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This installment is partially based on comments that need to be responded to in addition to a beginning understanding of Syllogistic Reasoning. The reactions and interpretations of what was written are important because they point out how difficult it is to communicate this understanding and to understand this communication. However I will begin by saying that none of this Teaching is new per se. It isn't "my" pet theory or simply my deluded misunderstanding of SciFi 101. I know that none of you said that. But seriously, there are tons of people out there who wake up one morning and think they've got all of the answers. Talk about "ego." Anyway.... this "Teaching" began as soon and before the Universe was born. The Universe is a testament to this Teaching even though as human beings we have been so involved in personal survival (and still) that we have barely had time to even indulge the astrology section of TV Guide. But I want to simply bring forth the statement that actually this is what Jesus, Yeshua, was Teaching that no one understood. A few people "almost" understand what he was saying and they killed him. But they didn't understand the Truth of it, they only understood what it was he was actually saying and they wouldn't have anything to do with it. But that was the politics of the day and also "unfoldment" because today we have the opportunity to receive and understand the "Essence" of what that "Teaching" actually is. There was an "awakening" in the 1800's and quite a few people began to catch on to this Teaching even though they turned it into a religion. In the 1900's there was real revival of those ideas and they were further explained and taught and have brought us to the threshold of the 21st Century. It is now in this century combined with Quantum Mechanics and various new perspectives, observations and realizations that it is all coming together in such a manner that truly it is "an idea whose time has come" and it will become as standard a "subject" as any other class taught in the past.


There are two elements that stand out in the reactions to the words I presented and they are the concepts of "ego" and "oneness" and "duality" (or contrast) and also "may we all speak with the voice of the holy breath." I should also deal with "physical matter."


Also simply "believing" in mind or MIND or consciousness or Consciousness does no preclude the possibility that perhaps physicality or matter do not exist. I am not talking about there being a choice between mind and matter. What I am saying is that matter is mind. Even as you read this in what you think is a brain encased in a physical biological form it is your "mind" which is dealing with these ideas. Even your brain only deals with its thoughts or feelings even if it believes that it can "feel" the body that houses the organ that "thinks." To reflect upon old fashioned concepts of God, by today's standards these are still actually quite perfected and very illuminating as to the Absoluteness of understanding that they give. A common understanding of God is that God is "Omniscient," "Omnipotent," and "Omnipresent." All Knowing, All Powerful and Everywhere Present. Now that in the Western world has pretty much summed up what Christians and even Jews believe. But do they really? No they do not. Because if one wishes to study that revelation of understanding in an Aristotelian manner, meaning through Higher Logic and studying axiomatic principles (more on that) then one could see that this is way more that what most schools of thought or houses of worship come to accept. These concepts have to be gone over and over again because they are difficult and yet we gloss over them as if we understand but we do not fully comprehend.


But Jesus made it clear as the disciples quote him and his Teaching. He provided the masses with "The Good News" which was that "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within". The Kingdom of heaven is the "Fullness of God" therein. This means that Jesus, Yeshua taught that we each had within us the "fullness of God." What does that mean? It means that ALLNESS of God is within us. How can that be? First off, allness... again INFINITY... this leaves room for nothing else. Let's examine that in a child-like manner. It requires mental pictures to comprehend not only the visual reality of it but the mathematical complexities of it. Imagine, if you will, that we take a box the size of one that a refrigerator came in. And we are told that this box is merely an example of what we call Reality. Now we put into that box "the Kingdom of Heaven" or "the fullness of God". This ALLNESS of God is infinite. Now once that kingdom is put into that box there is no room for anything else because God is INFINITE. God is all. Even the cardboard is gone and includes God because GOD is all. There is nothing outside of this box because INFINITY is INFINITY.  If you are to put anything in that box there will be no room for it... unless of course it is a part of God in which case it is already there... because the ALLNESS of God is in that box. If you put something in that box which is not God it will simply disappear because in Reality God is all there is (INFINITE) and there is no room for anything to exist in or alongside of God except that which is God. This is the dilemma of God. It is also the dilemma of humankind. We have the "Kingdom of God" within. But do we see it? No because we have not yet accepted this or realized this and understood this but that does not make it not so. What you think in "your mind" is decided upon by your mind and that includes what you accept and what you reject and what is threatening to you and what is not and what you are attracting and what you are rejecting because.... because.... we are a "divided kingdom", we are polarized, we are in a state of duality, or "a state of sin" which only really makes sense once you understand the word "sin." "Sin" is an archery term that means "missing the mark." It is also Latin or Spanish for "without." Both work well here. Missing the mark means you are not "right on target" or "you are not ONE with the bullseye." Oneness is a state of Consciousness with the understanding that GOD is all there is. Duality is a state of "separateness" wherein you believe you are separate from things, separate from people, separate from God.... separate from everything except your body and your own personal brain. But that thinking is the error which keeps us from fully understanding and fulling receiving the awareness which allows the "enlightenment," if you will, to correspond to Reality and open your eyes to the Truth of what God, Truth, Mind, Heaven, etc. really is.


