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Methuselah on Stillness

through Zilanthrah , 27th October, 2009

(add to previous articles on Stillness)

Dear Ones, we wish to provide a bit of clarity. We are on the cusp and all that you have gleaned from us leads to this point.

The pressure is great at this time and this pressure includes all of existence. Your planet is the key log, as we have stated before. The pressure of the key log leads to the next step. And in this next step, there will occur an event that will not be able to be ignored. It will be ‘in your face,’ so to speak.

We urge you to go about your daily tasks with the Peace that we speak of so often that you have become. Allow your cells to express peace and love as often as you are able, for it is of necessity now and will be of great importance in the time to come when the obvious event occurs. Your expression will allow peace and love during the event and will be of utmost assistance to those who may require it.

All beings who surround the precious planet are aware of this event. All Celestials are aware. You are aware that something shall occur. We confirm that this is so. However, we will not reveal what or when, we simply cannot do so at this time. And we may not reveal the information at all, it may occur without physical or geological warning. We may only reveal to you what is in your greatest good at the appropriate moment. This is our protocol and we must follow, as it is part of our Divine Decree.

Please, do not fret about anything. Be at peace and hold the faith, for it serves in the present moment and will serve in every following moment.

Know that there is great power in the lunar stillness, for there is Stillness in her natural order.

You are well prepared; know this. There is nothing more required of you than what you feel in your heart. When you are guided to make a move, speak a word, perform an action, do so. All is well.

Your love and persistence and deep faith has led you to this moment. Know that your future moments will be of deeper love and deeper persistence. Remember that there are an untold number of entities with you; with everyone. Every person on this sacred Earth is being guided. You would be astounded by the Great Plan which leaves not one human out. Each one who guides is at the ready for each individual’s choices and abides by their choices, with an energy giving that leads the individual to make the highest choices for themselves and for the highest good of all humanity.

You might say that we are in a poised position as well, however our work involves the highest good of billions of humans as well as planet Earth and of the Heavens, therefore the time must be appropriate for action. And Divine Timing is always appropriate.

It does not matter what the upcoming event is termed. Use what you wish for a reference point. When we reach zero point in our space of existence, action will occur in such a way that is hard to describe from our perspective.

Know that there is also a stillness that precedes any event on or around your precious planet. Know that there is a stillness when you express gratitude. Know that there is a stillness in each physical cell when you express gratitude, when you express love and when you express anything of your divine higher vibration. There is a stillness when you pray and when your thoughts of love are directed anywhere.

Stillness for us is our recognition of the One Who Is Most High. We exist in Sacred Stillness in the moment in honor of All That Is. So you see, we honor you, for you are part of the Stillness. And when you are giving thanks to the Most High, you experience a Stillness. This Stillness is his acknowledgment of you, his Precious Ones.

From our timeline perspective, we see your year end as being full of surprises, both delightful and perhaps not delightful. Know however that all that transpires is in the higher order of What Is. See it as Holy Order.

And so it is. I Am Methuselah and I bring tidings that all is well. Enjoy your own Stillness, for your Stillness contributes to the bigger picture of the Stillness that is to come.

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