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Harvest For The World lyrics

The Isley Brothers - artists

All babies together, everyone a seed
Half of us are satisfied, half of us in need
Love's bountiful in us, tarnished by our greed
Oh, When will there be a harvest for the world (yeah, yeah, yeah)

A nation planted, so concerned with gain
As the seasons come and go, greater grows the pain
And far too many, feelin' the strain
Oh, When will there be a harvest for the world (yeah-yeah, yeah)

Gather every man, gather every woman
Celebrate your lives, give thanks for your children (oh!)
Gather everyone, gather all together
Overlooking none (Overlooking none), hopin' life gets better for the world (yeah, yeah, oh)

Dress me up for battle, when all I want is peace
Those of us who pay the price, come home with the least
And nation after nation, turning into beast
Oh, When will there be a harvest for the world

Yeah, yeah
When will there be
I wanna know now now
When will there be (harvest for the world)
A harvest (harvest for the world)
When will there be (harvest for the world)
A harvest (harvest for the world)

Greetings and Salutations;

This is it, and people living today, will be discussing these events for many years to come. Many things will be distasteful to hear, after all these years of covering up the truth. History always being written by those in power at the time, will have to be rewritten, all the way back to the old babylonian days. Church doctrine is going to be upset, as historical docs have been hidden from the believers, and they are going to brought out into the light of day. All that was once hidden, shall now be revealed.

Not since the middle ages, has the world gone thru such a significant change, in it's entire infrastructure. The pockets of civilization are gone now, so the world must now go thru an obvious overhaul of how it operates, which also, necessarily takes out the miscreants who've been controlling the masses and their thinking processes all these same years. Joe 'everyday person' forgets that when they stand at attention for the national anthem, they are listening to a song which came from the british, 'God Save the Queen'. What happened to the genuine american song, 'The Battle Hymn of the Republic'? It's suppose to be a republic, afterall, not a democracy. Jeeze, how about 'America the Beautiful'?

If the people involved in this transition, had not done every infinitesimal thing necessary to remove the cancerous tumor ruling the world, all these years, people would have barely sniffed the money before it all disappeared from them into the hands of the miscreants and the same 'ol same 'ol would have started again, and no one is trying to reinvent sliced bread out here. I do see, people are so conditioned to the idea that the bad guys will always have the power, they can't conceive of the fact that things actually do change, or even that there are people living in this world that have the wherewithall to cause that change. We say 'just do it', without having all the details on hand to make a proper assessment to effect a complete and utter change. There are major power structures on this planet that had to be depowered but since no one talks about them on the news, most ignore their existence, yet, each day they have gotten into even what you eat or think...and you had nothing to do with them being in power. Like some video game they work the buttons and make your life go up or down...make people rich or poor, according to their desires, at any given time.

These people were offered dignity years ago, stand down and let the world change, the new system be engaged, and they could even take credit for it. They could've even retired with enough money they could live more than comfortably the rest of their lives. Their greed, control, and power meant more to them, so there was only one thing left to do, bankrupt them beyond repair. You are witnessing that bankruptcy with your eyes. The corporation is broke! As a character in a movie said, 'dem dead and not even know it yet'. It's kind of like the nervous system's responses thru the body after something dies, a finger moves, a leg, a toe twitches. Now how will these rediculous wars continue when they don't have the power to print their own money anymore? This goes for the 'terroists' too, they gotta get money from somewhere. This new banking system is blowing up the ability to keep the crap kicking...ok you can always throw rocks and shoot arrows at folks.

While many were having their thanksgiving dinner with their families, the workers were not. They were working and fixing up any necessary last minute things needing done so, everything goes off smoothly with no complaints, missing anything or anyone. The schedule is set to flip this world on it's head. Hold your loved ones close, follow your instructions to the letter and enjoy your futures. Listen closely as the announcements begin because, you'll need to get a full understanding of how this country is being changed and how it effects you. Some of you will be like me and catch them at the airports on your way out. lolololol

If you need a final consultation about something, email this addy while I'm still here, donations needed and accepted at account

Love and Kisses,


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