It is here I want to put some quotes from a little known book called AXIOMS from the 19th Century...


The spirit of truth is the meaning, the significance of truth. that which is, that which is so --- in contradistinction to that which is not so --- such is the common, inevitable meaning ascribed to the word truth. Not what may be so, not what seems so, but what is so in the final analysis; not what is so relatively, but what is so absolutely... Because there cannot be anything besides what is; having found out what is, we must cancel what is not, leaving what is, or truth, to be all there is or can be. There can be no such thing as what is not. What is, is all, and must be all. ~ George Edwin Burnell (Axioms: The Book of Health and Science of Truth, 1897)


Also we can read:


No matter what men may think, say, or do, they all agree in meaning that truth is 'that which is,' falsity is "that which is not." They are not "invited" to think this way, they are "compelled" to so think. Now there cannot be anything besides that which is, therefore of necessity we must say that "truth is all" there is or can be. ~ George Edwin Burnell (Axioms: The Book of Health and Science of Truth, 1897)


Now my own Teacher took this with the full depth of its meaning and rewrote it thus, retaining the completeness of it but refining it to simplicity:


Truth is that which is so,

That which is not Truth, is not so


Truth is all there is.


Now you may want to read that again or a few times before the "Essence" of that which is there to be discovered even begins to sink down into the marrow of your consciousness. In reading it remember that what it is actually saying is that what Truth is is what is so.... or reality... not the appearances of reality but what reality is as reality... what really is... or truly is... as Jesus would interject and say, Verily I say unto you. He did this because those selling their wares in the square would exaggerate or lie (if you will) making their products bigger than life.... "It is the best carpet you will find anywhere." "These are the dates only Kings and Governors can afford to eat but now I have them for you." and "Such a deal." But Jesus made it clear by saying "Verily" that he was saying "Honestly" or "in truth I do not exaggerate when I tell you...."  So Truth is that which is.... IS..... also remember here that IS is a variation of the word "am".... which means "be" ..... later you will catch this in the entirety of simplicity of esoteric understanding when we are talking about "I AM" or "Beingness" or "Ontology: the Science of Being" or "I AM that I AM." "That which is not Truth, is not so."  2 + 2 = 5. That is not so. 2 + 2 = 4. Just because 2 + 2 can be added doesn't mean an incorrect number is false. It also doesn't mean that "5" is false.... it just is here in this mathematical equation. So we see here that Truth is, and that which is not Truth, is NOT. At this point you are able to, or perhaps compelled to form a conclusion.... Therefore.... Truth is all there is. Now we are not "jumping to conclusions" here but rather we have worked through the entire process. There is nowhere to go with this. Truth is SO.... absolutely... that which is NOT truth would thereby be "NOT so"..... so what remains.... nothing.... therefore only Truth remains because that which "is not truth or not so" ISN'T...... therefore Truth is ALL there is.


