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One reader made some very good points and I don't want them to be left silent by themselves. I addressed them to a certain extent but there is always more to be discovered. The heart and the head, meaning the within and without of consciousness, the male and female of communication in the giving and receiving of being of one self, are equally important. But both have their apparent failings in appearances and it is there we must do our "Work" to better understand. Because one should know that it is the cleverness of the "mind" to say "hey, forget about thinking, just go with the heart" because the heart is feeling fine the way it is and the head seems to be pretty much asleep doing what the heart tells it to do. We have to anthropomorphize these concepts in order to better understand what we are dealing with here. I could just as easily use Adam and Eve in the garden with the serpent but that would draw in all of the Christian archetypes and I don't really think we want to go there. Shiver me timbers! Arrrrrrghhhhh.I will project out of my own awareness of Self my own sense of things and if you agree fine and if you don't that is fine too. Because in Reality there is no me and you but only the "I" and yet we cannot deny the existence of these beliefs because it appears that way to us. There is nothing wrong with "separating" things in the sense of discovery and communication because to "separate" things is also a way of putting things in order, even if only to organize for contemplation. But one, I agree, must always recognize that ONENESS is the ultimate reality of "things" as it were. And that is why speaking these things to "others" is important because it is all part of the process. But also that process is not merely about "affirming" and "denying" because all "things" must be looked at and then let go. This is part of a "meditative" process. To be still and receive the seemingly random floating thoughts and let them go in order that one might achieve that deeper sense of self and ultimately realize and experience the state of "I AM."

But we cannot deny thinking and we cannot deny feeling because either one or both are part of who and what we are. We do think. We do feel. And one is not more pure than the other. One is not less "error" than the "other." They are like a two way street with cars moving in one direction while parallel to that are cars moving in the other direction. Yes there are airplanes and helicopters, birds and spaceships and these express "higher thoughts" but let's leave that alone for the moment. Now we are discussing this as "consciousness" but also understand that everything IS consciousness so whether it is painted in a esoteric manner or an exoteric manner, whether it be something intrinsic or extrinsic, whether it be in the form of internal or external it does not matter for all is in mind and all IS mind. Without going into deep detail here let us understand or accept for the moment that life appears to us as internals and externals. One is not better or worse than the other, it merely is that way... in appearances. The Truth is that Reality is "Oneness" and all that IS is working together, in flux, as One, and there is a "movement" even if it is only thought. Mind does not stand still for Mind is ALIVE because Reality is Infinite therefore there can be no "ending" to infinity and that is so of MIND as well. So if Mind is "unending" or "eternal" or "Infinite" then it is always in "motion" in one manner or another without getting into the appearances of physicality as it pertains to the word "motion."

Back to the "brain" and the "heart" or the "mind" and the "heart" or the "conscious mind" or the "subconscious mind" or the "left brain" or the "right brain" or the expressions of "male" or "female" for this is all the expressions of the "Out and Back" of Consciousness and it is Androgynous, it is "male and female" and this is the natural state of "things" for it is ONE. This being the case and "all things being equal" (because they are) then there is no preference or priority as it pertains to "thinking" and "feeling." Some people need to get in touch with their heart more and some need to get in touch with their brain more. Rarely is everything in evidence balanced it seems, in the projected reality that is. But as things go, thinking plays an important role and it has been thrown onto the back burner as far as the importance of consciousness or spirituality is concerned among some groups or some people. The truth is they are both important. But thinking and feeling for students concerned with these things must be recognized as both have faulty mechanisms as it pertains to "garbage in/garbage out" realities. The mind and our thinking are entwined with the heart and its feeling by recognizing that the conscious mind and the subconscious mind work together just like the pumping of the blood in the heart to circulate throughout the body. All of these things work together. We might have an intuitive "feeling" or a "fleeting thought" which comes through the unconscious but in terms of doing our "Work" on the self generally it is necessary for a thinking process to actually involve one in their path. They think about things, they get in touch with their feelings and they discover their being. Thinking, Feeling, Being. Thinking (male), Feeling (female) = Being (androgynous spiritual nature). I teach two different classes which deal with both but approach them differently. One deals with ideas, words, and discovering the Truth about them. And a refiling process takes place within ones consciousness thus changing the outpicturing in their life. The other deals with feelings, emotions and gets in touch with them as feelings and memories and discovers the Truth in back of that and a refiling takes place and one is changed within and thus without. Both are essentially the same principle but one is from the "heart" perspective while the other is from the "mind" perspective.

It is all ONE. But we must take it apart in order to deal with it just like putting a watch back together. We take it apart and see what is wrong and we reassemble. It is a natural process. We get a splinter, we feel the pain, we locate where the splinter is, we remove it, and the healing takes place. It is very true that often people are too cerebral and it becomes a form of denial and they escape by overthinking a thing. Then again, there are some people who are in denial and don't want to think about things and would rather be pulled by their feelings (which usually connect directly to subconscious emotions or desires or negative constructs which haven't been resolved). We should become acquainted with both our thoughts and our feelings. But in this process of communicating often the words tend to seem to deal with thoughts more than feelings. I could write about feelings but it is difficult to convey a feeling with words which are thoughts and more easily to convey thoughts with words. I could say that one can reach a state of consciousness where they let go of their physical appearances and just feel Oneness with their world around them. This Oneness is LOVE. Love expresses the Oneness which is reality. All is ONE. When we recognize Oneness we do not create it, we merely discover that which was always there. When we experience a healing we are not discovering that we have gotten well, but rather we are discovering the "perfect health" which was there in "Reality" all along. In TRUTH, in REALITY there is only Perfection, Wholeness, Completeness, Harmony, Balance, Order, Infinity, Eternity, Oneness, Success, Abundance, Knowing, Wisdom, Love, Satisfaction, Fulfilled, etc. This is True Reality and each of us discovers it in different ways but usually with a combination of experiences which all include feeling and thinking. ~ Dr. Derek Lamar

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Comment by Dr. Derek Lamar on January 7, 2011 at 2:10pm
(((HUGS AURORA))) back at you. ~ Derek
Comment by Dr. Derek Lamar on January 6, 2011 at 11:03pm
Aurora, This is true, now we must begin to really implement the words with action as we respond to the call from within to walk the walk on the inside as well as the outside. Blessings, Derek

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