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Friday 8 / 13 / 99 — 7:30 a.m.

D: I am wondering what topic we could do today that would be for the highest good of all involved. Would you please scan my mind complex and the things that I have been through, and / or the things going on in society at large, and let us have that as the topic of discussion.

A very aptly worded appraisal of our own at times hidden agenda, David.

The plunge that your people are all about to make is unprecedented in any known history. Like the wolf itself, this can be seen as a powerful thing, and / or as an object of fear.

We do not wish for you to look upon these things with an ambiance of loathsomeness.

We hope that this material becomes spread to a much wider audience, for the simple reason that these changes will so personally affect each person in what we would consider to be the very near future.

And thus, we are working very hard in the higher realms to insure that this contact is kept free and clear of any disease, and that the appropriate steps are falling into position.

Only a few steps remain before your entrance into the great city of the stars. And when you get there, you can then know that you have indeed arrived at your destination. Nothing you can ever experience will match up to what it feels like once this event has happened.

We know we can only say so much in this regard, but we again remind you that this experience defies any description that you will have ever known, and even some more cabinet stuff that we can pull out to double and redouble the positivity of its effects.

What we want you to see right now is that the barn doors are still closed, and that inside is the raw material for the harvest to be run; the machines that will till the land and harvest the crops and so forth.

Similarly, we have the available protein to keep your people from starving in that event; namely, the idea or manifestation of any physical Earth changes.


All of the time that we spent focused on these opportunities is time where we can indeed make very rapid progress. All of the time that we spend indulging in materiality and thinking that nothing else exists is time that causes us to backpedal somewhat, returning to those realms of existence that we may have thought that we had superseded, and yet obviously we still need more work therein.

And so, we caution each reader to avoid the cynicism that comes with the "Know it all Complex," and / or with thinking that there is no need to be concerned with the reality of what is happening. So many would seek to transcend the physical, but not realizing that this must be done through an aspiration to higher love and light.

So all that we want now is for the opportunity to share with you the fact that your wings are indeed sprouting, and you will soar above, no longer bound to the neutrinos and subatomic particles comprising of the vibrations of Light in the third dimension.

When you can drop your cynical nature such as this, and move into a position of trust, you then no longer have any need to worry, or to be concerned about whether or not this is going to happen. Instead, you move into a position of knowingness, and in that moment all is then made clear.

11:42 a.m.

…We are earnestly seeking for a few good men and women in your plane to raise their vibrational potentials enough to enable this process of transformation to continue to occur.

Let’s get the list straight. There are those potentials themselves originating from a point that you could call the beginning, and there are also those points that have been reached that stress the continuing bankruptcy and decline at present.

We want you to be aware that the economic collapses are real. Their effects must be seen through the lens of transformation.

Holy, holy, holy, oh holy are those who take the inevitable stress that will occur and transform it into spreading the good word of the news that is rapidly approaching.

We don’t want to be faltering on the individual details, and thus we again state that Arizona Wilder and others like her are disseminating information that wildly misleads the public in ways never heretofore imagined.

[4/3/09: At the time this reading was done, Wilder was one of the most public proponents of the "Reptilian Illuminati" idea — that people in government are blood-drinking shape-shifting reptilian creatures.]

So don’t think about this as an inevitable sacrifice, namely the idea that the evil will be more powerful than good. Instead, realize that there is some negative doings going on, but that the propensity is for your people to objectify self-serving behavior into some commonly read labels that are applicable for these misgivings.

In one sense, these doings help to amplify the sects involved in the level of chaos and dismemberment that they possess. However, on another level, we think that it is safe to say that these situations which bind and which terrorize are more appropriately being done in the realms of finance and commerce than in the ritualistic abuse of children and the like.

When you can begin to conceptualize what service to self really is, you can also begin to conceptualize forgiveness for it. It is only in their separation from the One that they commit folly.

To objectify them as the blackest demons of hell is to only step further and further away from having compassion for them as your fellow brothers and sisters, which they truly are. So, don’t forget that you must welcome these entities back into the circle in what you might call the far distant future when they have reformed.

And so, like a tough, drug-resistant superbacteria, all things are part of the creation, regardless of the damage that they might cause. The plan is to focus on the positive, regardless of the costs involved.

To ascribe mythical shape-shifting properties to all those who are in elite positions of power is to harness a fear that they are much more powerful than good. See the reality of those members of your population who stumble about in darkness, who feel that they must control others in order to be able to have any sense of self appreciation.

Extend your forgiveness with the knowledge and forethought that they themselves can be healed with the appropriate attention, forgiveness and caring.

Do not fail to remember that they are your friends, and that the only secret that is being kept from them is the joy of service to others.

We know and continue to see that there can be difficulties, there can be stresses, there can be strife upon your planet. The false misdeeds of the past cannot be immediately rectified, and these coercive situations do continue to intensify at present. However, once you begin naming the Name and declaring the universal I AM presence as your own, you must also recognize the Oneness within yourself.

The One has allowed the self-serving polarity to develop in order that there be balance in this creation, for those dimensional levels three through six, the early portion of six, I believe.

