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Ascension Update on the 2/2 Portal
By Natalia Alba
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Beloved Ones,

As we continue stepping into the 2/2 portal, the energies will have a great impact on our emotional body, for we are already crossing the threshold to a more illumined dimension, in which any lower frequency that we still carry, cannot coexist with where we are heading. Therefore the dissolution of lower and old feelings, energies, and other past soul memories, as we cross this portal, is pivotal, at this time. Everything that we have not brought to the surface and embraced, will create a lot of suffering, as the body is not able to release the emotional baggage and lower frequencies that still remain in our hearts.

Crying, letting go in our unique way, without forgetting how important it is not to lose ourselves in the process, and taking care of ourselves, is of great importance, for we need to remove all lower emotions that are stuck in our emotional body before we can continue expanding within our new timeline....+

Ascension Update on the 2/2 Portal
Ascension Update on the 2/2 Portal
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