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The WORLD didn't take kindly to the news that the Four Criminal Presidents had received immunity so after their additional blockage Saturday the World Court today withdrew the immunity agreements causing all of them to go into another rampage.

Meanwhile why do you suppose OBAMA was at Camp David the night before and the morning of his vacation departure to Cape Cod? It was to meet Mr. Ying from CHINA (little big man/the dead one) who was armed with metals certificates to be used to buy OBAMA more time. When they learned those would be confiscated at any bank where they were presented they then tried to use them as collateral for trades, that too was blocked.

Meanwhile the World Court has once again warned OBAMA and Homeland Security not to interfere with deliveries which have been rescheduled again for tomorrow leading with the "trigger packs" as WE have so often reported to you.

Which would you have preferred, Saturday deliveries as scheduled or deliveries tomorrow AFTER the immunities have been revoked? Silly question huh?

We lost another soldier today. So many have suffered so much for so long at the hands of the Political Criminals in Washington D.C. who are beyond contempt. Their crimes must be fully exposed if the people are to truly learn the cost of apathy.

Freedom is not free.

casper 8-23-09 #2

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