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All you have to have is a heart connection with your people and Mother Earth and from this point just sit back and wait.

Message from Robert Dowing channeled through Jerry Brown

February 3, 2009

My name is Robert Dowing and I do go by Bob.

19 days ago I passed over to my original state. My job while in
physical form was part of the financial network that controls the
world, what you are familiar with called the Illuminati, so I got
firsthand reports on most of the financial interactions and controls
that go on, on this planet and a few others. This process is so
highly controlled with ego and power that a lot of them destroy
themselves in trying to be in charge and run everything as they see
fit. Most people have no idea of the interactions of this
overwhelming power source that controls the world. A lot of you are
aware now that what you hear and see on the news and elsewhere, is an
entire manifestation of non-truth and that has got to the point that
if you did show the truth, very few would accept it or believe it.
For some reason I was connected to a race of beings from the Pleiades
and without knowing it, I was guided throughout my life to sort of
keep the lid on things, as I did just before my passing away last
month. I realized what I was doing and was able to make some sense
out of my very unconnected life.

Once you realize that everything is being controlled by just a few and
countries and governments are just a show place to hold people's
attention and make them think they are part of something, which makes
them much more manageable. At this point of realization is when the
inhabitants of the planet will start to divide and break down. The
ones that I was affiliated with, even though there were many disputes
going on between us, we were still able to keep the lid on most big
projects in the world. Now, everything is breaking apart.

One of the main concepts of war is unemployment, mixed with greed, can
cause a mass exodus off of the planet. This is what the powers that
be are banking on and to some level they will succeed. But now that
I'm on a much higher plane, with a much broader view, I can witness a
totally different outcome than it looked like from my physical state.
I was just told a lot of you have the knowledge to re-integrate
thought into reality and will not have to experience the destruction
of humanity as we know it.

Before I crossed to the other side, I had no idea it was another
process that was being developed by many of you and I'm sure many of
you still don't realize how powerful you have put this manifestation
into place. What it looks life from here is different communities all
over the world that are taking on this responsibility and the
interesting thing is most of them don't realize they are tied in to a
community that is keeping the energetic field balanced, so this
pattern can be held in place without a lot of destruction.

People don't have to know each other to form a new alliance, they just
have to have the same constructive mental process in place and
understand the universal laws, and live by them, and not look for some
outside power that is going to save everybody. Everybody is
responsible for themselves, and the more you are responsible, the more
you draw in the same energy and become one with the ones that have the
same values.

There are approximately 20% of the worlds population that are not
originally from Earth. Many of them have to shift how they look in
order to be part of the community without freaking anybody out. There
is a small group who I worked with that are cold-blooded beings, these
are not the ones I'm talking about, these are all separate entities,
with entirely different agendas. We don't have to get into this
because it will not have an overall sense of what is in the process of

For many years this planet has run totally by fear and violence and
the need to get even. Now this time there is a new breed of beings
that cannot be affected by this unnecessary way of thinking, because
they are starting to use energy and bring in manifestation from the
heart and not the ego. Basically, everything is going to look pretty
rough for a short time until the energy switches and the 20% becomes
one. At this point, there will not need to be any sort of police
force or military, because there will not be anything to control. I
guess I was given this job because I saw what mankind is using his
power for and basically to destroy himself. This new method is being
introduced into your civilizations and will allow everybody to
experience life in a much more harmonious way.

There are still people who suffer under belief systems, and by
removing this concept of understanding, allows you to see the entire
process as it really is, not just stories and storybooks that go
nowhere. When visitors came here approximately 30,000 years ago and
extracted all the gold they could for their own personal need, they
created a system of human beings that, at that time, would pretty much
follow anything that was set before them and by using a process that
they devised called fear, they were able to control most of the world
and get them to extract the gold for their purpose. Well, different
people came and left during this time and used the inhabitants on this
planet to their own personal greed. And that is where I came in. I
belong to one of the families that were doing the controlling. The
whole time I was in physical form, I just felt that this was a non-
productive way to operate a business called Earth, but had no clue how
to cut from this, so I wasn't able to until I crossed into a non-
physical condition and have found a number of ways to explain this
through others that are able to pass this information on.

