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Sitting in darkness where chaow dwells. I find that I'm restless. What's this horrible smell?
Seek and ye shall find, words spoken before. Knock and it shall be opened. But where is the door?

So stumbling through darkness I fall on my face. And then comes the stings and the burnning of pain. But here in my pain I notice a spark. It's a soft warm glow that streams from my heart.

I begin to laugh for how can this be? All of this time the light is here in me! And the more I laughed the more it grew. I died from the old and became brand new!

Transmuted by this wonderous Light. This message I'll carry, wings I take flight!!!

And So It Is!!!
by: Robert Soto (SUN)

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Comment by Lydia on October 30, 2009 at 11:17am
This is Really GOOD !!!
thanks for sharing it here :0)

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