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~Channelling, Human Ascension, Earth Changes and Evacuation of Earth~

Channelling, Human Ascension, Earth Changes and Evacuation of Earth

E-Zine Article Author: Anakya

My name is Anakya (yes, that is my real name.  I do not go by screen names. 
When I communicate on Earth it is as ME). 
I would like to offer another perspective on the above subjects which in part,
may in some ways appear the opposite of what many channelled messages
on Earth have said / are saying. 
It seems I am often the apparent 'voice of reason' in these matters,
and I know that many ignore or turn away from what I share because
it does not reflect what they want to believe. 

I have no desire to make anyone believe anything,
but I simply offer another viewpoint for consideration. 
My aim is to encourage everyone to think for themselves,
question everything with your deepest intelligence and intuitive soul,
and then come to your own conclusions. 
My goal is to bear witness to as many people as possible on Earth learning about
their own Divine heritage and using their own power in constructive ways.

Although I have found many channellings on Earth supposedly from beings within the Ashtar Command
conveyed in loving ways, and with many important truths in the messages -

I tend to find through my own investigations that many of these messages come from the channel,
rather than an outside source. 
That has no bearing on the message of course - since who it comes from is not the point.
The point is that the message makes sense to people and that the information
can be put to practical use
for personal empowerment and spiritual growth. 
If, however, the messages merely act to feed people's delusions, false hopes,
idol worship or some other dis-empowering element - I choose not to take them on board. 
It seems, however, that many others do.


A large part of the lessons we are all moving through whilst on Earth in 2011
is being able to determine and separate what is illusion from what is Truth
(hence all the exposures and rebellion of corruption and negative leadership etc.

on a planetary scale, and events in your own life which allow you to "see"
what is false and does not have real power). 
This is because it is necessary to truly BE who you are - fully empowered -
in order to achieve what is termed Ascension.  I speak of personal Ascension here -
not planetary Ascension. 

There is a difference, and I find that many of the messages conveyed on Earth do not outline this. 

Personal Ascension is just that - a personal, individual process. 

I have spoken at length with people who have already gone through the process,
and from what I gather, it is not usually an easy process in which one just kind of wakes up one day
and finds one has Ascended. 
It cannot be done artificially by any outside source,
but is a natural process of spiritual progression that is the result of many lifetimes
of accumulated experiences and understandings. 
Parts of the process are very difficult (or can be, if resisted) -
such as the losing the illusions part I've mentioned above, as an example. 
Basically, all the layers of Self are stripped away (through circumstances which allow that to happen -
but of course there are no accidents in the Universe) so that all you are left with is the
"core" of Self -the part of you that is God and is connected to everything else in existence. 
Usually when that happens, it involves the death process
(hence many Masters on Earth experiencing the death - or near death -
of their bodies before ascending in vibration). 
But this set of circumstances (the transformation of the Earth)
allows for many souls to achieve Ascension whilst still being in their bodies. 
That is one of the things that is so unique about these times we are experiencing. 
It really is pretty amazing to me.

I don't understand how some of the channels on Earth, and others,
have confused this with going up on board space craft. 
Personal Ascension has nothing to do with being or living on ships within the Ashtar Command. 
To achieve personal Ascension is to "Lift Up in Vibration" - not literally 'go up' into space!. 
Neither is it is not possible to artificially ascend someone,
as you could not possibly put in place all the things they needed to experience and learn
in order to ascend in vibration to the point where they become non-physical,
and their energy expands so that they feel themselves to be one with all Creation. 
Those things have to be lived in order to gain what is needed.  That is why we are in bodies at this time. 
That's how the Masters did it.

Planetary ascension is a whole different ball game. 
That is about the whole reality that we are living in moving from 3-D and 4-D into a higher density. 
A lot of people don't realize we have already begun to move into 4-D
(although it is intermittent at present). 

They seem to imagine it means all kind of fantastical things will be seen and felt. 
However, 4-D is only a slightly higher vibration than 3-D, so things still appear the same -
on the outside at least. 

But what it does mean is that the energy of the new vibration causes more massive change. 
It causes people to examine then throw off old, out-moded belief systems
and societies to experience collapse of systems and structures
that will no longer work in the new energy field. 
If it could be said that there is a planetary lesson attached to experiencing 4-D,
I would say it would be Responsibility. 
This experience is definitely about realizing and claiming responsibility -
for creating our own reality and living with the consequences - for one thing. 

