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Call me curious…, call me silly…, call me crazy…, I read Corey Goode's account of his recent “Mars Excursion”.

As always…, when people are out in the public saying ANYTHING that I think would have an affect on either myself or the planet…, I want to know what they are saying! Whether it is true or not…, that is a whole other story.

Jumping on the band wagon almost immediately, and with no objections and/or real investigations…, was both David Wilcock…, and Dr. Micheal Salla., who by now…, must be, by necessity, “defined” as the funnels and purveyors of everything that Corey Goode says.


As long as everyone is jumping onto the band wagon and having a say…, there is no reason why I can’t jump into the fray and at least give an opinion.

After studying what THE RUINER had to say…, and for those of you who took that journey with me…, you will know that regardless of what I thought of him personally…, he DID have some really deep information about the mind-set of the Illuminati…, and what their goals and agenda were…, and why they were doing what they were doing.

Needless to say…, I did not believe everything he had to say either!      Now, on to Corey Goode!


You can take this or leave this…, but here is what my GUT…, call it INTUITION is telling me.

COREY is an agent with and for a group of people living on Earth who want to start DISCLOSING SOME OF THE TRUTH of the Secret Space Programs.

I think this group is a very MODERATE FACTION of beings who got caught up in the web of HIGH TECHNOLOGY…, INTRIGUE…, and SPACE TRAVEL…., and did NOT realize just who was behind all of this.

They had NO IDEA that the Illuminati was being run by SATAN WORSHIPPING…, ass-holes who practice RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE.

This group is desperate to come clean with what they know…, BUT…, also know that they have done many, many things that they think the people of EARTH will never “forgive” them for.

Remember…, I think Corey “represents” this MODERATE GROUP…., and not the entire Illuminati structure!

Corey has been “chosen” by this moderate group so they can use his abilities as a former BLACK OPS and INTELLIGENCE OFFICER to slowly disseminate into the public…, a lot of knowledge which would otherwise be impractical or impossible to say if coming from OFFICIAL SOURCES.

David Wilcock and Dr. Salla are part of the program…, either by design…, or unwittingly…, and because of the GREAT AMOUNT OF INFORMATION they are able to come into…, are very careful to simply pass on what they are told, without much investigation into the deeper aspects of it.

The FACT that this INFORMATION is coming along side of a “spiritual belief system” which basically COMMANDS US to use forgiveness…, is very telling!

These guys are desperate for forgiveness! They want to tell the truth…, but do not want ANY REPERCUSSIONS for what they did!

They want to be able to walk away from the responsibility of all of the REAL CRIMES they may have committed over the past 70 or so years.

If we are to believe what THE RUINER SAYS…, then the BLUE AVIANS do not exist!    I think that part of what he had to tell us IS TRUE!

The BLUE AVIANS however, are in matter of fact, only part of the story…, and Corey Goode may be telling quite a bit of TRUTH…., and may be disclosing an awful lot of the dirty laundry of the CABAL and the SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS.

It’s always been my personal feeling that he is HIDING SOMETHING huge…, and is not telling the whole entire truth.

This is why he has categorically refused to talk with me personally…, and any excuses about third parties who were too pushy is all very convenient, and simply unrealistic.

The problem with talking to me…, is that I will not just take EVERY WORD that he says…, and then reprint it on my blog…, like David Wilcock or Dr. Salla seem to be willing to do.

In Dr. Salla’s defense…, he always gives a disclaimer…, and does admit quite often that NONE of this can be substantiated…, and that he simply is taking this entire bit of ongoing revelation on faith!

David Wilcock on the other hand…, simply says that all of this is really happening, and that we should just believe it.

I can understand this from his perspective as well…, because the BLUE AVIAN STORY…, gives complete and total credence to a spiritual DOGMA that he has spent many years of his life investigating!

He has spent many years involved with the LAW OF ONE material and has even lived with the woman who channelled it.

The spiritual nature of this particular story (THE BLUE AVIANS) fits very nicely into his belief of the way things really are…, and naturally he has a VESTED INTEREST in having it all be TRUE!

This is why…, (in my opinion) David Wilcock was apparently requested by the (BLUE AVIANS) as the go-to guy for COREY GOODE, in order to get this story out to the public.

If Corey was indeed part of a very special plan to get some DISCLOSURE INFORMATION OUT…, he would certainly need a confidant to help him do it, and David Wilcock is quite well known.

