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Ask The Masters, 26 January 2016. - Toni and Peter.

Ask The Masters.

By The Celestial Voices.

Through Toni and Peter.  

26 January 2016

A preview of the Masters’ Tuesday Teachings.

Without diagnosing or prescribing for a medical condition, which they never do, the Masters answer a question from the USA about a woman’s seemingly astounding reaction to an MRI test. You’ll want to read this!

An Israeli woman can’t account for an irrational hatred of her father, a perfectly good man. The Masters pinpoint the past-life source – which, interestingly, has nothing to do with her dad in this life. 

A very depressed man from Brazil can’t see his way out of his despair and is considering suicide. The Masters explain how he must alter his perspective to improve his moods, and they encourage him to persevere.

You may read these questions and answers on the Messages page of the Masters’ website: [or below]

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Love, Light and Laughter,

Toni and Peter. 

The Questions

Vibrational healing

January 26th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I had an MRI scan of my brain because of pain behind my ear. I had the beginning of a migraine when the scan began. During the MRI, there’s a sequence of loud tones and vibrations. Near the end of the scan, I heard a tone and vibration that seemed to fit. It seemed to match with me and the pain I was feeling. And because it matched, I began to feel well and the pain receded. Words are poor descriptors for the phenomena. Not only did my headache dissipate but a digestive illness I’m dealing with seemed to improve; it was as if large knots were unraveled. May you please enlighten me on what transpired? And is there a way for me to find that tone and vibration again to continue healing? ~Anne, US.

[In compliance with US law, the Spirit Masters do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions. Readers may like to review details of the Masters’ booklet/ebook on healing.]

ANSWER: Everything is energy and energy is everything. Energy is waves of vibrations that take various forms and modify the physical body, which is composed of energy. The many practices of energy healing, such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and all others, are accomplished by directing the universal life force energy to rebalance a physical body or body part to its original state. Universal life force energy is the unconditional love that is the essence of everything.

When a physical element of your body is out of balance, it fights the rest of the equilibrium in your body and you perceive pain and other unpleasant sensations. Blockages within the body prevent the flow of life force through the body and result in the “symptoms” of physical ailments. Restoring the unhindered transport of energy throughout the body relieves pain and allows the physical cycles of the bodily functions to return.

Instead of an energy healer assisting you in subjecting your body to the vibrations that tune you to the energy flow, you were exposed to a machine that mimicked the vibrations needed by your body, at that time, to put it back into balance.

To help continue the process that was started, you can meditate and pull in the universal life force energy, or you can obtain the assistance of an energy practitioner. This energy is intelligent and goes to the places where it is needed; it can never do harm. You also have to accept that this will help you or it will be rejected by your body and your conscious thought. Some people find that healing music CDs contain vibrations that “set the stage” for self-balancing. Listen to several and see if one contains those familiar soothing tones.

Unresolved issues

January 26th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, as a child my relationship with my dad was very good, until things changed (I think I was around at the age of 8). I started to have unexplained hatred towards him and feeling that I should protect my mom from him. He is a good dad and husband and I have been trying to think this over and over again and could not come up with a reason why I felt the way I did, and so strongly. Where did those feelings of hatred and need for protection come from? Is it from a different life and/or do I have some unresolved issues with him? Why do I feel so protective towards my mom? I love him and I wish I wouldn’t have this conflict with him. ~Ani, Israel.

ANSWER: You have experienced several lifetimes in which you lived in a family where the father was abusive to the mother and to you. While there is not a direct connection between your father in this lifetime and the father in those past lives, the need to be able to do something to correct the old circumstances before anyone can be hurt is pushing your emotions.

It did not get “triggered” to appear in your consciousness until around the age of eight, when you were exposed to the domestic abuse condition of an acquaintance. The child in the family was so fearful the mother would be injured that you popped back into a former life where you had not been able to assist your own mother because of your young age.

When a very physically emotional set of facts occurs in a lifetime and you blame yourself for not doing anything about it, it frequently stays in your “memory” and, when triggered, becomes “real” in the current life. It was a lesson you set up to learn how to deal with – or at least to understand – all the implications, and you did not.

To start to understand these feelings, whenever they appear, go into the energy that they produce and ask yourself why you feel the way you do. This should allow you, with some persistence, to find yourself back in the other life. Step back from the events and see that you were unable to do anything because of your age and your father’s overwhelming size.

