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Illuminating the Path to Personal Freedom and Satisfaction

Illuminating the Path to Personal Freedom and Satisfaction
By Danna Beal
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Calm Business, in their 2023 Workplace Mental Health Trends Report: The Future of Work, reported that forty-two percent of respondents to a workplace mental health survey said that workplace challenges are the top reason they seek mental health support.

This is followed by personal illness, dealing with the illness of a family member, losing a loved one, and dealing with financial stress. Other studies indicate that employees feel stressed with overload, lack of personal control, and high pressure demands.

My aim is to shine light on the dynamics in the workplace and suggest practices that can bring clarity for each of us. Change at work begins with understanding how you can empower yourself to find personal freedom, peace, and satisfaction.

Dealing with stress and anxiety at work and in life starts with self-knowledge. Understanding how the ego operates is essential. The ego in the workplace, uses strategies to feel safe, superior, and impenetrable. Ego behavior prevents collaboration, cooperation, and creates stress, gossip, and internal competition. The path to our own personal satisfaction and those with whom we work takes awareness of the ego, the blocks, and the obstacles. Whether you are a leader or an employee, I want to recommend the following for finding personal satisfaction, freedom, and peace of mind.

Pause and breathe.
Take a deep breath frequently throughout the day. Deep breathing slows down a busy mind and helps stop the circuitous thought process....+

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