 So many people spend so much time with their heads in the stars and looking to the future,
that they forget to really look into, and appreciate where they are right now.

With regard to spiritual development, many imagined 4-D to mean that people
would suddenly become instantly spiritually awakened and aware -
yet we are still seeing gradual awakening, and only at the pace that each individual is ready for. 
There are still many who probably won't awaken at all. 
That's because it is the way the process happens naturally and also because Free Will comes into play. 
Although, for those on Earth it is accelerated because we have the benefit of all this transforming energy
and paradigms (powerful creative energy which is generating change).  
It is, however, up to each of us how we use this energy to our advantage.

It may surprise some to know that people living and working within the Ashtar Command fleet
and other fleets do not have any special access to knowledge or experience to enable them
to become Ascended than anyone on Earth does. 
In fact, we have the benefit of accelerated learning on Earth - as I mentioned. 
I'm sure everyone will have noticed how rapidly things change and manifest here right now,
and that is going to continue to accelerate.


I also notice that none of the channellings I've seen talk about what we are / will experience here
on an Earthly level. 

I maintain that the only people who really know about the process of Earth's transformation
and what it feels like, are the people who are experiencing it. 
It is not an easy experience to go through (at least not this stage of it)
and I feel it is important that we all help each other and support each other as much as possible. 
We are moving out of the idea of separateness and isolation, and towards unity -
so many of us will be the forerunners of that (or could be).

On a physical level, we are getting stressed because of the structures
we still have to work with and deal with,
whilst others are collapsing literally around us (i.e. economies). 
We are moving to a point where fossil fuels will become too expensive for most people
to run their cars on - long before it becomes obsolete!. 
Food prices will continue to sky-rocket until many of those are unaffordable for many. 
People are losing jobs and cannot afford to pay their mortgages. 
So what do we do about all that?. 
A lot of my earlier work on Earth involved conveying messages about becoming more self-sufficient -
growing your own food where possible, converting homes to use natural energy like wind and solar,
and relying less on the monetary system to survive etc. 
But those things have only been possible for some people. 
In my opinion, we need to be putting pressure on our governments to bring alternative ways of living
and alternative structures into reality, not trying to resurrect the old ones!. 
Anyone with the knowledge of alternative technology or with barter system concepts
should now be stepping forward. 

Imagine what would happen if everyone in a large group all spoke up
about the same things at the same time, and made those that matter listen.

We are also dealing with changing
weather patterns and geophysical upheavals
(earthquakes, volcanoes, tectonic plates deciding to be somewhere else)
which are also a natural part of the process. 
I say that because I have seen there is information out there that says all this is manipulated
by some evil power or evil technology.  That is not true. 
The Earth has always moved through natural cycles of growth and evolution. 
The last time something similar to this was experienced was about 30,000 years ago. 
It involved the massive changes that caused climate changes, volcanoes,
earthquakes and floods that first broke up the land mass of Atlantis and Lemuria,
then eventually sank most of it. 
Also - my scientist friends tell me that there is no such phenomena as "Global Warming"
(although certainly pollutants in the atmosphere have damaged the ozone layer). 
Such a warming phase actually precedes an Ice Age. 
The Earth does this every now and then so that the areas that are iced over can heal and regenerate. 
All life in that region is killed off or put into stasis for a while. 

The problem with understanding that is that much of humanity is so arrogant that they believe themselves (and their technology) to be more powerful than Nature,
and therefore it must be happening because of their technology and actions!. 
I am not excusing the progressive abuse of the planet with regard to
the way some people have treated her. 

But I am pointing out that it is only partially because of that damage that the planet
has initiated a cleansing, healing and re-positioning phase. 
This was pre-destined anyway - regardless of how humanity responded to the process. 
The question is - how do we deal with it?

I know that the Earth is growing and changing in conjunction with all of us. 
That means that she won't initiate anything that is truly out of phase with our progression. 
She knows that what she manifests (mostly as a direct result of our thoughts, beliefs and actions)
will provide extremely powerful learning tools for all of us. 
We already have seen the evidence of our collective thoughts and intentions to lesson the effects of -
or even avoid - potentially cataclysmic events (for instance -
there was supposed to be meteors hitting Earth and a pole shift by now!!). 
Many people do not choose to realize that this happened through their own efforts. 
That's because there is still this lingering belief that we are all victims to life,
and that we have no power over our reality. 

