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Resonating with Heart Consciousness
By Kenneth Schmitt
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In our own awareness we can choose to receive everyone in the most loving and joyful ways. In our perspective we can encourage everyone to pursue their own interests and passions in heartfelt ways. Ego-centric interests are self-limiting and are now being dissolved, along with the entire realm of duality. It is all fading into its own dimension, apart from heart-consciousness.

Awareness of heart-consciousness can result from subconscious prompts at critical times, opening our awareness to greater insight and wisdom. We have always had this awareness, but our ego-consciousness has hidden it from us by doubting it could be real. Doubt must be resolved through recognizing its energy patterns, its polarity and emotional basis. When we can feel the nature of doubt, we can understand its basis. It is based on an imaginary state of affairs that we have created with our thoughts and feelings. It has no reality of its own. It is strictly an expression of our imagination, based on the fear that we can be inadequate in ourselves. It is based on the belief that we may not be eternal in our personal awareness....+

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