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All of us, especially those of us who came out of traditional religious circles, need to examine who and what we are and what is true about life. We need to return to that traditional exercise, innate to so many, where we ask ourselves: Who am I? What am I? Where am I? Why am I? and How is all of this? (The old tried and true discipline of newspaper "men" used to be Who-What-When-Where but we have to set it up knowing what the journey is and how does it apply to us. If we want to know what the Truth is about something we need to begin our journey by coming up with a definition of Truth itself. Not relative truth because that isn't truth at all. That is merely the recognition that there is an accurate accounting of what the appearances are. This is where the mathematical process comes in. We take in information and we see what adds up. That sounds silly when some of you are thinking terms like Quantum and imagining Einstein and certain equations related to E=Mc2. And concepts about math and randomness and order and leaps and particles and waves.... it all sounds wild and new and yet sometimes it takes you down corridors of confusion when, as the Ancients always say: Truth is simple. But again, we are not talking about Mark Twain truth. He was direct but not always simple. He said "If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything." But what that means is truth in a relative factual sense is automatically stored in your "memory" whereas a lie is something you have to keep track of because you still have the filed memory of facts and yet you want to remember the lie you told and to who because it is your cover story. But we are talking about Absolute Truth here. There is no way to understand Truth unless you begin at the beginning. And then you can start forming your conclusions from there.


Now John Lennon once said, "God is a concept..." which is good up to a point... but then he continues and says, " which we measure our pain." Then it gets lost in the human interpretation of things. But let's simply use his first part about God being a concept. Because that is what God is to us before we understand what that is all about. First we begin with a concept. In other words we are attempting to establish a definition that is "accurate" and without any possible question marks lingering as we go step by step. You see, we aren't simply coming up with a "working title" for a song that we will change later. We are establishing a "Reality" from which further understandings will ensue. This is rather like knowing that the human normal temperature is 98.6. Now for a dog it varies and it can range from 97 to 99 thereabouts and you can find varying answers from book to book on that. But we have established that the human temperature is 98.6 and many thermometers will even have a line drawn there so you can quickly ascertain that in fact the number you have come up with is "normal" or if it is not aligned with that "normal" line which has been predetermined to be the "correct" temperature for a healthy human being and you will be able to see that right off.


This step-by-step process is necessary and yes, boring to a certain extent, but for most of us our ego is in control of our mature thinking brain and it already has all of the answers. It doesn't want any "NEW" answers. It doesn't want "ANYTHING" which might cause a change in ITS temperature because it believes it exists as an independent being that is struggling constantly to remain in control of the "machine" which it believes is all-important and belongs to it as an independent entity. It is like the "i am" which is in all lower case. It isn't that famous spiritual "I AM" which is in upper case. It would say: "i am in control of my little world" which would be a lie but it is asleep and doesn't know what the truth is about it or anything else. Its function is to remain in control and for survival dynamics this works pretty well. But when you finally become more aware of things and "who you are" and start asking questions, you begin to push the envelope, you want to enlarge the size of your box, look for a new window of vision or desperately seek the "Doorway" to liberation. Then a war begins between your "ego self" and your "Real Self." It is very similar to the Matrix film and how there is a different reality than the one we experience every day. It is just in your mind because everything IS in your mind and ultimately, on a Higher Level, MIND is all there is. This is hard for people to take because of religious dogma. But also from a psychiatric or psychological viewpoint which is dedicated to dealing with the thoughts in a physical human brain, not in the Consciousness that is Reality, other aspects of our world refuse to consider that everything is a MIND operated reality.


And there are even those in the new sciences who study and teach Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Theory who pooh-pooh New Age interpretations of what that is all about and Quantum Leaps and such, but incredibly educated and well read laymen and scientists have seen what is being mirrored in this new science as well as in Eastern Thought. All I can say as to that is they have NO IDEA how the mirror is SO mathematically aligned with this consciousness of what I call Quantum Metaphysics. We simply have lived in the dream world for eons and to make that change requires, well, a leap of faith beyond simply a smile. When one begins to understand the implications of this new material and begins to let go of the death grip of believing, they soon see things begin to change all around them. The reason we have computers today is another manifestation of consciousness and these computers reflect our brains and consciousness. "Garbage in garbage" out is not just a cute phrase, but a serious indication that within the collective unconscious there is a definite connection to understanding Consciousness at least on that level. And as far as consciousness goes can anyone deny that everything they know about the universe is in fact known only in their mind? And for those die-hards who might say that there is scientific evidence to the fact that there is a physical reality--- and yet we only know and understand that... in consciousness, in our minds.


It is pretty well known today that Ernest Holmes of Religious Science stated that "Thoughts are things" but I find it more clearly reveals what we are talking about here to say, "Things are thoughts." Everything we know of a part of our physical reality is in fact a "thought" in our mind. Now Jesus tried to bridge this gap by explaining that God was not a vengeful God in the heavens but in fact that God was Love and Spirit. And that his initial proclamation was the "Good News" (unfortunately translated as the "gospel" which is literally "God Spell, spelling, publication... thus the Proclaiming or Proclamation of the Good News) and that this "Good News" was that "The Kingdom of Heaven is within." The message two thousand years ago was that "God Reality" is within us. It isn't outside of us and it isn't something divided up into a multi-trillion stock market lottery game where we all get a small piece of the action. We ARE the ACTION. Why did Jesus say that he and the Father are ONE? He also prayed that "we might be One in him as he is in the Father" which means total awareness of ONENESS which is the one True Reality. Now I realize that all of these things in and of themselves do not a conclusion make, except that they all agree with the same mathematical principle of Quantum Metaphysics and the Ontological view of ONE MIND and how Truth is the key memory of Consciousness (which whenever it is understood on a deeper subconscious level, metanoia’s will occur). However, in my training we were taught not to use the word "miracle" because it made it sound like it was an occurrence outside of normal reality rather than knowing that it isn't a miracle when True Reality is realized.


