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Today I was chanting.. it was kind of dark in the room only had two candles lit.. I got more relaxed than ever..
after a while when I was looking at my wall, I started seeing these dancing colours... it was wonderful.. Purple and green together... all the time my hearth was really beating faster and faster and I was so tired after that so I couldn't continue very much longer...
After I quit I drank some water I sat dow and just closed my eyes... While I was drinking I saw some strange things in my mind... first it was a picture of an eye.. a human eye.. it wasn't very clear but shortly after I could see an volcano or something very volcanic-look-alike to me atleast... strange sightings indeed... I have no idea if they mean anything or if it's of my wild imagination that I have....

But it felt very real to me...

especially the dancing colours..

anyways just sharing some...

Take care dear friends..

Love Dave

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