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Can you tell me what are the positive benefits of joining a group of like minded people or a spiritual community of some kind?

Can you tell me what are the positive benefits of joining a group of like minded people or a spiritual community of some kind?

The individuals who do this will have embraced the collective as one within the physical incarnation.
Between them they create a telepathic connection and the alignment between them, when vibrating as one conscious being of love, shall be a portal for them to attain multi dimensional travel and hyperspace – innerspace connections.
The heart and intent of each individual that aligns with the fifth dimensional frequency shall synchronise as one and they shall strengthen their connection with the higher divinity as they connect with these other individuals who are their multi dimensional selves, their soul group members, their past and future lives that incarnate within the same time period as the consciousness that is them.
Healing energy shall flow abundantly amongst them as they embrace a place that is in alignment with health. Abundance shall flow amongst them as they learn to align their desires that come from their hearts with their will.
As they find the knowing and confidence to ask for the energies they wish to manifest in actuality.
Creativity shall flow amongst them as the high vibrations they create shall be magnified by the resonance of the group.
Many births shall take place and they are each the midwife at this birth – they are each the Father and Mother of the new creation.

This is the great gathering taking place now upon your planet as you embrace your communities of Light.

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Comment by simpleman on March 28, 2009 at 4:49pm
Right on! The way I look at it is, from simpleman :) is the more we think with our hearts and unconditional love, the better connection with the universal mind and the collective mind. Human emotion is the language our hearts speak to the creative universe. We choose our realities. Be aware of you feelings. If you feel negative or bad, question it. Would it be ego? Ego is the mind that thinks in duality. The inner mind is universal and all ways speaks the truth. Also, the universe responds to what we feel, wether its ego or higher self, so we create the reality through our emotions. So be aware of your thoughts and who it is. All is in good in the eyes of the prime source where there is no duality. The more we think as every experience is good no matter how difficult it may seem and be thankfull, the clearer veil become. Every obstacle we overcome, we learn and grow from.Be greatful for them and do not regret.

I've been feeling very high energys past few days. Something just looks and feels different about everything. Like everything is more connected. I dont know if its just me, but its a feeling that my wife and me have been experiencing.

Joining a group of like minded people of higher vibration has accelerated my spiritual growth and my connection to the universe. Collective thinking brings out the truth and that is what we are looking for. I am thankful for SoE. This is still a great place to share information and there are some wonderful like minded people here too.

I really resonate with your blog, Pixie. I felt the connection when i read it. Thank you for sharing with us.

Much love,

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