However, in order for Corey Goode to get close to the likes of David Wilcock…, a GOLDEN CARROT would be needed for David to pick up this story and run with it willingly…, and that GOLDEN CARROT was the LAW OF ONE MATERIAL! The convenience of this can NOT be understated!


The Blue Avian Story does several things all at once for this group of people wanting Disclosure!

It provides a perfect scenario by which these groups (which do actually want DISCLOSURE) can hide their own identities…, and basically claim that this is all being done by a very high 6th dimensional race which only has humanity's best interest at heart.

Secondly, the BLUE AVIANS STATED MISSION is all about FORGIVENESS…, which is what these groups are desperate to get!

THE LAW OF ONE MATERIAL was also all about forgiveness, and basically stated that there was a NEED for the DARK in this game of life on Earth…, and that the DARK actually helps the light! So in this sense…, it was very important to this “group”…, for the BLUE AVIANS to be seen as supporting the LAW OF ONE MATERIAL in the unfolding saga as it is revealed to the public!

Once it was established that there were these BLUE AVIANS out there…, and that they were in support of the LAW OF ONE…, and FORGIVENESS…, David Wilcock would most certainly be interested in coming on board with this process…., only because this type of thought process is very much right up his alley.


It has all of the hallmarks of a MILITARY OPERATION, and if anyone is watching really closely…, this unfolding disclosure scenario is being run exactly like a highly controlled SPECIAL OP.

There is very little room for anyone within the very closed ranks of this ongoing saga to go off the reservation and start talking to someone else without permission or the proper protocols to do so.

The psychological BUZZWORD that is being thrown around constantly is: “TRUSTED RESEARCHER”…, but that in and of itself…, is simply a buzzword being thrown out to the public in order to steer perception, and is a highly used CIA and AGENCY TACTIC.

Here is what I wrote as a comment to one of my readers (PUZZLE PIECES) who asked me why I did not just believe what Corey Goode had to say:

Puzzle Pieces….

…..I am NOT adamantly opposed to Corey Goode! His claims are simply unsubstantiated! This does not mean he is lying per se…., it is just that VERY few people have been able to see him in person, and talk with him in person. David Wilcock is probably the only one.

He is conducting this unfolding process in a VERY CONTROLLED and deliberate way…, and it has all of the hallmarks of a MILITARY OPERATION.    Let me give you just one example.

The Military (just like the media) likes to use “buzz words” because they know that words that are repeated over and over again cause certain reactions in peoples emotions that are desirable!

Anyone who has tried to ask Corey – unscripted questions…, IN REAL TIME.., without first submitting them to his e-mail…., has been “stonewalled”.

Those who are willing to follow the program…, get their questions answered by E-MAIL.

Those who are not…, can’t get any questions answered because they do not follow PROTOCOL!


Not only that…, but Corey has come up with a buzzword…, which I have seen in his writings near to 100 times already…, and that buzzword is: TRUSTED RESEARCHER….

He only wants to deal with TRUSTED RESEARCHERS….

I thought that this was a fluke the first 10 times I saw it, until I saw that “OTHER PEOPLE” who were supporting him started to USE the very same verbiage in their writings about what he was saying.

Dr. Micheal Salla put those very words in one or more of his articles…, and others did as well.

This can’t be accidental! This use of “buzzwords” is a very subtle MIND CONTROL TACTIC that is used over and over again by those who are trained by the CIA and in the Agencies. To find it being used here is VERY TELLING.

The use of a “buzzword” indicates that a psychological CONTROL is being put into place around an issue!

This is all very subtle, and is known ONLY to agents! It is being used to support his story…, because if you are NOT believing every word he says…, in the way that he says it…, you are not a…. TRUSTED RESEARCHER. (Psyops mind control activation achieved)   The fact that I caught on to this was not expected…, and I’m sure…, by my now pointing this out…, he will stop using this word.

Only people who have worked for the government…, or the Cabal…, and have been trained in Psychological Warfare…, have the knowledge of the EFFECT of buzzwords on the human mind when they are seen in print.

When I saw Dr. Micheal Salla…, and several other people who are supporting Coery using that same buzzword…. TRUSTED RESEARCHER…, I knew that they were either being MIND CONTROLLED (without their knowledge) or they were in on the scam.

