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Change of pace with David Wilcock...

this article will most assuredly accord you
a change of pace, and much food for thought. The main
point is that none of what is set out in it appears
to take one beyond the physical universe; and doesn't
appear to cover the destination for a Lightbearer,
one's true Source, the Great Central Sun.

See what you think...


It's like the greatest football game in human history. Everybody wants to know how it's going to turn out.

Dates have been leaked and/or suggested. Some have now already passed. The clamoring has already begun.

As I've said before, it's very likely that the initial dates were merely to test the waters and see how the system responded.

The real date will probably never be given -- the event will simply take place. Television time will be called. An announcement will be made. And the signs are clear that we do not have long to wait.

For that reason, it is already time to celebrate.

After so many years of secrecy and denial, the truth is about to be set free.

We will never be the same. There will undoubtedly be drama and turmoil when the announcement is made, but the scope and power of the changes it will create -- the seeking it will induce in so many -- is incalculable.


Those who read this website, and / or watch our videos, will understand that the changes we are going through have nothing to do with, and will not involve, any of the following fear-porn scenarios so flagrantly and naively trumpeted on the Internet as if they were imminent facts:

* Government and/or Illuminati takeover of the workings of society, creating a draconian, totalitarian and brutal state of martial law;

* Mass death, either through natural or manmade viruses, tainted vaccines, government 'death camps,' engineered starvation, et cetera;

* Collapse of civilization to a pre-industrial state through economic implosion, sudden wars, power grid failures, terrorist attacks, et cetera;

* Epic earth changes that erase most life from the Earth as we now know it -- pole shift, solar flares, tsunamis, et cetera, perhaps in 2012;

* Evil extraterrestrials who either pose as good guys first, or simply come in swinging right away -- with an attack vastly worse than 9/11.

The real story is far more interesting -- and has a much happier ending -- than these toxic, fear-drenched viewpoints. The very controllers who are causing all the problems on the planet may very well WANT you to believe these things are all about to happen, but that doesn't mean they will. More on that later.

Disclosure is a lot cooler than just finding out we have human brothers and sisters, not born on Earth, with super-advanced technology -- beings who can levitate, read minds and travel through time and space. There are beings very much more evolved and advanced than those flying around in UFOs, who have long since outgrown the need for any type of mechanized travel.

It is unclear how quickly we will get to that level of understanding if/when a formal disclosure actually occurs -- as it is a much deeper layer of the mystery.


Who are these beings -- these people -- who are so much more evolved than ETs in UFOs? And what exactly do they 'do'?

If more of us understood the answers to those questions, we would be far, far less concerned about the behaviors of the negative elite. It's good to be educated, but if you're caught up in the drama -- particularly if you either hate OR fear the NWO/Illuminati crowd-- then believe me, they are getting exactly what they want from you.

Your energy.

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