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The time has come for me to proove. All the Love I AM inside for you, please just one chance for I can stand the test of time.

And as time moves on, I love you more and more, commit yourself to me, for I have vowed like a Knight to always be deep inside.

So I invoke and pray, that we will all change, to live as no-way as way. No-limmit as the limmit, for it's the only way to see! And True Love is what sets you free!

Now I've always been there to hold you close, even though you deny me and treat me cold. I'm like the star that shines bright in the darkness of the night.

And I'm the Love and the Light, that burns deep inside, there's no-place you can run, no-place you can hide, so surrender to me, and you'll see, just how high you can fly!

Then Happyness will last forever. We will work things out, and learn to love one another.
In the Golden Age we'll all be together. And we will all see... I Am the Light, the Love, The Oneness, that makes this be!!!
Beloved I AM. And So It Is! by: Robert Soto (SUN)

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