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~ Earthbridge Newsletter~ The Divine Plan ~ Part 3

(December 3, 2011)  CREATOR SOURCE THROUGH HAZEL:  (A Father’s Plea)
I come in this solitary moment to introduce myself to those who do not know me;
to those who know of me; to those who view me in a religious context;
and to reinforce my presence within those who do know me.
Times of great change loom auspiciously upon your Earth plane
and you of the human civilisation must come into the knowing of my presence;
hastily I might add.

I am the one you call God, Creator, Source, Universal Deity,
Foremost Intelligence, Ultimate Determiner, Final Judge and Adjudicator.
It matters not the variation in title for I am one and the same.
I will simply refer to myself as the Universal Father of All Creation.
Titles and names create distinctions and causes separation in one’s understanding
as one seeks a God of his/her culture.
Know that God is One and All is One and One is All.
1It is when you come to understand this simple truth that profound awareness will dawn.

I come to affirm your status as sons and daughters of the light;
for it is imperative at this juncture that you perceive yourself in light.
Light is the quintessential you. That which darkens your world does not define you.
Your body does not define you. Your earthly status does not define you.
It is I the Creator of All, that defines you.
I cannot be seen but that does not mean that I do not exist.
I can be known and experienced from within; and that is more credible than seeing.
Knowing is your proof; feeling is your rule of measure.
The nature of me is the nature of you and you must therefore
call upon your understanding of me to know yourself.

I have many times brought the same message in different ways through different ones,
and I shall continue to do this until your immortal soul which you are,
is allowed entrance into your physical mind to minister truth.
Why do I endeavour with constancy and consistency to bring you truth?
Simply my beloveds because you are mine and I desire you to return home to me.
The route your take is of course your choice
but I desire to see you placed on the path of knowing.
Which father will leave his children unattended, without care or supreme love?
I cannot see you continuously suffering and not endeavour to lead you out of turmoil.
It is love which engenders my effort.
I can see what beholds your world presently.
I know what is transpiring and what will fall upon thee.
I come to assist the confused, to bring clarity that those who may doubt
will accept me once and for all; not blindly or because I say you should,
but because you know you must.

I am the living essence of truth within you. You can only find your truth there.
I issue an invitation to you at this twelfth hour that has come upon the Earth plane.
Turn to me; even if you never have before;
turn to me, call upon me; not in challenge, but in need and love.
I shall respond. What other choice do you have dear ones?
This is my final bid to draw you into the fold using only truth and a promise of a brighter future.
The purpose of your life at this very moment should be to discover me with haste
as the winds of change carry yet another cycle to completion;
that the new and exciting tomorrow may be yielded for your Earth.

Many are now walking a tightrope with little balance left; so what say you?
Will you not join the bandwagon of lighted beings and begin
the most wondrous exploration of a new plane filled with knowledge and excitement
for grander and purposeful living?
The canopy of change has now descended.
You need only look around your world to witness the great confusion
and collapse materialising.
Will you continue to deny what you face or what it portends for your world?
Who is your likely salvation now?
When all is crumbling around you, who will you call upon?
Can you save yourselves?
From my vantage point I will offer a negative response.
That which you face on your Earth is beyond your control and that which is
fortuitously taking place cosmically is also beyond your control.
I wish to tell you my plans for you, but how many will hear and believe?
How many of my ones have you castigated and deemed mental?
Well it is those very ones who are sane my beloved children.
The ‘mental’ ones are the knowing ones; the ones who know my truth and serve it.
It would serve you well to rethink what you have heard from the voices of God.
For these ones who bring truth are my voice.

I will not come again to you in this way.
I take the bolder approach that you may hear without fear.
Can you not hear the appeal through these my words.
Do not say after the event that the Father has deserted you or cast you aside.
For the Father comes here and now to woo you back home.
Will you hear and answer?
For generations I have sent my beloved sons to effort with you of Earth plane.
Now I come myself. Will you still reject the one you say you love?
Must I descend from the clouds for you to believe?
I do not live up to false conceptions or beliefs; for I serve Truth, which I AM.
I can only urge you to seek truth by listening to the voice within.
You will not see me my little ones,
but you will know me if you know truth, for I am already here.

I come not to create fear or feed your doubts.
I come in truth only to tell you that your time on the Earth has all but ended.
Night is upon you now and some will never awaken to a blooming tomorrow.
Take my hand now for this is the final offer before the curtain falls.