These are changes we cannot avoid, and many of us know they are meant to happen. 
But the challenge is for us to learn to flow with these changes and still survive them!. 
By my reckoning, anyone who does it is a pretty amazing being. 
Therein lies the opportunity for advanced and accelerated growth.


There has been SO much channelled about this. 
First back in the '80's and '90's, and it has resurfaced now. 
I have already said quite a bit about this in terms of the fact that Project Uplift
(i.e. uplifting people from Earth en masse during major Earth changes)
was abandoned by the Council and Ashtar Command because the decision
had to be unanimous (by consensus) and because of the perceived trauma
such a thing would cause the people uplifted, problems adjusting to life on Motherships -
not to mention the logistical nightmare - 
but here is another thing to think about.

Many of the channellings say that the Ashtar Command is going to "save us"
when things get tough on the planet. 

Save us from what?  Our own Ascension process? 
Why is it anyone else's responsibility to help us survive and thrive in our own environment? 
With changes that we helped to create?

The channellings say that the Ashtar Command will remove people "in the blink of an eye". 
I wonder if people realize that if there was an evacuation like that,
people could be seperated from family, partner, friends - maybe even their children? 
That is because they could not take people who had not given their permission
and had no awareness of their existence. 
It is against Universal Law. 
How would you feel if you left the planet, and your loved ones had to stay? 
What if you had them taken forcibly against their will?  How would they respond and feel?. 
What would the suddenly changed energy and environment do to them?. 
You cannot expose people to things like that if they are not ready for it and open to the experience. 
They have to give their permission, otherwise it is just abduction! 
No one in the Ashtar Command fleet or associated fleets is willing to do that.

If you remove people physically from their home world suddenly, they suffer from many spiritual,
mental and emotional adjustment problems (even sickness) which can be fatal. 
You have altered gravitational fields to deal with - not to mention a massive vibration shift. 
Human bodies have to gradually adjust to increases in vibration, or they will overload and burn out. 
You are talking about bodies that have been 3-D for a long time suddenly becoming
something else without going through the steps in between. 
Also, human bodies at this time are not equipped to travel in space craft which move much,
much faster than the speed of light.  Or ships which travel between dimensions. 
In order for members of the Ashtar Command to artificially alter human bodies so that they can cope
with these things (as many of the channellings claim), it would violate another law. 
Well, a couple of them actually.  One is the law of non-interference. 
They cannot do anything that extremely alters the course of another being
or civilization's natural evolution. 
It has major repercussions!  Look at what happened when the Atlanteans did that, for example. 

They experimented and tampered with natural laws and life forms to the point where
their either destroyed it, or created creatures which could not possibly survive - let alone thrive. 

In Earth's history, there have been ET visitors who have come and altered humanity's DNA
and interfered with their lives - some to their detriment, and some to their benefit. 
But no one within the Association of Worlds (Federation of Planets) wants a repeat of that. 
It is always hoped that we all learn from our mistakes. 
Now the focus is on helping humanity to grow to the point where
they can find their own way forward (and upward!) -
unencumbered by the previous limitations.

I'm not saying here that the possibility of some people on Earth
who are ready can meet ET friends and family is beyond the realms of possibility.  Not at all!. 
Many are already doing that in astral form anyway. 
I know there is a huge focus - especially among Starseeds -
about meeting space brothers and sisters "in the flesh". 
I understand this totally, because of the levels of 'homesickness' many suffer. 
However, even Starseeds are subject to the same conditions that all souls on Earth are subject to. 
All have to raise their own vibration and make inner changes so that we can meet half-way. 
Meetings happen by mutual agreement, and because all parties have something to learn and gain from the experience. 
I think it is just sheer laziness (and maybe old ways of thinking) to buy into the belief that
we just wait for our ET family to do it all for us!.  That is not going to happen. 
The only way we will be physically together is if we are where they are - vibrationally speaking, that is. 
They can lower their vibration a little so that we can see them physically, so to speak,
but that is only done when absolutely necessary
(would you enjoy lowering your vibration to make others comfortable and be able to perceive you?).

I had better finish now, and end this by making the following offer: 
I am prepared to talk to anyone who wants to talk about all this, and if I can explain things better,
or help by sharing my experiences, I will do so. 
IF you would like to know more about me and what I have to say, 
Pleiadians, the Ashtar Command, life aboard Motherships etc.
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