So it is in our understanding, in our consciousness where everything happens. It is our understanding of the Reality of... Reality... as simple as 2 + 2 =4... where "change" occurs. In this understanding actually there is no "change" except in consciousness itself. There is no disease from which to pray for a miracle because the only thing that we can do is to see the Truth about it. If we "believe" in disease... or if we have "faith" in disease, then in a sense we call that truth because we believe it to be TRUE. But in fact, in Truth, we must come to understand what is True and what is a lie otherwise we shall continue to have these things we believe in manifest (in our thought world) and find ourselves dealing with them over and over again. Let's say I believe that every time I go downtown or wherever I often go, I find it hard to find a parking space. And I believe that it is hard to find a parking space and often have to drive around and around getting more and more frustrated as I proceed and sometimes to the point of anger and yet... no space turns up. Finally one does turn up and we are so perturbed that it took so long we aren't even appreciative of it at that point. But that was what happens in our sleep state, in our dream world in which we live and how we are dragged around by an invisible leash that is directly tied to our subconscious mind and all of the things we "believe" in. Not what we know, but simply what we "believe" to be true. It is here we must pause, relax and go back into our "reality mind" and say: "Hey wait a minute. Reality or Truth is like mathematics. Everything that is True about mathematics is Truth about Truth. Isn't the Truth about Mathematics that it is infinite? That in mathematics there are NO LIMITATIONS? That everything in mathematics is infinite and everpresent and harmonious and expressing order and no number is really farther or closer but simply "there" within MIND. So you recognize that this actually is TRUTH. You want a parking space. You realize that Truth is infinite and everpresent therefore the Truth about parking space is also everpresent and infinite. It doesn't matter if you think you are important or that someone else didn't find one why should you. Let all of that "little talk" go and simply relax and "KNOW" the Truth. Let there be and there is. You need a parking space therefore you will have a parking space. Think about this when you are leaving to go downtown or wherever so that when you get there you will easily (harmoniously) find the space you need. Accept it and know that it is only special that you found it simply because you understood the "Truth" and allowed that to be made manifest and not the other version be made manifest where you don't find a space, etc., etc.- • - Dr. Derek Lamar

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Comment by Dr. Derek Lamar on December 18, 2010 at 3:46am

Perhaps this should be kept for a Blog alone but I will be brief and just touch on this lightly. There is an aspect of this understanding, in this Teaching, which deals with the concept of "anthropomorphic God." This is where the human mind projects "human attributes" upon God rather than expanding his own awareness to that of Absolute Perfection and understanding "Truth" rather than "facts." God does not want you to be healed more than have a parking space. We get back what we put out. Even in Christian churches they use the phrase: "God is no respecter of persons." We must understand that God does not play favorites, nor does God supercede the Principle of God which is "out and back." We have things unfold in our life based on our own development and on our own breakthroughs and realizations of Truth not on what we as an outsider might say, "Well I wouldn't do it that way." The human says that a healing is more important than a parking space, of course. Just as a human would say that $1000 is better than 50 cents. But then again, one must understand that they will receive a healing when they understand the Truth about the Wholeness, Completeness and Perfect that God is. When that happens the sickness is gone. Our illnesses are a result of our thinking, our states of consciousness, our belief systems and when we make changes in our consciousness the floodgates open and we will receive that which we allow for ourselves. God, in that sense has nothing to do with it. God does not heal people in the "anthropomorphic sense" because God does not even have an awareness of "disease." If that were true then one would have to say that in the mind of God there are thoughts of illness and then Infinite Perfection would shift into partial perfection. That is not possible. Again, it is mathematics and it is a process in understanding and a journey in unfoldment.

Comment by Dr. Derek Lamar on December 17, 2010 at 12:53pm

I agree it doesn't make sense because in fact it is not true... as in TRUE... TRUTH. But some things take more work and we start where we are. But essentially getting a parking space is very similar. Many times it is a "random" coincidence there is a parking space looking at it logically otherwise only "spiritual" people would ever find one. LOL We know there are parking spaces but know the Truth in back of that means you recognize the Truth about Reality. In Reality (which is the same as God or Infinite Mind which in Truth we are ONE with already) we must understand that "you get back what you put out" (belief) and that the truth about Truth or God or TRUE REALITY is that TRUTH is infinite therefore since a parking space is an idea in MIND there are infinite parking spaces and you are TRUTH therefore you are ONE with this knowledge/feeling/beingness and you can accept within your SELF that this is reality and simply be there at the right place at the right time and OPEN to this reality and WHAM... there you are... a "parker." You can know this in advance on the way to work and when you get there... a spot right in front perhaps..... you might also get one around the corner and run into someone you have been needing to talk to which is again letting MIND have its way with you because MIND is who you really are and knows better your needs at that moment in time than we can figure out for ourselves "humanly."


Being HEALED is an entirely different scenario because it is often DEEPER.... and requires more INNER WORK.... but the same is TRUE.... but first we have to recognize what the Truth is. That we can be "healed"? No. That would be like saying there is a parking spot somewhere, sometime, and that we don't have a parking spot now. NO. Nowness is the "Word" because that is Truth. In Truth we are "Whole, Complete and Perfect" but our human mind is operating in another reality.... it is "thinking" dualistically meaning "two worlds" rather than ONE MIND... so we operate in a state of "separateness" rather than "ONENESS". Which means we have to keep working to "KNOW" the Truth which is ONENESS and being ONE with Truth you are ONE with that which is "Whole, Complete and Perfect."


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