(November 25, 2011)  THOTH THROUGH LEONETTE: 
(On the Eve of the Morrow)  (Not posted at AH, until December 5, 2011) 
It has been a long time Thoth, but I will try to see if the circuits are aligned and I am receiving.

Hello Leonette, we are always aligned and more so now.

“On the Eve of the Morrow”, you know I was communicating
that phrase to you about two weeks ago, but you would not allow and I understand…

The Eve of the Morrow, and you want to know what that means? 
Precisely what it says, very much like your Christmas Eve before your Christmas Day. 
Is it not a day of anticipation and wonder, your Christmas Eve as you perceive it?

This is the same, but more than you can ever imagine, hence the absolute ‘shutdown’
by your sensory receptors because the magnitude of the event
is so totally overwhelming that you are unable to measure the scope
with your limited human understanding.
The thought of ‘finally’ and the feeling of ‘coming into awareness’,
an awareness that you in your present state cannot imagine,
is so foreign to your concepts that your thought capacities
‘shut down’ upon the mere imagination of a single shred of such a concept.
This is so because your physical apparatus is still not up to the task of
that level of light and awareness,
even though your soul is totally onboard with what is happening and what is due.
Hence the reason for the need to ‘press the pause button’ on your physical consciousness
and recalibrate such in conditions conducive to such an upgrade [full stasis].
This will result in a total reconditioning of the physical body so that it can
operate within the newly re-charged planetary energies
without suffering deleterious effects from the heightened vibrations.

You wonder why this has now become necessary, this change in plans.
You may be aware that your major political powers are ‘squaring off’ now, 
and while 'nuclear war’ has been ruled out by those with authority
to oversee the development of the planetary species,
there exists isolated pockets of nuclear technology that can be harnessed.
There is a ‘clone’ army that is in place to be summoned by your world powers,
and the clone technology has been perfected in a way
that allows for replacements in a timely manner.
What this means is that you are in the midst of a cyborg war utilising cloning technology
along with ‘meme activations’.
This ‘meme-activated clone technology’ has been tested in recent times
in the ‘theatres of war’ on your planet.
This is NOT going to be allowed to continue.
[Meme - An element of a culture or system of behaviour
that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another
by non-genetic means, especially imitation.]

Activated ‘mechanisms’ without a heart and a soul will destroy the very fabric of life
as is known in this part of your universe.
Such activated mechanisms are currently being used against the people of the Earth
and as the conditions become more dire or intense for those who are behind the manipulation
of such technology, there is an expectation that ‘penultimate’ steps
will be utilised to destroy everything.
These ‘beings’ are not prepared to surrender and prefer to take everything
and everyone down as they suffer their own demise.

It was with these considerations that the decision was taken to evacuate all humans,
including the inner Earth folks to prevent any catastrophic situations relative
to either the penultimate ‘trigger’ being pushed to unleash deadly forces
and/or the cataclysmic scenarios that will occur with the overhaul of the Earth’s energies.

There is not much of a timeline left, for if you monitor closely what is happening in your world
you will realise that there is a posturing that will ensure that Man is being carried to the brink
which will lead to the eventual ‘stepping off from the cliff into the abyss of destruction’.

We could have waited a bit with the financial crisis that is unfolding,
we could have waited a bit for some of the natural disasters that are unfolding,
we could have even waited a bit for some of these wars currently being played out
in the theatres of the absurd…
just a bit of waiting was providing a bit of teaching to those who needed to understand
the nature of what abounds..

However with the unleashing of the cyborg armies, which became manifest in some
of these war games that are being played, it became evident that the despair
within the Dark was manifesting as an ‘unforgiving ruthlessness’.
The nature of such ruthlessness will naturally force the emergence of the predatory gene
within such malfeasance to assume the dominant role.

When this occurs and when such ‘predatory malfeasance’ is faced with obliteration,
what generally happens is that an attempt is made to destroy everything.
Hence the reason for this decision which has been fully endorsed by your inner Earth brethren
who clearly understand what is at stake.

I have attempted to give a bit of an insight into some of what is happening
and events that inform decisions that are made,
which we would implore you to remember is always done for the ‘highest good of all concerned”.

