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Greetings and Salutations;

Sometimes, I feel like I'm at nasa, waiting for a shuttle to take off. I got there early so, I got to see them bring it from it's hanger, slowly, slowly, it rolls towards it's point of readiness to ascend to the skies. They add the fuel tanks and all the other stuff before even getting the thing into position and starting the preflight tests. They start the count but it gets interrupted from time to time, as little glitches are found and fixed. Finally, finally, finally, they fire off the rockets, and if all is fine, it begins it's ascent. These last several weeks have been just like that for me. If you don't think changing the entire world's banking system, having everyone on the same page simultaneously, all machinery engaged and working, then having something to tell the public about the massive changes that just took place in their lives, doesn't require a few extra working brain cells to manage, well I wouldn't know what to tell you.

You can lay out the best of plans but when it comes to actually implimenting them, it becomes another matter. Considering this has never happened before in modern history, you have no choice but, make it up as you go...and now there's almost 7 billion people on the planet. That's ok, there is enough for everyone and we can work it out, spreading it out and begin the process to bringing balance across the planet. Or like rodney king said, 'can we all just get along?' Nothing like a god awful financial disaster to get everyone's attention, monopoly money is not real! The depression brought a lot of people together, who would never had the experiences they did, without the disaster. Hopefully after this business is over, people will choose other ways to get things done without the awful methods that have been used these past 100+ years. We're about to see, that's for sure.

Ok, I'm just letting you know, all is in order, no one has absconded with anything. Actually, certain people are more concentrated on 'c.y.a' than anything else. Along with deliveries comes monumental changes in this country and some folks aren't going to deal with it well, that's human nature, especially when they think they have no control. Freedom takes on a whole other context when the artificial reins of gov are backed up and responsibility falls squarely on one's lap. When 'do no harm' becomes the law, whatever shall people do? Demand that somebody puts them back under subjection so they can feel protected from the things that go bump in the night? Deliveries happen and you will hear the announcements begin and people of america will begin to understand, the big picture and how the us really fits into the world puzzle. This begins the re-education of america, what lady liberty Really means.

Unless I'm missing something here, all kinds of things are going down this next week, as things begin flushing down the commode that haven't been needed for a long time. However, I have 'mined' the entire world for info and anyone and everyone remotely involved are on the same page and they aren't moving out of position. While you may think nothing has changed or nothing has been going on, things have been moving at light speed out here and are much more prepared than may seem apparent. Security was paramount, just remember that.

Consultations are still being handled, if one needs one simply email this address. Donations are needed and accepted at account

Love and Kisses;


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