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Channeling from Devatas, "The Now of the Real"

Channeled by Janet Trevisan on 12-23-2008

Devatas: “The energetics as they come in to your 3rd dimension are indeed speeding, and the speeding is the effect on your DNA. Your DNA as it changes, causes you to experience the change in time frequency does it not, and we have said that as you experience a change in time-frequency, the body has to speed-up so to say. It is like, in a strange sense, running to catch a train and until all the subtle bodies are able to align, only then can the train take off and you can sit down comfortably in your body. Until then, you may feel, as you would put it, a little dizzy.

The dizziness is nothing that you need worry about. It is literally the subtle bodies trying to catch up with the time that is speeding.

Your planet at this moment is indeed in the middle of many changes, if you did but know it, but do remember also, the subtle structures that you are. For you tend to think in terms mainly of your physical reality, forgetting that you also have subtler realities to make up the whole of your persona. So when you experience a little dizziness, then recognize what it is that is ailing you.

At this point in your time, much is happening in the line of Change. Yet understand the Deeper Change - the Real Change is Global and not just financial nor time-related, although both are changing - but that Every-Thing-Ness is being Changed gradually.

Everything, is in one sense, Connected – Interconnected in its own DNA molecular structures. And so again, what affects one, affects the other and it is a chain-reaction, it is nothing that you need fear.

We would ask that you remove the fear scenario from your consciousness . The fear is purely a restrictive element and it is a construct of the past. The past has nothing – is nothing – is simply a shadow so to say, which no longer exists.

And within the Now-ness of the Real – you have no constructs to hold onto, therefore the fear is of no use whatsoever.

You speak in terms of love and love standing in place of fear, do you not. And this is a higher vibrational frequency and a more productive one we may say. Yet we can also say to you that even the Love aspect should be Transcended. This may shock you for you will say, what is the world without love.

But we speak to you not of the love of the personality - but of the Unconditioned Love of the Higher Mind.

This Changes as you Change - and so what was in the past also considered to be love, is also Transcended in this sense for Unconditioned Love.

This is the Love of the One in the many. It is the many in One-ness - in that Unitive All-Embracing Truth that you really are.

And so if you can focus within your Now-ness, within Unconditional Love, then you are automatically within the Higher Nature are you not. As you do so, then you will Recognize – Realize – that there is no need to fear on any level.

You do not need to fear for your so-called past finances, you do not need to fear for your past bodies, you do not need to fear for even your futures as you call them, which are in truth, as ephemeral as your pasts.

But Focused within the Unconditioned State of Pure Love – within the Now-ness of the Inclusivity of All, then there is no thing you need fear on any level.

It is a Breaking-through, away from the illusory nature that you have dwelt within for so long. It is a Freeing into the Spiritual Reality that you have always been but never recognized inasmuch as the personality, held within the thralldom of sensuality, covered.

You shall see, you shall be surprised and you shall be Delighted with the New-ness of Who and What the Consciousness presents to you.

There is a Greater and a Grander Reality.

You see yourselves as, let us say, structured within space and time. And indeed you have perceived this for eons of time, again within the past.

But as you Waken – as you Awaken – into the Freedom that You Truly Are - as the Light that You Truly Are - releases its Power, its Strength and its Glory - then you Shine, and as you Shine – You Illuminate your Consciousness – as you do so, it Reveals for you, a Greater and Grander Reality.

You present then the Knowing of the One-ness – and this is Glory indeed.

Do you have questions this evening for us?

Question: “Last week you spoke about our DNA and the changing and accessing the dormant 93%. Can you tell us a little bit more about this please?”

Devatas: “We explained to you in relationship to your Solar energies did we not. And to a degree, as you are well aware, your Solar Logoic energies are those that are capable of drawing through your Galactic system information. As you go deeper, we speak to you of the Sirian energetics which again are Solar in nature.

Yet, everything is being given to Step-up and Irradiate the DNA so that the ‘Awareness of the Consciousness which in a sense has been dormant, relates to the Inner Dimensions of Consciousness itself. And so in another sense, it allows the ‘Doorways of Perception’ to Open to other dimensions.

Your DNA has connections to the whole of the Cosmos, simply because part of the DNA or parts of your DNA, originally were partly seeded through different parts of the Cosmos itself.

Therefore, as the DNA starts to Awaken, then that Seeding starts to Blossom, to Grow and the Consciousness allows itself to Exhibit as it were, the Ability to See, Sense and Know, other Being-nesses, let us call it that. It is the Expansion of Consciousness geared to the Vivification of the DNA which the Solar Energetics are now stepping-up.

It is a Process of Growing. It is a Process of reaching, as we said previously, your Adult-hood – your Spiritual Adult-hood.

So as the child grows into the adult, so the personality adult now starts to Grow into the Spiritualised Adult.

So do not worry about this – Enjoy. Enjoy because the En-Joy-ment, as we have said many times, is the Reality.

Transcribed by

Geraldine Camilleri

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