Let go of the blame for what your mother suffered; it was not your fault. Understand also that this was a lesson for the two of them in abuse, and for you in knowing you had no ability to intervene. Release all the emotional ties to that lifetime and see the three of you as souls having a human experience. Feel the three of you in your essence of unconditional love

When you think of your father, envision him as a spiritual traveler who chose some very difficult lessons. Respect and love him for his hard choices.


Distraught and hopeless

January 26th, 2016
QUESTION: Masters I have had a lot of experiences and learned a lot from them. I have asked for light and insight, I have felt the light of creator’s love and a little insight, but still feel alone. I have tired of chasing a light in that darkness, feeling useless, scared, powerless, and without purpose. People around have seen in me just disappointment, have so much love inside and intention to help people to find their way to consciousness but I don’t know how and can’t find mine. I am tired of being unloved and without having a purpose to fight for. I had plans to kill myself soon. ~Rafael, Brazil.

ANSWER: You are sabotaging your life by creating expectations, which you then interpret as not being fulfilled. You are seeking perfection within an imperfect world and blame yourself when you don’t see it happening. You also have no patience with life or yourself. Give things time – you have not been around that long.

You are basing most of your conclusions on the ego-based societal judgment system. As for the people who you feel see only disappointment in you, how do you really know what others are thinking? You are not inside their head. And any disappointment you have is an expectation of things that may not have had sufficient time to come to completion.

Turn that love you have inside toward yourself. You don’t love yourself or you would be ecstatic at all the things you have experienced and done. To whom do you feel useless? You have no obligation to anyone but yourself. Fear is a normal state in a human – that is how they determine what lessons they had chosen for their life. It gives you the opportunity to charge right into them and understand so you can move on.

Helping others will not make them automatically love you. You should do things for others because you love to do them, not for any return you might receive. You need to push away the negativity that has gotten you into this depression. Go inside to your connection with your core unconditional love, which is always there waiting for you. Love yourself for these difficult times and turn all things into positive experiences. You have total freedom of choice, but don’t give up on yourself so easily.


Reincarnation Guide.

Ivone from Brazil asks the Masters: I want to love and be loved. To date not found love. Help me, I am very sad. All my relationships end.
Answer: The first place you have to look for love is within yourself. You hate yourself and this life you are living. Try accepting that you chose to come to learn about yourself, and love the courage it took to be here. Others can’t possibly love you if you don’t love yourself.

Jean from Brazil asks the Masters: Nowadays, I live a huge change in my life, different, but very well. Am I really following my heart or my ego? And, the voice I've listened is mine or my spiritual guide? I'm too peaceful with all, but afraid maybe it's just my ego that made me very bad in the past.
Answer: You are a typical soul having a human experience. Nothing is right or wrong. Things occur for the purpose of learning who you are and what you came to Earth to do. If you judge everything you do, you are using ego. If you feel things and follow your heart, you are on a spiritual path. You are hearing both your Higher Self, that part of your soul contained in your unconscious mind, and also hearing your guides. Enjoy the peace and love.

Christine from Brazil asks the Masters: How can I keep a constant flow of positive energy, avoiding momentary drops?
Answer: Whenever you start to sense negative thoughts or actions, or even judgmental decisions creeping into your world, immediately stop and replace them with positive, happy, loving ideas. You live in a duality, so negative energy is ever present; you can’t avoid it, but you can deal with it.

Elisabeth from the US asks the Masters: I know that you will not tell me what to do. But I'm so tired, unmotivated and without joy, I may seem ungrateful, but I feel this way. And I feel sorry to have come to live in the USA. I wanted at least a hint if I'm on the right track. And if I can be free to dream, and if I stop walking in circles repeating the same.
Answer: You are the master of your life. You determine what you think, do, dream, and hold dear. You are always exactly where you wanted to be – in order to have the lessons you chose – when you are there. Sometimes the lesson is to recognize when you have made a choice that does not serve your life, and it is time to regroup and change direction. Plot your course and take the first step.

