I have seen his Divine Plan unfolding.
It might come as a surprise that, what looks for you, my beloved child,
like long overdue from your point of view, a hopeless case and scenario from your side,
a complete failure according to your thinking - your Creator calls a great delight.
Now let me explain. Once your consciousness is fully restored,
and you regain your insights you have temporarily left behind,
you will understand that any experience is a worthwhile experience.
The learning, experiencing, expanding, and evolving never stops.
It is correctly mentioned that the only constant is change, hopefully progression.
And you are supposed to have fun at all times, in all circumstances.
That is, if you follow our guidance.

Did we expect and hope for other results in what is unfolding 'in your neck of the woods'
to use this scribe's vocabulary in full colour? YES.
Did we give up on those who deserve their progress,
those that honour their souls agreements or those coming Home? NO.
Now comes a surprising one,
did we give up on those who made other choices than yours? NO.
Please remember, 'All are made in my likeness and image'.
And so Father, so Son, works in your direction as well as mine,
exactly the same line of reasoning.

My beloved children, life lessons can only most efficiently be learned by experience,
even on higher realms.
However, judging has no part in the new screen play/scenario
that has started to run its course already.
If only you could see behind the scenes what has been done and prepared for already. 
So please my beloved children, drop your habit of forming opinions
without knowing all sides of any story, also this one unfolding as we speak!

You will find a lot more delight in every new day that is given for you to fully enjoy.
If that is not the case, then perhaps your radio is not tuned directly
or constantly on our broadcasting that has proven its efficiency far beyond your imaginable frontiers.
The Laws of Balance have a blemish-free track record for all to follow freely, or not at their own risk.
My beloved children, as I truly love you dearly, let the wheels and cycles of evolution
turn their natural and intended way, and you will find progress and prosperity on your path.
As everything works along the lines of expansion and contraction,
until you fully understand this divine rhythm, will you experience your own contractions.
Upon that discovery through experience, will you enjoy expansion after expansion,
a oneness with All That Is, and there are no limits or pitfalls there.

Exactly this opportunity, this glorious moment, this correcting time is upon us.
My beloved son Michael called this period glorious times ahead, remember?
That is why it pleases me greatly to greet you on this glorious occasion,
and on his behalf in what we could call a 'divine joint venture',
as you may once be priviledged to cooperate in one of your own as well.

What is on its way towards you will signal the start of your recuperation,
your freedom, from what kept you back.
Now the only thing that kept you back was not knowing.
Not knowing the truth, not knowing yourself.
Time and time again have my messengers come to tell you, 'the Truth shall set you free',
yet time and time again have my beloved children looked the other way, saying, 'I know' ... or 'I believe'. 
It was hoped that the inner journey would have connected many with their True Essence AND the Truth.
Now, harvest time is upon us and all will be taken, and all will find themselves where they deserve to be.

You will be addressed shortly by my beloved son Michael,
but know and accept also my beloved children, from Papa Source,
a name I have come to like very much, that your time of waiting is ending.
All is in place to proceed. What a glorious time indeed to welcome my deserving children home,
and help forward those who did not seek the Light nor the Love that was freely available.
All upon their own choosing.
Even those will one day recognise the Light and Love and Truth and choose to come home as well.
Until such time, I am Papa Source.
(November 17, 2011)  PAPA SOURCE THROUGH JOHAN: 
(Support Each Other and Stay Connected)

Pay close attention my beloved children to the cascade of earthly events to succeed one after the other,
and for all to see and experience shortly.
It will be unmistakenly obvious once the dominoes fall.

My beloved son Michael of Nebadon will address all of you shortly
when there is absolutely no doubt left as to what will transpire
according to his previous given details called, "Glorious Times Ahead".
Nobody on the train travelling up and onwards will miss out on the events.
Neither will those travelling on the train down and backwards,
but they will have to miss the front row seats and most of the divine performance altogether.
A whole different type of roller coaster that will be. All will be going for a ride for sure.