The CIA has always used these types of techniques to CONTROL the argument…, steer the argument…, and to control the perception of the argument!

This is a very subtle but very well known tactic…, and if you are not trained in psyops…, you would not even notice it.

This is JUST ONE…, example of the many tiny little details that I have taken notice of that have gone over the heads of almost everyone else. I have at least a dozen more really good “tells”…, as they say in a POKER GAME…, that shows me things that other people are missing….. (End of comment)


It is my OPINION that we are seeing some limited Disclosure happening…, and that Corey Goode is the selected purveyor of this DISCLOSURE.  How much of it we can believe.., I am not certain…, because there is an AGENDA for those who wish to bring this information forth…, and that agenda has alot to do with FORGIVING EVERYONE WHO KEPT THIS INFORMATION SECRET.

David Wilcock (in my opinion) is most likely being used…, without his understanding or knowledge, because of his proclivity toward the belief in THE LAW OF ONE MATERIAL as totally real.

THE BLUE AVIANS DO NOT EXIST, (in my opinion) as per the revelations of THE RUINER!

Yet…, the created idea of the Blue Avians is a very convenient way for this “GROUP/ FACTION” that really wants Disclosure to happen,  to get important information out to the public…, via Corey (their agent) and then secondarily through David Wilcock and Dr. Salla…, who by definition are very disposed to WANT to believe everything that Corey says due to the “spiritual packaging” that it is wrapped up in.

THE MAIN THING THIS FACTION IS REALLY AFTER FORGIVENESS FOR KEEPING ALL OF THIS SECRET FOR SO LONG.., and this is the very clever way that they came up with to kill many birds with only one stone.

And here is where the Blue Avian story has really comes to their aid.

This all being said…, I have read the story about the SSP…, and the quick trip to Mars with a grain of salt…, and with the above mentioned understandings in my mind.

I think there is definitely some truth in what was told to us…, because we are being prepared to deal with it!

For those who want to read it for themselves…, here is the link!   See what you come up with!

All of my love…, Bradley!


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Comment by CHRISTINA on February 5, 2017 at 11:04am

corey goode is associated with exopolitics which is a project of the nsa....

Comment by CHRISTINA on February 7, 2016 at 4:50pm
Comment by CHRISTINA on February 7, 2016 at 5:32am

thank you laurie.

our world is heavily mind controlled.

there are people who are specifically programmed with the purpose to support the agenda of totally dysfunctional off worlders !!!

Comment by Laurie on February 5, 2016 at 11:31am

Add Nick Redfern to the "disclosure" people. Just go to Amazon and browse his titles. He's a total nutjob mocking people with his "research". I know his associations personally. There's list of these kind of people. What they do is get into the face of the media so we can't see or find out the truth for ourselves. Distraction. Even google searches are designed to limit what information you can find out. 

Comment by CHRISTINA on July 2, 2015 at 5:22am



Today I had a great first conversation with the man who goes by the pseudonym THE RUINER.

We had it over SKYPE…, and I thought it went very well.

Far different from what I expected…, (due to the way in which he writes his articles), I found him to be gracious, and very easy to talk with.

I found myself thinking that I was actually inside the movie called: MY DINNER WITH ANDRE…, a film that I saw very long ago, and really loved. That entire movie was nothing more than just two people talking about the “world” while eating lunch in a restaruant!

See movie clip here:

During my conversation he told me that he really did come from those “families” who are considered to be the Illuminati…, and that he chose to walk away from all of it…, having decided to live his life in support of humanity…, instead of living against it. His heart is really a good one.

During our conversation, we hit all of the major topics…, and if you care to know about them…, all you have to do is to go over to read his blog, which is located here:

I asked him about his blog and about how MUCH OF IT was the truth…, and he said that it was ALL TRUE! But that he was not writing it for humanity…, but instead it was mostly being written and directed back toward another audience.

My initial thought was absolutely CORRECT when I started to read his blog…, in feeling that most of the “new information” that David Wilcock was coming out with, came FROM HIM and in our conversation he admitted as much.

In one of my first posts on his articles…, located here:

I talked about how much I thought the information sounded like the lastest from David Wilcock.

He said that he was indeed the source!

All that being said…, it is my fervent plea that all who have been “caught up” in the on going saga of the BLUE AVIANS might PLEASE take a second look at the possibility of this information not being totally truthful, since I was told by two people now…, both of whom have called Corey Goode their friend…, that it is most likely “not really” happening the way he says.