The Allness here brings about the understanding of ONENESS. You cannot have Allness and it be broken up... you can belief things are all divided up into pieces which are separate but that would be your belief... it wouldn't be the TRUTH. The Truth is ONE.... ONENESS. Which also was the breakthrough of the Hebrews who discovered monotheism which is stated as "GOD IS ONE".


Now let me add here for future reference that we are dealing with Aristotle logic up there in what is a syllogism.


A syllogism is a

a. Major Premise

b. Minor Premise

and a

c. Conclusion


A Major Premise is a statement of fact which

can be supported by another fact thereby forming a



An inaccurate syllogism which humans do all of the time would be (humorous example)


Mr. Jones is a lawyer

Mr. Jones is a crook

Therefore all lawyers are crooks


This is sometimes referred to as a "SILLY-GISM"

Nowhere in there does it say "All lawyers are crooks" but people have said that for so long it is implied and people

"jump to conclusions."


Remember that when it comes to what you know and what you don't know and what you base it on. Is it based on the "Truth" or simply on what someone said and that became an unproven fact which was never verified. I know this is a lot to comprehend but believe me it will change your life and possibly more. The understanding of this material will not only change your life, it will change others lives whom you view because at some point the people you see you will begin to realize you are seeing them in your consciousness and therefore they ARE your consciousness. This is why "HEALING" works. "Healing" is not a process where you have personal power to heal. First off there is no disease. Disease is an illusion based on "not seeing the whole truth." Truth is ALL therefore it is whole, complete and thus perfect. In the realm of Truth, which is Spiritual Reality there is only perfect health just as there is only perfection and perfect health within God and... well.... God is all there is. When you realize that "Perfection" or "Perfect Health" is the natural state of things, then your awareness, not believing but KNOWING... your view of others will become a source of HEALING. You will see someone who is sick or diseased and you are forced to "wake up" to the Truth which is that "disease" is a lie about the Truth which is "whole, complete and perfect" and that person is no longer separate from you but is in your consciousness and now they are "whole, complete and perfect" and this manifested is what is called a "healing" but in truth, in TRUTH, there is no healing because it is a belief and not a Truth. This is why Jesus said "I do nothing of myself, but it is the Father in me who does the work." Because in true reality there is no Jesus since GOD is all there is. You could say that Jesus is a reference point or a term which allows us to know what we are seeing or talking about. In Truth God is Infinite and also since God or Truth is infinite obviously there is variety.... therefore... there is infinite variety but it is still ONE and it is still GOD and it is still Truth.... therefore "Jesus" expresses the infinite variety of life and consciousness and truth.... thus we can see that we are perceiving the Truth as we look upon Jesus just as Jesus said that "if you have seen me you have seen the Father." These statements begin to make more sense when the Spiritual ALLNESS is revealed in the nature of what was once a dogma no one really understood.


Duality is a "world" or a "perception" when one believes in separateness and it appears to be a realm of opposites or opposition or Truths and Lies or Good and Evil. (good and bad.) But it is an illusion that arises out of a state of consciousness of "separateness." When we believe we are separate from God (as opposed to being ONE with GOD) then that becomes our perception, our state of mind, the filtering we put upon our state of consciousness. It isn't true, but we think it is true. People are not "sick" but that is how we perceive them. And also how they perceive themselves and we can acknowledge that but we must not accept it within our own awareness. This is why Jesus told the man to "get up and walk." In the world of Jesus, in his perception, he KNEW that the man was not sick because "sickness" is sense testimony based on false premises and inaccurate conclusions. We feel separate from other people because we feel separate from everything. This is because we are "born" into a "world" (and all of these aspects are states of consciousness) and we are born into a body and we are born into a society which believes all of these things and probably (reincarnation being what it is) we came here with baggage which means even our consciousness at the time of birth was "tainted" by previous dualistic mindset thinking.


