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All humans are not chelas of the Ascended Ones. Many are not ascension candidates.

Those who are not our chelas will not be leaving man's domain as Ascended Masters.

Not that they are any less divine or able, their ability to ascend is not adequate.

What makes one able to ascend? A contract to do so is only the beginning.

The ability to ascend also requires:

1. Caring about all that is.
2. No disturbance in any situation.
3. Peace in the body no matter what physical condition appears.
4. No drain on others.
5. Allowing heart to lead.
6. Making a difference.
7. Change in consciousness from control to adapt.
8. Raising consciousness with love.
9. Agreeing to ascend consciously.
10. Preparing by living all of the above.

Now that this list has been delivered, give these most important gifts to humanity a loving delivery.

Are you able to ascend? Answer this now, and adapt to the areas needing more attention.

Freedom of the continuous cycle of birth and death comes now, not in future lifetimes.

No future lifetimes will be necessary when these most caring and conscious qualities are delivered.

Many of you doubt your ability to ascend. None of those who are able to ascend will doubt their qualifications.

So if doubt is in your mind, "no doubt" is another qualification. Heart over head is the most active "doing" needed.

Choose to ascend and the body/mind can activate the needed lessons to dream the ascension into action.

Meditate daily and tell the creator that God awareness is your only desire.

Breaking through the mind's control requires this.

Fraternizing with other collective conscious beings does nothing to assist in ascension.

Partying with alcohol and drugs makes the man dense and co-habitable –

meaning that another dense entity can attach to an aura of this condition.


Please don't gather with non-advanced beings who drug themselves to accept life.

Change this one thing and make a major difference in your ascensions ability.

Drugs are not an avenue to more awareness.

They control the mind during the experience and anchor another answer to man's ability

to be divine in his caring and accepting.

More drugs become needed to open the veil and no difference in attitude or behavior is sustained without drugs, only a different view of man's dream. Not reality to be sure, only a different dream.

No drug user is going to ascend. My clarity about this is now delivered. No drug users are able to qualify.

So, if this is an addition to your awareness, give it up now.

What about drugs used in alchemical ways like peyote and ayahuasca?

Neither of these are addicting so neither are in this category of drugs that my message

is directing its meaning to.

My dear ones, I am including hashish, cocaine, heroin, mushrooms, ecstasy and methamphetamines.

Marijuana is not a drug of this characterization.

More drugs than named are also considered control drugs, so don't say "this one was not on the list"

and deny my meaning here. Control drugs include anything that cannot be dispensed with instantly.

I am not talking about medical assistance drugs, only those used as mind altering deliverers.

Choose to be in the body, totally present and completely content in all aspects of being human.

False opinions about drugs abound. No chela will be able to ascend who controls his mind with drugs.

Give this decision to the heart and these drugs will no longer be used.

New conditions are coming that will demand clear thinking and drugs will create mental escape, not clear minds. Battle this demon now if this is needed.

Ascended Master Saint Germain

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