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Finally the Mercy of God
By Venus Kumara
Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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JJK: After my meditation – a few energetic “repairs” were needed again – I accidentally open a page in the book “Jesus and Sai Baba” and read: “At the end – and this is the most important thing – comes the grace of the Lord. When the student keeps trying even though he keeps failing, when everything seems hopeless and he finally realizes his own helplessness, then divine grace comes. The light shines, joy flows through him, the miraculous happens. He is taking another step forward on the spiritual path.” (Jesus and Sai Baba, Govinda Sai Verlag, p.195)

I immediately thought of all of mankind, of the many light workers, light beings and light warriors who are making every effort to lead the earth into the bright and golden age – and yet they always have the feeling of failing. The fruits of the bright work can hardly be seen in the socio-political context.

Sometimes I too have the impression that our efforts are tantamount to a Sisyphean task or a fight against windmills.

But in the end the light triumphs through the grace of God! Is anything at all possible without the grace of God?

VENUS KUMARA: Be embraced in my love! I am with you, dear one!

The grace of God is omnipresent and it reaches every person who strives to center their life on God. Only the dead—the living dead, denying any perception of the divine—remain excluded from grace. By their own choice, they cannot experience that touch!...+

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