Most all the governments of your planet have been so indoctrinated
into a process that has absolutely no form to operate from, so it is
quite difficult to extract yourself from this process. Many people
have enlightened themselves out of the first process, which is
understanding that a good portion of the planet is controlled by
people that don't have their best interest in mind. As soon as you
reach the second stage and understand how you create and process by
thought, this gives you some freedom from the controlled element that
has been established on the Earth. Mother Earth wants to take her
last step out of any control. In order for this to take place, it
will take a certain mental structure that will allow everything that
is taking place as perfection, and not try to change anything, at this
point, and only at this point. This opens up the gates for the higher
consciousness to operate in.

The ones that are going to be starting this new line of thought are in
training at this time and will be introducing this new energetic field
at any time. This information has many concepts that will interact
with the process now and will allow mankind to open up to information
that has been lost or purposely denied for thousands of years. The
ones that are denying you from this information are in the process of
moving their power very rapidly at this time. The only ones they can
still control are the ones that think they are being watched and
monitored, which cannot be possible unless there is fear involved.

When different races of people arrived at this planet, which most were
brought here basically as mental slaves, which are people being
controlled by thought and emotion. So to understand this, if you are
looking for physical labor to do your bidding for you and you had no
emotional tie to anything, you would pick the ones from different
areas of the universe that used emotions to process with, because you
could basically set up a system on the whole planet and control from
any means you saw. This doesn't necessarily mean this is a negative
process, this is just the only one they knew how to accomplish their
goal was in many different factors.

The one thing they did not understand is that the ones they brought
here and the ones that were already here, even though they had an
emotional outlet controlled by fear, they had a gland that was placed
in the center of their brain, that if it was ever activated, would
allow them to understand how they were being manipulated and
controlled by the ones in power, just by using their emotions for this
process. Once they realize now that this little pineal gland,
combined with the emotion, is one of the most powerful creative forces
a human being can use for processing this and allows you to see in
multiple dimensional realities. This is like anything, the more you
see the more you can respond to whatever the situation requires. This
process cannot be used if whatever this connection is, is not
processed through the heart. The pineal gland is totally designed to
operate on a very high spiritual level, not in a low dimensional form
for greater power, the power that I just passed over from. Someone
who understands this process and has no clue how to defend themselves
from it, because they have no emotions and no pineal gland that will
allow them to see through their highly developed retina in their eye,
that the human species have acquired.

Another process that we will be introducing into our awareness is
levitation. When you are using levitation as an exponentially
combined thought process, and use this focus with others joined, gives
you a tremendous ability to disconnect the gravitational pull around
the object that you are trying to move in. Basically, you are denying
the law of gravity in that small area and redoing this process
jointly, by focusing all at the same time. By placing their hands on
top of this large object, you can basically stir it into place and use
lasers to cut the stone that is being laid in place, which gives you a
perfect match to the structure that it is connecting to. There are
three processes involved that is; levitation, laser light and sound,
and the ability to tie these three together. Basically, you want to
understand how it all comes together. This process isn't that
difficult and monuments, walls or even pyramids can be erected quite

The ones of you that have made a predetermined conscious decision to
lead this monatomic process onto the Earth as it changes, will be
going through a lot of physical transference. Most of it will be just
a foreign feeling to you and some could be a little uncomfortable. As
long as you know that it is changing to increase your physical stamina
and mental clarity, it makes it much easier to go through.

As the Earth's cognition with its inhabitants becomes more in line
with her frequency, balancing everything that Mother Earth has
experienced will be part of your being. This will give all the ones
that are connected to this new frequency a tremendous jump into the
new way to process thought, by not using reference points to make a
decision is one of the main connections with the Earth. Learning to
communicate with the Mother will be your next big conquest because all
information you receive will be pure and not referring anything from
the past and once you reach this, you will elevate quite fast. You
have been receiving more tools lately to allow this to become part of
your growth experience. One of these tools is understanding and using
scalar processing, so by using this process to balance their energy
fields around you and then applying your individual enhancement with
others, without ego, you manifest a creative force that hasn't been
used since the Atlantis era.