Especially through the management of AH will you be informed and updated,
where possible and deemed necessary.
Otherwise keep your calm, support each other and stay connected as much as possible.

This is all for now. I come with the distinguished greetings from my beloved son Michael
(and crew), who has his hands on the steering wheel, feet on the gas OR brake, accordingly.
He will only leave his post of command when all temporary goals have been reached
and when he feels the need to update through your leadership.

Busy and most glorious times we have just started indeed.
My blessings to all. I am Papa Source.
(November 19, 2011)  ESU THROUGH JESS ANTHONY:  (Brief Update)
Esu, do you have things to talk about this evening?
My issues are more of the same, I'm afraid. I would be happy to have you speak.
Jess, I am here. It has been busier than you can imagine.
         I am many things to many people all around the Earth.
My role is shaped by people's preconceptions and my attempts to move them away from a limited focus.
I am leading many of the initiatives that are in process now.
This is a battle on many fronts beyond actual warfare.
I am working directly with Christ Michael Aton, and my role is to implement much of what
he is envisioning and approving.
The time has come for all things to come to a halt.
This is necessary for several reasons:
1) We can't make the necessary changes any other way at this point. 
We need to start over on many things and man is not able
to follow through on what has to be changed.
The financial world is starting to topple;
you can see the shakiness of the investment structure
and guess at the magnitude of the shortages that render the fiat money worthless.
This is global. The house of fiscal cards is collapsing and the first steps have been taken.
2) Political facades are beginning to show how false they are.
    The candidates are running a rigged race and are mouthing the positions they are paid to say.
They all have groups shaping their comments. 
All make false promises that will be modified by corporate or financial interests.
Ron Paul is speaking on many of the issues with clarity and clearer thinking,
but even he is pulled by other groups and factors. No one is completely innocent.
3) Preparation can only provide a minimum of protection.
    There are many possibilities looming and it will be a stopgap, at best,
if man has to resort to these supplies.
I will tell you that there is no guarantee we won't go directly into stasis,
as was indicated at one time.
The different options remain possible,
but events and situations may become so out of control that man will have no gradual transition period.
That's enough tonight. Esu.
(November 30, 2011)  CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH HAZEL:  (Time for Passage)
The Earth’s clock has slowed down and the ticking sound of those hands becomes feint.
Prepare you ones who are in the knowing as night falls,
to herald an imposed period of slumber [stasis].
It has become necessary to execute with fervour the saving grace;
that which will rescue the planet herself from the doldrums of darkness
which has infiltrated her body and awareness,
and created torpor [inactivity] destined to keep her numb.
Gaia’s body has become for the most part comatose through eons of abuse.
Her spirit is most willing to abide by her Creator’s will but her body cannot respond as required.
She has become powerless and there is now need for higher intervention.

The prophesy of 2000 and more years ago in your counting must be fulfilled,
for this is the very promise made by my Son. His word shall be fulfilled.
However his return will not be in the likeness of that which most believers expect.
Many will be gravely disappointed, should they know,
that their perceptions of his return scantily resembles their expectations.
In fact they will not know until it is too late.
It has become necessary for major action to be taken not in accordance with the original plan.
Yet as you ones know, plans have had to be amended to take into consideration
the needs of the Earth and the people and to protect for the greatest good all
from the incipient chaos that the dark brothers have planned.
You cannot even begin to imagine the fierceness of their plans for you ones.
For this has turned into a raging battle between Evil and God. Yes you heard me.
The evil that scars your Earth plane uses man in their battle against God
and by this I mean my very Son who gave most of them life.
Sons against Father; sons and daughters who have disowned their very Source.
They care not about you ones who they have infected with their poisonous ways.
They seek to attack the Father through you.
This they do in myriad ways.
Of late however, grave diabolism marks their intent. 