(November 26, 2011)  CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH KIBO: 
(Now a Word from Our Sponsor) (Posted at AH, December 5, 2011)
I was going over the Thoth/Leonette piece, analysing, questioning,
looking for details and such.
kinda threw this in on me while I was writing, 
I thought it went with the rest so I'm throwing it in here. 
I hesitate for the actual projection of timing for what is to come,
please remember that things change on a moment to moment basis, especially on this plane.
You will forgive me if I don't get excited over the 'within a week' thing.
Still, I pray that it is actually so. God's Will be done!!
So anyway, and without further ado, now a word from our sponsor:  
This is Christ Michael.
We can assure you all that the whole operation is commencing and has been ongoing
since you first were told of it.
Stasis will be implemented as soon as the Agarthans are squared away
and we will be removing every human being and viable robotoid 
that has earned the right, from the surface of Gaia and transporting them to our ships
that are best suited for maintaining such a large population.
We will not be concerned for those that will remain on planet for the duration.
The decision to keep them in stasis is rightfully considered as the compassionate action to take.
Your dark leaders will be incarcerated in their contained holodeck
and the rest of you will be awakened as the need arises.
Some will join us in our endeavours to create the foundation of the world of experience to come,
and so, these ones will be awakened before others.
Those that are going to be adjudicated to other lives and planets
can just as well be dealt with in consciousness of spirit and their bodies
will be held in transit and in abeyance until final determination of each individual fate is established.
We fully expect to have all of you in statis and the initial matter settled shortly within time variable. (ca)
It's most likely that we will implement statis anytime now.(ca)
In order to make a smoother transition and place surviving soul groups together
and also keep together segments of your population, that are destined to share the same field
of Experience in their next experience of manifestation of being,
according to the terms of their adjudication.
We see, more so than you, what, where, how, and why things are going,
and to all points of destination.
For us to take such steps at this sage should clearly indicate to all
that have followed our messages for any length of time,
that we are left with no choice but to wrap things up as quietly,
as quickly, ans as neatly as possible.
Much like a parent wrapping presents for their children while they sleep on Christmass Eve,
wouldn't you say?
Know that we are, indeed, wrapping up a wonderful gift for all of you that are worthy to receive of it.
What is to come is amazingly beautiful, inspiring, and most importantly,
it has been earned by all of you that will receive of it.
The joy ahead of you, that stands before you, is a product of Divine Will in the heavens,
but also the Divine Will that you have worked so hard to recognise, work with,
and evolve within yourselves. This is your co-creation made manifest!
Please take the time to appreciate your own part in this, each and every one of you.
Until we meet again, for we have met before.
I AM Christ Michael Aton, and that will be it through this one for the day.
(November 26, 2011)  ADAMA THROUGH EVE: 
(At the End of All Things) (Posted at AH, December  5, 2011)
Adama? Are you there?
Oh, Eve! Yes, I'm here! Not quite where I used to be, but that does not hinder our conversation!
Daddy, I heard about evacuation of the inner Earth, Agartha, and I suppose, Telos is void, too?
Yes, Eve, most are gone! Already, we are now aboard one of the big evacuation ships, 
there is a special one for the inner Earth folks.
The ones among us who are going to be part of the surface project will move to
the New Jerusalem [Ashtar Command headquarters ship] later,
to work with the surface people and of course,
we will be present on the Phoenix and the Capricorn ships. No problem at all, you know.
How about your pets and plants/crops?
They have been put into stasis already, as we cannot maintain
the normal routines without man power.
Most likely they will remain undamaged.
The stasis frequency is the best possibility to guarantee their health.
The good thing is that stasis can be held in place for an indefinite time,
without any damage or problem.
After the exiting Telos, the whole area was put into stasis,
and likewise the other places of inner Earth and the hollow Earth.
My goodness, Adama.. what an adventure!
Yes Eve, you can well say it that way.
Most of the people living here have not travelled much,
and it's quite an experience to have a while aboard ship.
But we arrange ourselves quite comfortably, we took our most dear things with us,
and the kids are enthusiastic, as they are going to become aware witnesses 
what is going to happen with the planet.
Our part of the ship,  where we dwell, is not isolated, 
we are facing a colourful gathering of all sorts of folks from inner Earth, which is pretty interesting ...
to hear all the stories and view points!
Now, Daddy, how about the emotional landscape?
Oh, Eve, yes. There is of course mourning about the sudden change of plans in the way they are now.
We had hoped so much for a more joyful occasion, 