I will not say more than this publicly…, and in all honesty…, we are all grown ups here…, and IF you really want to believe in Blue Avains…., then who am I to stop you! (I wanted the story to be true as well.)

However, in light of more information…, I have moved away from that, and feel that I have a serious blog to run here…, and serious TRUTH to put out.

If you want THAT…, then please continue to come here and we can all all move forward together!

All my love for now….


Comment by CHRISTINA on June 27, 2015 at 2:03pm

I guess most reading this blog are new to hearing about these two individuals “Corey” and “the Ruiner”.

I will share just this one comment post.

I personally have been aware of Corey since 2011 and was friends with him for the past year. I know many others who have been friends of his for longer. I also know the majority of Corey’s friends have since removed their attention away from him, because his ‘story’ of ‘experiences’ has changed dramatically so many times over the past year beyond recognition. Furthermore, perhaps you have missed how many times he has re-edited his forum posts to fit around the latest intel story. I could list so many examples such as Corey’s insistence the Blue Avian meetings were in the physical……….. now he is telling everyone these meetings take place in the Astral. (???)

Have you ever wondered where are all these other humans who Corey states attend these meetings with the BA…… where are their blogs, websites etc sharing these experiences spreading the BA’s message to humanity? Hmm..Perhaps such inconsistencies matter not to you, but to many of his friends and ex-followers these continuous inconsistencies became blatantly obvious. Also conscious higher BEings don’t need ‘passwords’ – they ‘Know’ because energy doesn’t lie.

The Blue Avian message is about forgiveness, love and self responsibility – a message that has been told in so many ways, by so many messengers throughout time- so nothing new under the Sun nor unique. Yet Corey has warred ferociously towards his old friends, defaming their characters publicly, many of which are well known respected speakers in the Alternative field who supported him more than you will ever know. But you won’t find much of this evidence now as Corey conveniently deleted his original blog posts that were littered with so many character assassinations. In my opinion a good teacher/messenger walks by example.

As to the Ruiner; I happen to know him very well too, as do many of my circle of friends; we all knew him long before his ‘blog’. Everyone one of his friends has witnessed via their own private communications with him throughout the years how consistent he is, honest, impeccable and a true gentleman. Even David Wilcock referred to him (aka ‘Harry’) as the highest insider he had ever spoken to – passing all stringent ‘vetting’. Real Truth is consistent in nature; and to those who have the eyes to see, and ears to hear this is a key point.

I will end my comments with this last thought to ruminate. The real Secret Space Program is a “secret” the Illuminati are determined to keep secret from enslaved humanity who remains dependent on fossil fuels. As I understand it, once SSP trained and sent on real physical off world missions they do not return, it is a one way ticket – thus ensuring the SSP secret remains a “secret”. Think about this……. pure reason this and you just might start seeing the light on this matter.

And more importantly, it is within each one of you who holds the real truth; awaken your own self empowerment, soul knowingness and god spark that you truly are – you didn’t incarnate here to ‘follow’. Walk the change you wish to see here on Earth that is of service to Everyone and the betterment of ALL. Awaken ‘your story’ and your own divine uniqueness.

With love and respect

Comment by CHRISTINA on June 26, 2015 at 6:00am

Corey Goode I’m quite certain is a shadow government asset. I was predicted I would be attacked by my contacts for producing too much sensitive information on my blog, shortly after Corey Goode comes along on his old blog claiming I am an “AI Prophet” and I am ‘infected by a sentient sovereign world destroying alien AI’. He is full of shit. The only truth he says is tactically mixed in to make people accept the disinfo.

If you check the blue avian thread on project avalon on page 16(IIRC) it shows Corey stating he has no memories of being a MILAB. Then a quote of his blog stating his memories of being a MILAB were not recovered.

Corey says he’s an empath. lol@that. He has attacked me viciously with zero empathy. He has shown zero empathy in my watching him post for some amount of time.

Theruiner is a friend of mine. He sent me a screenshot of a conversation between him and Mr. Goode where Corey said he was on the payroll and “it is what it is.” I’m sure theruiner would send you it if you emailed him.

There is a constant stream of disinformation coming from alleged contactees. you are right to question contactees, and that is coming from someone who is one….


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