[4/3/09: Since my readings come through a fifth-density aspect of myself, it cannot speak beyond what it personally knows… hence "I believe."]

Essentially, what we want is for you to realize that no earthly crisis goes unsupervised and unwarranted by those very conditions that created them. As you can move away from your hostile actions towards yourselves and others, you are indeed raising the collective consciousness of humanity in ways never before seen as possible.

So don’t fret the little details. Although there will be financial collapses and various other epic maladies, your biggest concern is to remain clear about your purpose, and about where you are going.

Do not let the Millennium Bug satisfy the geniuses while keeping you in the dark.

We want you to be aware that inevitable concerns may arise as time progresses. And thus, you will notice that our warnings have again increased. Our love for you is so profound that we are willing to share these truths with you, knowing the complications that will inevitably arise as a result.

There is so much more for you to see, so much more for you to understand, and the illusion, as you would have it, is collapsing. All that is going to remain are those aspects that do not hold onto fear or trepidation, but rather to continue to move into trust and into knowingness, the likes of which have never before been seen.

A hush falls over the schoolroom audience as we do prepare the appropriate stimuli in order to reawaken the slumbering masses of humanity. Such precious creatures you are, such precious entities. Your souls are indeed interminably vast in their proportions.

We feel so much love for you, and we want you to recognize that love within yourselves. Each time that you step closer to the One Infinite Creator, you will indeed recognize the glory and beauty of it, and of yourself as well.

No severe trauma can take away your own identity, your own personality, your own love of life and of other people. Indeed, it can only intensify it.

So when you change the boundaries into staircases, you will indeed climb over all obstacles and arrive at a greater inner knowing than ever heretofore imagined. We do not want for there to be any emotion but that of peace and a willingness to try.

We are making every effort to insure that not a bit more than what is necessary will occur on your planet. The field of necessity and its scope is indeed quite large. These events are indeed being carefully monitored, and that is an important point.

There will be loss of life, but we are not concerned about that, nor should you be. The physical body is but an extension of the spirit. When it is time for the calling up of those upon your plane to higher frequencies, your body is going to be a part of the past, and your energy body a part of the future.

If your physical body is transmuted into Light, this does increase somewhat the available energy that you will have later on. However, this is not a necessary process.

As we have stated before, there are many of those upon your plane who have already passed into the higher realms, and now await the transformation process. We do still agree that it is much better to be physically incarnate on the Earth at this time when the changes are ushered in, as this does allow for the direct perception of the most glorious moment in human history as it unfolds.

We do earnestly desire for each person who reads these words to remember what the ultimate purpose of these changes is. And therefore, in seeing others, you can indeed speak of what is to come, and of the faith and the trust in the process.

Many will be awed and even humbled by God, and feel hopeless; hopeless except for an innate belief in happy endings. This archetype of the happy ending is indeed a very potent one, and it deserves your thanksgiving.

We have tried to make all of the available opportunities present in your current focus of reality, and we know that we will succeed.

To just see what you will become in the here and now would make you feel as though your current life might be as a form of slavery.

So many of you continue to plow away through a system that expedites your strengths while amplifying your weaknesses. Have glory in these opportunities for learning. Have glory in the catalyst that sets you free from the boundaries of material existence.

Understand and recognize that the Industrial Revolution was created for your benefit, such that the work itself would be easier at the end of the cycle. This does then enable you to have more time for leisure, to spend in contemplation of yourselves and of your future. The struggle to survive is much less.

You have not needed to grow your own food, to make your own clothing, to struggle for shelter against the elements, et cetera. Indeed, your environment has been allowed to become very comfortable and very docile.

In a sense, changes in this social structure are only a return to what has been normal to the human species throughout most of its existence. Embrace this opportunity to again experience the rapid changes that come with the alteration of life’s circumstances. Know that the more grievous problems only occur after your Ascension, when the physical earth itself is still processing same.

There is no need to worry about whether you will Ascend or not, as we have said so many times. Please remind yourselves that we are serious when we tell you that you are loved more than you could ever possibly imagine.

Do not ever forget that each one of you is cared for so deeply and intimately by us that it boggles your imagination to even think of it. There is literally no possible way for us to allow you to crash, when you indeed must rise. So, remind yourselves that the truths as they have been laid out are really quite simple:

Love other people as you love yourself. Be kind and friendly to those around you, and to yourself. Make an effort to do this. We are not looking for superstars or athletes of the spiritual realm. We just want you to be a kind, gentle, caring and forgiving person.

We just want you to embody those characteristics that exemplify what it is that you feel is right, and how this work with others must be done. As you progress through your daily activities, keep at the forefront of your mind those chances that are given to be of service, and just learn to begin taking more of them as challenges — to actually apply yourself more than you have done in the past.

All we are looking for is honesty, and a measure of self-sacrifice. To only look out for yourself is to falter.

Bolster up these inconsistencies with the reality of the imminent transformation that is occurring page after page as we get closer to the conclusion of this book that is your life, and the life of the planet as a whole. At the end of the book, you will start the next volume, which is a whole new chronicle of events. The characters will have changed, as will the scenario, but what does not change is our love for you.

