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How Western civilization became like the Borg of Star Trek

How Western civilization became like the Borg of Star Trek

Western civilization has lost its most important asset: the ability to impartially seek the truth, no matter where it might lead. At its peak Western civilization used logic and science to blast away at superstition and ignorance. Any single person could, by means of evidence and logic, change the way Western civilization thought. The result was unprecedented human progress in many spheres leading to such things as the industrial revolution. However, over a hundred years ago a greedy cabal began infiltrating the West’s institutions and distorting science in the name of power lust and greed.

Now, the institutions that made the West strong have all been subverted and perverted. Scientific journals have been taken over by a cabal of financiers who use a non-transparent process of “peer review” to suppress discovery that is inconvenient to the cabal’s financial interests. At some point science developed “laws” that could not be broken, evidence be damned. Science, by its very definition is supposed to be a work in progress based on evidence and facts not “unbreakable laws.”

Inventors who break any of these “laws” (such as the so-called second law of thermodynamics) are, if necessary, murdered.

Once we have purged these parasites from the collective brain of the West and science is again set free, world civilization will flourish as never before. That day, fortunately for us all, is close.

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Comment by RL on August 24, 2009 at 3:49am
not to mention their penchance for separating countries into halves and pieces. yes, we need a purge.

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