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BenjaminFulford : More about the Queen

More about the Queen

It seems I have upset the Queen of England with some of my recent writings if the reactions of her bulldog Christopher Story are anything to judge by. Although Story has said in the past his phone number is listed and to please call him, he did not answer any of several calls made to him nor did he call me back.

So, let me explain why I wrote what I did about her. Basically, as a journalist, if I hear from reliable, authoritative sources information that I feel the public deserves to know, I publish it. Clearly, the Bush Clinton faction revealed every piece of dirt they could find on her in order to derail her in her efforts to jump-start the new financial system. Now that her dirty laundry has been hung out in public, they have nothing left to blackmail her about (except Diana but everybody knows anyway).

As I mentioned previously, a lawyer representing the queen and a dragon group contacted me and asked me to pressure the Bank of Tokyo Mitubishi UFJ (They need a shorter name. How about BUTM?) into releasing a $2.13 trillion bond. They did and the money ended up in the pockets of Papa Bush and his whole gang instead of being spent on developing suppressed technology and turning the deserts green as promised. After this, a flurry of angry insiders came out of the woodwork and supplied me with dirt on the Queen. They thought they had been betrayed.

If she did not deliberately give the money to the Bush Nazis but rather had it seized illegally, then I owe her majesty a royal apology. In any case, the latest I hear from the Queen’s lawyer is that the Queen of England and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and most of the Bilderbergers are now aligned against the Thule Society Nazis under Papa Bush. We will know if this is true when they show us with deeds and not promises.

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