They will stop at nothing now to have their way for they intend to have the last say.
There is an unbridled power emanating from within them now
that is at its fiercest as they face the final countdown.
 They know that it is time.
They have for aeons hidden behind man and Earth to wreak their havoc.
Now they will face Michael, my very Son and his host.
This is the time of true and deliberate reckoning.
They know beloved and they fight now with every ounce of strength left. 

They have been deluded into believing that the victories that they have achieved over the Earth
and her inhabitants can endure.
They fight with all that is physical, they have not one iota of cosmic or spiritual strength.
They are going to be nipped. They will simply and easily be removed.
My Son has efforted to bring them home using various means and tactics,
but they have rejected his welcoming love and now they must face the fire of their own choosing.
There will be no war, no Armageddon as was and is expected by some.
Man cannot fight with God. It just isn’t possible.
God has no intention of reducing himself to man's level of expectation or perception.
God does not indulge in these nursery games.
He efforts to bring ones out of the nursery as graduates in spirit.
There will be peace in the movement that will be initiated without acceptance.
Man will not now be given a choice, for he has long been given the choice.
Many have shunned the offering, few have accepted it whole heartedly,
and others have tasted and remain undecided. 

For those of you who know what is at this very moment eventualising in another dimension,
you will know what must follow.
The inevitable is being executed now and time is to pause.
The Father knows what is best and for those who have made their commitments knowingly,
I ask that you place your whole hearted trust in the Father’s will and way.
The intricacies of execution should not be your concern.
You are not in a position to understand how it will all unfold. Just trust.
Readiness of your spirit is all that is necessary.
I want you to remember that I am not moved by words that you utter through your lips;
I am moved by what is in your heart as aligned with your spirit. 

You cannot want things of the Earth and also desire to be with me.
This simply means that you must let go now of your desires and wants
and preferences and join with my Son.
Let go and let God be the one who guides you from within.
Empty yourself that I may fill you; that you may be in no doubt where your allegiance lies.
Disown these feelings of attachment to earthly things.
True Love is imperishable and cannot be lost through death or separation.
Focus now on your spiritual enhancement for wherever you may find your self,
God will not do it for you.
You will not just find yourself with wings through the manifested changes.
You will earn your wings.
Let this time be spent in reverence with the holy one who abides in the soul’s precinct.
Allow the feeling of oneness born from the love of your creation to be your inner field.
Effort in the moments of your life now,
to consciously join with me from within and intend to hear me.

You are not conscious of the hour of change;
you will not know when it happens but you can transit into it
with a supreme knowing and confidence.
Know that indeed Michael’s will shall be done for his will,
and is always in accord and synchronicity with mine own.
Trust that your loved ones will be where they must,
and do not spend your time worrying about this or that.
I ask you, what matters now? Think on that.

Michael needs totally committed co-creators; ones who will stand with him through thick and thin;
ones who will not whimper at the slightest inconvenience;
ones with initiative, drive, and openness,
who stand ready to effect his plans for the planet.
I will remind you again that though major changes will be effected,
each will continue to have responsibility for his/her spirit’s evolution.

God does not discount the human feeling or emotion;
but does expect that those who have evolved in spirit’s way
shall make all choices amenable to spirit and the infinite ‘spirit being’- God.

These are most precarious times on your Earth plane and I issue a caution to you
of the Light to be vigilant and remain in alignment every moment.
The darkened brothers know that they are living and ruling on borrowed time
and that my Son is here now to reclaim what is his.
The process will be executed with great finesse, sureness, and certitude.

Blessed be these word for they are given and received in holy truth. Abide by them.
Time is now of the essence. I am your Source and Ultimate Creator.  
(November 30, 2011)  NEBADONIA THROUGH HAZEL:  (Cosmic Gratitude)
The glory of the Father resides in each child inbuilt with the living spirit.
That is the spirit of life. To all of you ones who have agreed to take on mortal countenance
to serve the higher will during these auspicious times in your planet’s cycle,
you are in receipt of great honour.