Carla from Portugal asks the Masters: I was never happy in love, I have 45 years and I cannot have a relationship, I am constantly rejected when I feel loved. What I have learned in this life? Will I ever be happy in love? Because I am constantly abandoned, rejected and despised?
Answer: Your lessons include rejection, abandonment, and feeling disrespected – until you understand the traits you are projecting that tell others that you think you deserve to have them heaped upon you. Whenever the emotion comes out, ask why it is there. Give yourself some time to let your unconscious refresh your memory as to how the feelings began. Examine the situation and decide if it is something you need to keep with you or if you can let it go and not let it bother you anymore. Start with loving the fact that you can work through this for your future.

Luciana from Brazil asks the Masters: I think I'm asexual. I seem to never fall in love. I already have 32 years and never fell in love. It seems that I have this ability. And honestly I find it strange that some people wanted it so much and when they are in a relationship just complain about it. Does a person who does not fall indicate that they have some problem or some people choose to live without this experience?
Answer: Not everyone chooses a lesson of romantic relationships as a reason for coming into a body. When you are living in a society so overly concerned with romance, it is hard to feel comfortable unless you know yourself. There are thousands of other lessons one may study that have nothing to do with human love. Some even get involved with another so they may go through all the difficulty living with another brings forth. Many choose to have a life without a partner.
Dalia from Portugal asks the Masters: I spent seven years with a boy was my first and only love. I have been alone for the past 15 years. I don’t know if I can be in relationship again. I’m still sad about what happen in this first relationship. I feel sad all the time.
Answer: Imagine if that boy had been a classmate in primary school. Once the program ended, he moved on. Trying to keep him with you is an attempt to stay stuck in the past. You see yourself as part of a couple and not as an individual. You want someone to take care of you so you do not have to be responsible for yourself. If you wish to continue with this life and experience all the possibilities, it is your choice. You create your own reality. See a man who would be a perfect mate for you and go out and look for him. You do not have to stay frozen in place.

Ana from Brazil asks the Masters: I'm still single at age 42 and I don't have many friends – I feel better alone. What I need to do to find someone, have a family? This will happen for me?
Answer: You have freedom of choice, and what will come to you is what you desire and bring to yourself. There is nothing that says you have to have a family or a lover unless that is what you want. Create your future with your intentions, but if you are happy now, why change anything?

Olivia from Brazil asks the Masters: You said all souls attract that which they wish to experience on earth. You also said a clairvoyant is able to see future with precision. I also do angelic readings, and all of them see the exact same man for me. Do I have a soul contract with another soul mate? Is it possible to have more than one "romantic" soul mate in one lifetime?
Answer: We have never said “a clairvoyant is able to see future with precision.” At any time, a seer is able to see only that part of the future which exists based on the current intentions of every person who will be involved in that action in the future. If, between the time of viewing and the completion of the event, any person changes their actions from the intention they had at the time of the viewing, the result will be altered. Not all romantic relationships involve soul mates. Some partnerships are for the purpose of experiencing something different. Some souls have many partners, many marriages, and many involvements.
Carolina from Brazil asks the Masters: My mother is in a challenging relationship. Most people think she could do better than him, and encourage her to end it, but I feel they are just what the other needs. Am I being naive? I truly believe on his love for her.
Answer: No one can do anything for or to someone unless that someone cooperates. Each soul has freedom of choice. What is happening in a relationship is truly visible only from inside it. Let your mother make her own decisions. There is love being shared, even if it is not how some others would choose to have it for themselves.

Aline from Brazil asks the Masters: I always have trouble to sleep. But these days are worst. I feel fear that I am not going to sleep and be tired the next day to achieve my dreams. I’ve been doing meditation, therapy and praying. But I still feel fear. Can you help me?
Answer: Fear is an indication of a life lesson that you are avoiding. As you lie in bed unable to sleep, ask your unconscious mind to let you see what is causing the fear. Go to the beginning and resolve whether the fear is real or related to something you no longer need in your life. Your fear of not going to sleep has nothing to do with not getting sleep, but rather the feeling of being without the ability to control your dreams or your future. Ask your inner self why.

Jill from Singapore asks the Masters: I am having difficulty in having a successful relationship as well as getting out of my financial difficulties. Why is this happening in my life, and what I can do to improve my situations – a lot of time I feel like giving up.
Answer: You have no faith in yourself or in the fact that you matter. You project to the world that you are not worthy of being accepted or receiving decent pay. You need to examine who you are. Do you believe that you are a piece of Source energy with all the powers and abilities of Source? If you do not, you need to ask yourself why not, since it is a fact. Find your inner essence and unconditional love.

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