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BenjaminFulford :The three legged crow awakens: a new secret society emerges from hiding

The three legged crow awakens: a new secret society emerges from hiding

One of Japan’s most ancient and secret societies has gone into active mode. It is known as Yatagarasu or the three-legged crow. According to legend this crow led the original inhabitants safely to Japan in ancient times. It’s members are never registered with any government body at birth so they are essentially off-the-grid “non-people.” They receive a very special education steeped in ancient Shinto, Tibetan and other traditions. Until Japan was colonized by the Rothschilds in the 1860’s and installed puppet emperors, their job was to guard the emperor. They now guard the shadow emperor. Among other things, they can mobilize practically every temple and shrine in Japan. They have contacted the Black Dragon Society and are now allied with them.

There is very little more I can say about them other than that they took me through a 3000-year old ceremony that was uncanny but in no way evil.

Here is a link to a Japanese language Wikipedia article with good pictures.

The article only discusses the legendary and mythological aspects of yatagarasu. They say the Western version is known as the God Apollo.

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