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The following information, referencing the 'Venus ECCM [Electronic Counter-Countermeasures] Murder Technique', is almost certainly 'out of date', but gives you an idea about how Satan in his manifestation evident in some cases of 'sudden death syndrome' by 'heart attack', operates. This assassination technique will give the victim a massive heart attack or stroke, or both, resulting in his death. Our sources elaborate, citing a semi-technical explanation, that this method is assumed to have been further 'perfected' in terms of accuracy and miniaturisation, for instance by using a decoy cell phone with an aim mechanism via internal camera cross hairs or internal penlight laser:

'The standard method of assassination to provide a certified autopsy report of "death by natural causes" is the little EM beam "shooter" using the Venus ECCM technique – i.e., warping of its wavefront – to destroy the body's control of its heartbeat. There are two basic sizes: One is about the size of a dime-store pocketbook, and has an effective range of something like 9 meters or so. The other is the size of a bazooka (shoulder-held rocket launcher) and its beam is effective at a range of about 60 meters or so. It also is often used with infrared sighting, to fire through a wall at a person (say, in a room on the second floor) by aiming at his infrared change and signature that can be detected outside the building'.

'A person struck by this Venus-technique warped wavefront beam has a sudden interruption of all control of his heartbeat, and so his heart goes into instant, uncontrolled, and violent fibrillation. Exposure to the main beam for 10 seconds or more is almost certain to result in death of the individual, by a resulting massive heart failure, stroke, or both'.

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