Your loyalty to a higher cause is noted and streams of applause
often flow from the celestial circle of higher authority.
You ones who have chosen to align your consciousness with the Father’s,
receive more and more packets of light in order to discharge your earthly tasks
with greater understanding.
Always do we keep your light replenished as you share your divinity with others.
The drums roll in the angelic kingdom and love is sent from the spheres of Paradise
to embrace your Earth for all she has contributed to the rising of humanity.
She too has been a faithful servant.
The heavens pour into her gifts of gratitude that she may welcome this energy
and prepare herself for greater service. 

Many are oblivious to the welcome support we offer freely and many cannot comprehend God
honouring his children for their achievements.
This is a reality. Just as you speak with him, he speaks with you,
just as you praise and honour him, he praises and honours you. Ponder upon this.
A father always encourages his children with talent and offers praise to those who show promise
and those who shine through achievement.
Praise and other material gifts may be bestowed as rewards for accomplishment.

The Paradise Father must be viewed similarly.
He too rewards his children when they make balanced choices aligned with his will
and achieve personal and spiritual progress.
He encourages spiritual development by offering more and more of himself.
He may not bequeath material effects,
but gifts spiritual delights that will enable his children focussed on him
to enjoy greater benefits of his presence and wealth.
There is no limit to the Father’s wealth.
He does not withhold them from you but offers them freely if you would make his will your choice.
The offering of spiritual wealth is the expression of his gratitude
for your determination in choosing to reside in his light.

All is fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.
There is a flow of natural giving and re-giving, 
each cycle being expressed in gratitude for the other.
Choosing his will is the beginning of gratitude;
for you express thanks consciously or not when you say,
"Father I desire only to do thy will".
This is your recognition of the highest will that exits. It is in fact a tribute of thanksgiving.
In choosing his will, you do not forfeit your free will but you bring your will in alignment with his.
This will become a natural choice as your graduate to higher frequency. 

This choice of honouring and living in the reflection of the Father’s will
in itself is the beginning of a kaleidoscope of blessings,
which is the Father’s gratitude in reciprocation.
Eternal guidance will be offered but most importantly you can allow yourself
the experience of co-creating with the Father.
When you are able to flow in his energy through the moments of your life,
your co- creative talents and abilities will surface and you shall begin to indulge in your birthright. 

See comic gratitude as an extension of the Father’s love for you.
He is present and available to all his children but will not impose himself.
He must be sought and discovered, and then chosen.
The result of this sequence is an effect experienced within the one/ones
who make the discovery and choice;
this effect being certainty, assurance, inalienable peace,
righteous joy and gifts of divine gratitude. 

When you choose the Father’s will, you become gatekeepers of spiritual assets;
soldiers of the Father in reverent service.
This in itself is a reward you have earned, bestowed with divine gratitude.

Fairness prevails in the kingdom where God exists and those who find his essence within
and choose his will shall find the kingdom.
Beloveds, when you can experience the Kingdom of God within yourself
you will dwell in the phase of continuous gratitude,
expressed by yourself and expressed by the Father.
What then is this gratitude but the harmonious instinct poised and ready for flow within
and through the Father’s vast creation?
It is constantly expressed in myriad ways yet can only be experienced by those
who are able to receive and accept it through conscious choice of the Father and his will. 

Some may interpret these words as saying that the Father’s gratitude
is conditional upon his children taking certain steps.
Yet I say that gratitude is an extension of his love which is unconditional.
Through and by his everlasting love you are in receipt of his gratitude for your existence;
your journey and eventual return to him.

Cosmic gratitude is the divine presence reciting codes of love steepled in the mortal heart of men;
that each may find its access and release it to the world.
The Father dwells within each child of creation.
He is a constant giver and his love and mighty presence within each is gratitude in action
to his little ones who take the long journey of ascent to Paradise. Nebadonia.


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