Another part of your history that isn't much publicized is your moon.
It was brought here by outsiders, not originated on the Earth, about
500,000 years ago. The planet that is among the most associated with,
had self-destructed, so it was not really needed were it was. It was
reduced down to space dust and lasered to the vicinity of Earth. What
it does is help keep it stable, like a helicopter does with its tail
rotor. As time goes on you will be more educated to the history and
the amazing process that have taken place to get you to this point,
which makes the planet very stable at this time. So, now we can start
working on the inhabitants and see what we can do about getting this
stable, without using some belief system or religion, because both of
these concepts just stop any growth. Information, in order for
anything to grow, must be continuous and that is on any level. You
have to be able to see the whole story to understand in the form of
reality and truth.

Something that is beginning to take place, it is called collective
energy, this is where you gather in small groups and discuss the
process you have collected and share with each other. By using this
process without having a debate or an ego contest and to share
information, this is where you connect exponentially, which will
transform energy into a higher frequency. In most cases, in third
dimension, everybody wants to tell what they know and then will argue
the point that they are right. As soon as this transpires, you have
disconnected energy and that has been put in place and the meaning
cannot flow to a higher point. Any time you use the words disagree,
it not only stops the mental connection you have with whoever you are
communicating with, but it makes the energetic field disconnect
between you. The idea is to keep a flow of creative energy going
between the two parties and stay out of set patterns that you might
have allowed into your conscious or unconscious programming.

There is one process that I would like to reintroduce into your
creative experience and that is before you incarnated onto this plane
in a third dimensional condition, you knew how the process would work
before you became a product of this environment. Each one of you knew
and understood the consequences of living in an environment with
basically very few tools to process with, but you also knew that this
process has more rewards than any other. Now you are about to
reengage in a life process that allows you freedom from a very
controlled environment.

The original plan, many thousands of years ago, was to keep the
planet's inhabitants around a billion people. They would keep
bringing in different strains of diseases, but they weren't aware of
how fast human beings can reproduce, and also how advanced they become
mentally and spiritually connecting with the Source. So, at this
point, they are starting to take measures to eliminate the ones that
are in the way. This can be done in many ways, using plagues, or
diseases or just plain negative programming they receive on the
evening news. If you give someone enough negative news, they will
just eliminate themselves from the system. Of course what I'm saying
is just what their plans are, since I'm out of that situation, it
might have just been changed some, but I don't think very much. As
you know, this whole system started up about 30,000 years ago, when
laborers were brought to earth and harvested gold. The whole thing
got a little out of hand because the ones in control didn't realize
the potential human beings have when joining their energies together.
Because human beings are so easily led, they didn't realize that they
were capable of extracting and understanding how to cut away from the
control that had been put on.

Now it is time for all original people from the human race and some
that have been brought in to learn to use their abilities that were
designed for you. Your mental and physical body are able to withstand
much more mentally, physically and spiritual demand than ever before.
There is enough programmers on the planet at this time, to reintroduce
the processes that were used before the great mental takeover by the
ones that are so-called in charge at this time. My advice is; don't
even try to change anybody, allow everything to flow together at its
own pace. It is virtually impossible for anyone living with a belief
system to understand the new process that is inundating Mother Earth
at this time. So, spending any amount of time with these souls would
not benefit a thing.

Many of you have learned to listen to your inner self and are
preparing for the changes that are taking place at this time. These
changes are going to be more significant than ever before. Mother
Earth is getting her people back and the people are getting Mother
Earth back. This is the original design, which will work best in this
semi-quadrant of destiny. The word destiny in this case, is that all
living beings have already completed their mission and it is in its
final stage, which will mean all the discomforts of ego, control and
power will cease to exist. These are the three main broad bands that
keep you in control by outside beings that are trying to use Earth's
processing for minerals to their advantage. Once they are incapable
of controlling you and you realize how the system has been set up and
you have been controlled by others for thousands of years, they will
lose their power. In fact, they are losing at this time, very
rapidly. There is nothing you have to fight or pray for support or
more control for this to happen. All you have to have is a heart
connection with your people and Mother Earth and from this point just
sit back and wait.

This is kind of a strange job for myself because I was basically on
the other side when I was in my physical appearance. What I am now I
can see very well what is transpiring is a worlds energy expanding
into a whole new dimensional collage of experiences.

That is all for now. Bob.

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