Your own abilities will be dramatically enhanced. You will not need to worry about kidney failures and the like any longer. The body will become much more as that of Light, and health problems and disease and decay and death will all be relics of the past.

You will go through your archeological digs and be surprised in wonderment and awe at the forgotten things of the past culture that was never able to see the joy of simply being as much as you do now. You will know that your time has arrived, and you are now equipped with those abilities that have transformed you from a brute into a superhero.

You will become much more than you currently are, and in one fell swoop, an evolution will occur within you that you might have thought was millions or even trillions of years in your future.

This is what is going to happen to you in the here and now. Evolution can be gradual, but it also occurs in spurts, or the punctuated equilibrium. You are yet again at a point where so many of you can achieve this simple love and forgiveness, and have a sudden and highly dramatic burst in your evolutionary potentials.

Never fail to underestimate how far you can go with these new abilities, or how much you can do with them. Never fail to realize that you are indeed the One Infinite Creator. You are a perfect manifestation of Spirit already. All you have to do is allow yourself to realize it and to become it.

We want you to go into these changes with the attitude that they are similar to the cap rocket that a little boy might fill with a cap and throw up into the air. You know that when it hits the ground that it will make a loud bang, but you can then pick up the rocket and examine it, and everything has essentially remained unchanged.

Since the physical is your illusion, the physical illusion will indeed change. But the core of who and what you really and truly are is about to undergo a transformation. You must have faith in this. You must realize that we are not lying to you.

You must have the trust in the process, and understand how close you really are. Otherwise, you might also become one in the category of those who would fear, and who would tremble at the changes. This energy only retards the process of transformation, and it does worsen somewhat the opportunities for change.

We want you to radiate joy and goodwill and peace to others. We want you to remain calm. The reason why you have been given so much advance notice about these changes in society is so that when they do happen, you will be unfettered by fear and concern.

And so, in other words, if it feels right for you, if your soul is telling you to do it when you really begin to listen, then do go and get the stored water, the stored brown rice, dried beans, et cetera. Do not leave yourself feeling vulnerable by failing to make simple precautions that you would for any imminent disturbance in your physical lifespan.

If you think that you do not have the money, then do not be afraid. We will take care of you, and you will find a way to get through this. The important thing is not to be scared and not to panic.

Again, there will be changes in your life, but life will keep on moving. Yours is an affluent country, if you are able to be reading these words on the Internet at this time. When people begin thinking and pooling together their resources, much will be accomplished.

Indeed, many others have said that the Great Depression was a remarkable time for humanity, as they got to know their neighbors and their friends and associates in ways that they had never before imagined or dreamed of.

It is becoming a different planet. Now that you have crossed the Aug. 11, what we call 11:11 threshold, the vibrational potentials are into their final increase phase. The new levels have been instilled upon your sphere, and they must again continue to rise.

So for now, keep your focus on the spotlight that is upon you. You are onstage, and those in the higher realms are watching your every move with grace, with beauty and with love.

It is okay if you stumble and falter. It is okay if you are in a state of blindness. Your salvation, and indeed your understanding, comes from the simple love that you can have towards other people, and the desire to please and to serve the higher forces that you know to exist.

So just remain calm and secure, steadfast in your resolve to keep on moving forward, and to know in all your heart that the truth is soon to return. The truth of who and what you truly are.

David, as the channel for these words, has been privy to a host of bizarre and wonderful experiences. Do not feel yourself somehow inadequate for not having the same. It is not necessary to be such a spiritual super-hero in order to Ascend.

You already have the potentials within you right now to make this transformation. Expand your love and your compassion. Do not grieve for the loss of the past, but understand rather the birth of the future.

In between these two layers of focus is the reality of your own rebirth in higher realms, and your understanding of how much we look forward to this for you.

You can remain calm indeed, and know that we are going to take care of all the contingencies along the way. As we have built up, or rather allowed you to build up, this Industrial Revolution so as to simplify your lives, so too must it now reach its cessation point, in order that you can again return to the focus on each other and on Spirit.

We do apologize for any residual fear emotions that such a broadcast as this may create, and again we must remind you that it does you no value to be afraid. The much greater value comes in seeing the light that is burning in the heavens and orienting you forward to your new destination.

You can select one from any number of various options as to how you will proceed, and what you will be doing. You can indeed take your pick of a variety of service options that are most highly suited to you.

You can also choose to become a member of the New Earth that is being created, that will instantly be yours should you choose to return to it.

And most importantly, you can choose to become more than you could have ever imagined you would be, to use your newfound abilities in light, love, wisdom and joy.

If you are able to take up such a job now in the physical and use it to pay your bills, then more power to you. If you are still in what would be considered a dissatisfying position, then please remember that your attitude is what ultimately will transform these circumstances into the sacramental.

You can indeed learn to apply yourself in such a way that you do not let any of these fallen emotions of depression, bitterness, anger or resentment factor in.

We know that it is not easy, but we also know that it is very possible. It is your choice. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

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