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There will be some crucial meetings over the coming days to decide Obama’s fate

There will be some crucial meetings over the coming days to decide Obama’s fate

Since the United States Corporation is bankrupt, there will be some serious meetings over the coming days to determine the fate of Obama and the entire gang of crooks in Washington D.C. Obama is suffering from severe megalomania and may have to be removed from the scene before he becomes dangerous. If the crooks try to cling to power any longer the United States will disintegrate into anarchy and they will eventually find themselves at the mercy of a lynch mob. The Skull and Bones consists of only 600 people and their names have become public knowledge. We offer an amnesty and protection to all Skull and Bones members who wish to defect before it is too late.

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Comment by jose v on June 25, 2009 at 1:39am
Now comes this, from about halfway through the transcript of the Rense interview with Ben Fulford:

FULFORD: My job is to try to make sure that not a single person dies. That is the ideal. The commissions that are going to be offered - and I know David Rockefeller is going to be listening to this, so you'd better listen, David Rockefeller:
1. They are going to be allowed to keep their palaces and their servants. They will be given an amnesty, but they must appear before a truth commission.

2. And they must promise - them and their clan - to never, ever try again to enslave the human race.

3. And third, they must spend the rest of their lives doing good deeds.

Those are the conditions. I think they're very good ones, and it's the best they have available. They'd better hurry before the American people drag them out of their houses and hang them from the nearest lampposts, which I think is about to happen anyway.

I think we're a little afraid to comment on what Ben Fulford is saying - it's a sort of "won't get fooled again" caution, something we seriously hope is true but are afraid to believe without some further evidence.
Comment by Besimi on June 25, 2009 at 12:47am
Thanx Jose
..great post.

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