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Hello all... yes I have "moved" to New Mexico. We have a house now in Rio Rancho. I will post pictures later. Very nice home. It even has a full landscaped backyard with all indigenous plants and rocks from brick wall to brick wall as we view the Sandia Mtns from our patio or from the second story deck where viewing the balloon festival in October will take place. WOW!!!  So cool.

The house wasn't quite as large as we thought we needed but pretty close to what we have now. But this one is  laid out better and seems to be more functional. It also has a three car garage so that adds "storage space" and there is an additional studio in the back lot that can serve as a casita or studio or workshop... you name it.

The views are incredible... the skies, the stars, the mountains, etc. It is at the high end of the top of Rio Rancho so it looks out and beyond everything. Very nice. Even though it is only a quarter acre+ it is very private and contained. Very little yard work is needed. There is a large circle of grass in the middle of the backyard that is surrounded by a cement sidewalk... looks like a small UFO landing site... LOL... we call it "Tazzy Grass" because our little Jack Russell (Taz) loves to run out there and check out the "bunnies" which hide in a burrow below the first level of the deck. We make some noise with the doors before we let her go running out. They like to munch on the lawn in the early hours and at dusk.

We got a brand new car while we were there. We are in California right now doing more packing. One truck load is there. We probably have 1 and a half more loads to go. Our car is a 2015 Honda CRV.... beautiful... neither one of us have ever actually had a brand new car before... amazing. Really holds the road well for our trips and great window viewing... plus a space between the seats with a cushion we put there for Taz to steer the way!!! She loves her road trips. This will save us all of that car rental money now. I will take our other car there eventually. My mechanic just did work on it and said there is no reason it can't travel that distance. It is pretty easy going and a gradual incline. So that will be our second car and I will drive that most of the time for errands and such. Nancy hates driving it. The leg spacing isn't good for her. It is a big Buick LeSabre but it is low on mileage so we have to keep it for the second car. Good for running to the store or misc. run abouts.

That's all for now. As soon as we get settled I will see about presenting some lectures and then also get one of my books off to a publisher. That's a must. At some point we will present stuff in Santa Fe as well and then areas beyond: Las Cruces, Roswell, Silver City, Farmington, Gallup, Taos, Alamagordo, Sandia Park, etc. Sigh!!! I am so excited. Love you all.

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Comment by Besimi on April 22, 2015 at 12:57am

  ...We are so glad for You Derek :)  , and wishing you a wonderful living in that nice place :)
..yeah ,put some photos when you can ,...will be nice to see them :) . ..Namaste Dear frend.

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