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David Wilcock...:Who are these beings -- these people -- who are so much more evolved than ETs in UFOs?

Who are these beings -- these people -- who are so much more evolved than ETs in UFOs? And what exactly do they 'do'?

If more of us understood the answers to those questions, we would be far, far less concerned about the behaviors of the negative elite. It's good to be educated, but if you're caught up in the drama -- particularly if you either hate OR fear the NWO/Illuminati crowd-- then believe me, they are getting exactly what they want from you.

Your energy.

Don't get me wrong. In some cases, the negative elite are absolutely doing their best to make these doom-and-gloom scenarios come true. But here's the catch: the vast majority of them are largely and/or completely unaware that they are being kept on a tight leash -- by super-advanced beings who do not show favor to the negative over the positive, but ultimately manage both groups.

These super-advanced beings keep the negative elite from ever infringing on our free will more than we have collectively invited and allowed them to -- by our own disharmony and negative / manipulative behavior on a personal and collective level.

Though our collective shadow has attracted some nasty stuff, it has not attracted a worldwide catastrophe -- and never will. Not at this point, where we are at the end of a major cycle. We are under incredibly meticulous care and attention at this time, all without any of our conscious awareness.

The real 'Big Picture' is that our planet is being managed by very highly evolved entities -- who have the power to move entire solar systems around almost as easily as we drag and drop files on a computer.

These entities, such as the author of the Law of One series known as Ra, say they are involved in "the management and transfer of planetary populations." It has been a while since I have done an overview of the "lay of the land" as per the Law of One. In light of what now appears to be imminently heading our way, this seems like an excellent time to do so, and upgrade it with the latest and greatest intel.

[In my opinion, the Law of One series -- comprising 106 sessions from 1981 to 1983 -- is far and away the most accurate and important 'channeled' work in modern times. It is the philosophical and scientific foundation of everything on this website. A stunning array of specific data points have since been validated by scientific discoveries and/or inside whistleblower testimony.

As fantastic as everything you are about to read sounds, it has all been verified by multiple different sources of information and/or is either directly mentioned or strongly alluded to in the Law of One series. The truth is much stranger and more interesting than fiction!]

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