I will add here so that it might be more clear... even as I type this I am writing this for myself. I am not writing this for YOU separate from ME but rather the ONENESS of mind speaking to mind... an exchange of thoughts and feelings for the purpose of clarification and the illumination of consciousness. Things that I need to know better and things you as (me) need to know better. The Truth is ONENESS and the "error" is "SEPARATENESS." The Principle of "Out and Back" is based on this understanding. It is sometimes referred to Universal Law or the Law of Male/Female or Male/Female Principle, or the law of "Out and Back", etc. "You get back what you put out." The reason this is True is because of all you have been introduced to here. GOD, INFINITE MIND, Higher Mind, Truth, ALLNESS. So using the concept of God, since we anthropomorphicize it (interpret it by giving it human qualities), we think of God as a being like ourselves but with lots of moxie. We can ask ourselves: "What does God do." There is only ONE thing God can do. God expresses God. God is limited to this but limited infinitely since it is ALL. There is only one thing God cannot do and that is "not be God".... we do that for him/her. So God is all there is expressing God. But to who? God is all there is. So.... God expresses God to God. So.... God expresses God out to God and receives that expression unto God back again.... out and back... it is a Principle... it is a law.... it is Absolute.... Out and Back.... it is the one LAW which forms so much of what people do not really understand. This is why we "get back what we put out." Because no matter what we do, we are being God because in Truth that is what we are... therefore.... we are expressing ourselves out and back.... so life is a reflection to us. We see only ourselves in our world and it reflects all of the things we are and believe whether they be false or true.... there is no judgment here... only perception. The perception... of our consciousness. People in China are our reflection but perhaps measured within us as "distant." Just as in our daily world our self is reflected to us as the most ONE of us and right at us and within. If we have a lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, they are really close in our reflection department and what we see about them is always important as to what we must deal with within ourselves. Which is why often people get divorced and marry someone just like the last person they were with. Still trying to "work out" issues but never seeming to grasp what is going on. Parents usually represent "authority" on some level because they are like "gods" since they seemingly "created us" but not really in terms of "Truth." But this is why sometimes we are dependent on them or rebel against them or feel they are trying to control us or perhaps love us too much, etc., etc. Then there are our friends and family (brothers and sisters) though sometimes we are closer to our friends than our families but that doesn't always mean the reflections might be deeper from childhood. People we meet we determine how close they are to us by what we might be attracting at that time. I always assume that the people I meet I have attracted into my life and that they have attracted me into theirs. Sometimes that is loving and wonderful... sometimes not... but it is still "my world" and "my awareness" and I must deal with it. WELCOME to REALITY. LOL ~ Dr. Derek Lamar


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Comment by Dr. Derek Lamar on December 18, 2010 at 3:22am

Simone... I do understand completely. I will try and restrain myself. LOL

Comment by Dr. Derek Lamar on December 17, 2010 at 1:17pm

"This kind of deep thought is The kind of thing that needs a lot of time and reflection that would take a lot of time that I don't have." I have to comment on that sentence... I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here as to your statement... I am assuming you are meaning ALL of those BLOGS hitting you at once while you are trying to start the day... eh? LOL But truly we do need to take time and reflect so that we can "understand" these types of things. That is what change is about and that is what WE are about because WE are on a site like SOE....  Unless of course you just want a daily horoscope in which case... well, I don't do that... but I could copy one out of TV guide if I knew your sign. LOL Of course I know that you are in Hawaii.... and that is already Paradise.... hmmmmmmm I know this little bakery there in Waikiki.... actually I think they have about 4-5 of them... La Patissiere..... Ohana Waikiki West says they have a Patissiere bakery .... cool.... hmmmmmm I'm drifting into memories now..... LOL


Comment by Dr. Derek Lamar on December 17, 2010 at 12:57pm

Well.... like you said... those blogs were there before... and where I saw a correction needed I changed them but for the most part they are the same but I wanted to put them back up and leave them there for those who haven't read them yet or wish to reread. I couldn't possibly put that much stuff up everyday... you needn't worry. LOL ~

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