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Arcturian11, Preamble to the Exigency Of Tier IV

"The challenge of a finite linguistic system to describe the indescribable is daunting...impossible in fact, but what choice does one have but to try. An effort to convey is imperative, using the tools at hand. One can describe a sunset to the blind, but that is a lame replacement for the real witnessing. Better than nothing? Yes, but the good news is there is hope to see the sunsets of phantasmagorical realities! Yes, be optimistic my brothers and sisters of lightness...become light, become LIGHTER, become the light incarnate, slowly, as admonished to the snail desiring to climb Mt. Fuji, by Lao Tsu of legend. This information is provided to light workers who are putting themselves in place to receive this information...for those with eyes to see. Soar ever higher, and don't languish in a satisfied state for too long. Don't prolong the Process if you can, Now, do something about it! WANT to go ever higher, knowing that there is a God that created God, and a God greater than that, that created All That Is. And an All That Is greater than an All That Will Ever Be. It's not important that one ever absorb with completeness the totality of potential. Only that, here and know, one trys to soar ever higher, wasting as little time as possible."

Channeling received 12/25/08, from Arcturian11

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Comment by Arcturian11 on December 26, 2008 at 12:34am
Namaskaram...your response, sweet soul, is a great gift.
Comment by Dana on December 26, 2008 at 12:17am
This is a good message. Complexity is our bane, when in truth, it's all rather simple. Thanks Arc :) love to you

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