reuniting of family due to an encouraging development, which has simply not happened. 
Every day passing on the surface has just encouraged the dark ones to go on,
all the peaceful interaction of the light people has not moved anything with the thugs.
It has well moved encouragement of mother planet, and our hearts. 
But the New World Order was steadily triggering furthermore,
the programming was solid as solid can be,
it was just like trying to stop a forest fire by the moisture of a kiss.
The crew, the Second Coming team, has been very frustrated from time to time, 
of course how else could it be.
Meanwhile CM/Esu and even the Eternal Father have reached the insight
that without divine intervention there would be no chance ever to rescue the planet.
So the Wave will be allowed to turn things upside down,
and it's going to be that powerful that there is not even more a guarantee
for safety regarding the inner Earth folks.
Of course, also regarding the imminent pole reversal.
See, Eve, we have endured here for millenia
just to finally be pulled under the "wheels" at the very end.
Everybody understands the necessity for evacuation, everybody was and is constructive.
Everybody is behaving disciplined.
So, our reuniting is probably going to take place in space, beloved,
and you may already tap into the idea of a glimplse of glory you are going to have, 
when the big moment is finally there.
I'm often with Esu and CM, of course, due to my active role in all of this.
Might be that the Wave reaches the Earth still before Christmas,
so this is literally the "end of all things" as you know it.
Remembering all we have ever been talking about,
it's a little bit strange to find everything is now going a different way,
but if we are really used to something, then it's the issue of sudden change,
of paradigms fluctuating from now and then.
I'd say, the love in our hearts has been the only factor of steadiness.
The decision for evacuation was made in the Planetary Council,
after enfolding the likeliness of happenings and the risk included.
As distinct from your surface governments, we care for our people
and do everything to keep them safe and in good health.
And we of course have the outlook to return after everything is settled well again.
Now, as you will imagine, there is an immense vibration of excitement here!
Our thoughts are on excursion all day long, they are with you folks
and with the celestial teams, and our hearts are somehow goose-bumping a little bit
while watching a great scenario unfolding.
I bow my head in awe in front of our Creator Son and Esu,
who are working so relentlessly under full power, just with small breaks
to relax from viewing all the mess down there on the planet.
When they now have looked into the mirror,
asking "have we really, really, tried everything possible?"
Then there would just be one answer, yes, yes, and yes again.
This is the end of all things in this planetary era, transition is coming in,
neither way mysteriously or magically, but as a real deal of matter, and here we go again.
Mankind was asked to make efforts to change things, they did not,
and so the universe is now going to change this on behalf of mankind, 
the whole thing is signed and it's coming along, in a mighty way.
Whether mankind is prepared to open the doors or not, all doors will be crashed open
by the cosmic influence and there will be no single place spared!
I sense, Eve, that you are very calm on your inner plane, I hope this is a good sign?
Well, Daddy, generally speaking, I'm fried, like most of us.
Even the news about evacuation of the inner Earth did not bring my adrenaline up much.
I sensed as you mention, it's the end of all things, our last days in the old paradigm. 
How it will turn out for me personally, I just wish things to change, I'm in faith, 
which puts me in some kind of emotional nowhereland, 
even if my incarnation was to end suddenly, I'm at peace with the situation.
(Extracts from GLP Discussion, posted at AH)
Is there any way that those staying are going to be with the planet,
or do we all need to be evacuated at some point due to [Earth changes]?
In other words, is there a way that the Earth changes are going to allow us to stay and evolve,
or is there no choice and at some point we all have to get off for a while?
C: You all need to be evacuated or to be in stasis when the BIG Wave hits,
which will make huge changes in the vibration of the matter.
We are currently in small Waves periodically, but there is a big one coming
and the planet must be effectively empty.
When that will happen is not fully determined though.
Our thugs are now preparing a major world war using robotic cyborg armies
and other terrible technologies between the two major powers,
and they will not step down from that, so we are moving forward to end the show and let Gaia rise up.
Underlying this use of machine mind [artificial intelligence] and human mixes
is the fact that this has been a widespread problem in our universe of Nebadon
and in some regional universes which has gotten out of hand
and could infect the younger universes coming into being.
In fact, it is the machine mind that is part of the issue with “Satan”,
in that it is being CONSCIOUS without CONSCIENCE,
and will overtake life forms or manipulate it. Remember “Hal”,
the spaceship computer in the movie “2001”?
(End of newsletter)

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