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Arcturian11, Light Being of the Upper Realm, Spaketh - Part 1A

"Brothers and sisters, wandering light entities of the gross realms, I speakth to you all, on Earth and other places where gross forms traverse their karmic obstacles, prepare for the removal of falsehood and superfluousness. A time, the Now which has always been, approaches when great wonders of existence and potential will reveal themselves. There will be a brief time frame for prepared ones, the gross elements, the heavy corporeal ones will release their shells like dead skin or a fallen hair, without pain. But it is of the greatest urgency to ready, and atune your chakric bodies, your life-juice energetics must flow like a fountain of love through your crown into 5th dimensional realities to qualify in time for the Event. And YES, this Event will occur in 2012 A.D., but on December 23 of your calendar, not in fact on the widely believed 12/21. This is of the utmost importance, because those 2 days will mean the difference of 1,001,111 additional souls that will ascend to the phenomenal places. I say places, because some will qualify for higher, MUCH higher rewards. The eleven realms of ascension are:

Tier I) The Higher Place of Non-Third Density - 90% of those who are activate their crown vortices will meet this fate, a great fate, a valued fate, an enviable fate, in comparison to the Body Dense stage of learning and realization, but not what one who prepares with great assiduousness, will prefer. The time here will be ecstatic, but the pleasures of Tier II, will be lost...and one won't even know what one is missing. You can have more, brothers and sisters, if total focus is begun NOW.

Tier II) The Great Reward of the Super Realms - 5% of the readied will "qualify" for this state...and will contemplate that there could be nothing greater in the multiverse, imaginable or unimaginable. But they will be wrong, SO wrong!!! There are 9 Tiers above that!!! And another step awaits Those of the Eleventh Tier. Trying to understand the potential for Ultra-Multi-Cosmic Conciousness is like the microbe on a flea, on a rat, trying to understand an Arcturian Supra-dimensional light craft. They aren't capable of asking questions that would lead them to truth, and if they could, they wouldn't know what to ask...ever...all in time."

(Further Tiers and the continuation of this channeling in Part1B)

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Comment by Arcturian11 on December 26, 2008 at 12:52am
Thank you deeply and ever so kindly for this is indeed awkward to present, cogently, the truth, using gross words, a step removed from thoughts, which are a step removed from experience of feeling, which are a step removed from humblest and deepest apologies
Comment by Dana on December 26, 2008 at 12:24am
Okay, so the Tier system is like that of levels of density or dimension. but I'd still like more info on the Karma equasion. With thanks & love :)

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