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~The Main Theme For August is Wake Up and Pay Attention.~ Subthemes are Responsibility and Presence.~

August Forecast 2011 ~ by Lena Stevens
Channeler: Lena Stevens
The main theme for August is Wake Up and Pay Attention.
Subthemes are Responsibility and Presence.
This does not mean becoming more hyper-vigilant or controlling
but rather becoming more present
and taking notice from a place of expanded awareness.
Most of us have narrowed our experience of life and ability to respond down
to a very narrow band, being asleep or unconscious about the greater part of it.

If we didn't, we would be overwhelmed at what we have put up with
and continue putting up with.
In the development of the mind and the mental ability to problem solve,
we have traded in the awareness of our instinctual and emotional responses for
the illusion of security in trusting that the mind can solve everything.
We are quickly seeing that in these accelerated times not only can the mind not keep up,
but that it limits our ability to respond in other ways so crucial to our survival at this time.
The mind is almost never present.

It is almost always either in the past;
reviewing, judging, trying to understand, categorizing, filing and organizing;
or in the future; planning, worrying, tracking,
organizing and trying to get a handle on linear time.
Notice that when you are doing a task that requires complete presence,
the mind becomes quiet and inactive, taking a back seat.
Animals in the wild and other aspects of nature
react to their environment with efficiency in their knowing, timing and action.
This does not come from a place of mental planning
but rather from being aware and responding to the present circumstances.
Nature is very flexible.
Because of our attachments, expectations and constant mental micromanaging,
we have lost both the ability to be flexible and the ability to be instantly responsive.
We have diminished our experience of life, we have fallen asleep,
and we forgotten how to trust and be present.
We are still in an emotionally centered year.
The emotional center is there to teach us a different way of reacting.
The emotional center is not about emoting or being emotional.
It is about relying on a different level of intuition that takes in way more information
than the intellectual realm of the mind can ever process.
We need to remember how to use this center more effectively
so that we can trust our non-mental process and begin to give it more credit.
The mind is a very useful tool and it is important to use it to set intentions,
goals and direction,but we cannot expect the mind to get us there.
The mind on its own is not capable of driving enough energy to accomplish anything.
It is too limited and yet we have given it this impossible task.
No wonder we feel helpless, powerless, fatigued and confused.
It will take time to turn this pattern around and you can start by waking up your senses
and paying attention to your surroundings by being more present and aware.
If you spend a little bit of time every day in non-mental awareness
practicing being present,
you will exercise this part of yourself and eventually it will become automatic.
This is what is required in order to move into a higher state of consciousness at this time.
Anything you can do this month that raises your consciousness is an excellent use
of the influences.

Any practices that help connect you to spirit and get you out of your mind
will also be very helpful.
There will be many lessons and opportunities to see just how effective you can be
without your mind trying to control everything.
The discipline will be to keep yourself present and out of the past and the future.
This is the time to step up to the plate, show up fully and take responsibility for yourself, your actions and your truth.
It is time to get out of denial, to open your eyes and all your senses,
to truly look at what you have been putting up with and to do something about it.
This requires courage and action and you may not always get positive responses from others, as misery loves company.
When you decide to take the high road you may need to set some boundaries
against certain energies that are no longer compatible.
Remember that negative reactions from others are usually projections and it is important
not to take things personally especially when you know you are on the right track.
By the same token, if you are having a strong negative reaction to someone
or their actions,
you may need to look at how you may be projecting on them or how their actions
may have threatened your own complacency and denial.
See each of them, as a teacher and a mirror, stay neutral, present and awake.
This is an incredibly accelerated time where incredible things are possible.
You need to watch for the aggression mode of the year showing up in negative ways
both in yourself and in others.
Since the mind is being quickly surpassed by the speed of things these days,
you also may experience anything from feeling like you are losing your mind,
panic attacks, anxiety and amnesia.
This is much about the dissolving of linear time and thus the tracking method
of the mind.
Watch also for bleed-through from the astral plane at inconvenient times,
throwing you momentarily off the course of linear thought.
You are being called upon to trust all the other senses, to trust your intuition
and to learn to process information in a different way.
The acceleration of the times makes it possible to accomplish way more
than your mind would "think" possible.

At the same time, if something is destructing,
it will take much less time than "usual" for it to completely destruct.
Any process is aggressively accelerated in these times
so if something seems stagnant or not moving, all it needs is a spark of intention
to set it on course.
How the month shows up:
This is a good time to wake up and see what has slowly crept into your environment
while you were asleep that you have stopped noticing and tend now to ignore.
Extra weight? Bad habits? Clutter?
Wasting time on unimportant activities?
Meaningless relationships? A dirty house?
Dirty windows?
Deferred maintenance? Unpaid bills?
Late correspondence?
A garden full of weeds? Unfinished projects?
Clothing you haven't worn in a year? A dirty car?
Anything broken or not working still sitting around?
Start by taking one aspect or one section at a time and paying attention to it,
being present with it,telling the truth about it and then taking action
or making a commitment to taking action.
It is important to stay neutral and not judging as you may be horrified
at what you see when you wake up and open your eyes.
Have I really been living with that all this time? Yes, but no worries, today is a new day!

Removing clutter and unnecessary excess will be the biggest challenge
as we are so programmed as a consumer society to keep excess as part of our illusion
of security and survival.
No amount of hoarding will insure survival.
In a nomadic tribe, a hoarder would be most vulnerable to an enemy,
as it would take them much longer to pack up and evacuate.
Your excess is a burden but fortunately one you can do something about.
Start small and don't get discouraged.
At the same time, this is a great opportunity to expand your awareness of all the positive,
supportive and powerful energies and allies you have around you all the time.
Anything you can do this month to connect to those allies, to open your intuition
and to engage in practices bringing you closer to spirit would have far reaching practical application.
Remember the aggression mode can be used positively to push through your
personal logjams and into a greater sense of wellbeing and personal expression.
Be all that you can be, face anything you have been afraid to face and be aggressive
with your intention.
Trust spirit, your unseen helpers and allies, and your intuition.
This is an interesting area this month as you become more sensitive
to an expanded awareness.

There will be greater reactions, projections, attractions, repulsions,
and you might question much of what you feel about others.
On paper the viability of a relationship may look one way but when you actually connect
in the physical you may have a completely different take.
Connecting and exchanging in person will be valuable as you explore
a new language of greater intuition and using all your senses.
There may be confusion about what is rational and what is not rational.
Beware of the mind trying to rationalize you in or out of a situation.
Any battle between your intuition and your mind should be lost by the mind.
As always relationships provide the fertile ground for experimentation
and trying out new found abilities, intentions and expressions.
Trust the way you react instinctively rather than how you think you should react.
Watch also for relationships that are not useful becoming energy leaks
and actually keeping you from the tasks at hand.

You can learn a great deal from your relationships and the reactions they induce.
You can also learn a lot by setting boundaries against energy leaks
related to relationships so that you can pay more attention to yourself
and your immediate environment.
Don't let the "shoulds" of false responsibilities and expectations of others derail you
from being fully present, awake and engaged in what you know you need to do
for yourself.
The best way to navigate this month is to eliminate the mental need to understand.
Simply accept what is happening in the environment and climate, weather patterns, extremes in all expressions.
Think of it as the planet waking up and paying attention just as you are.
Notice that when there is an extreme that causes a crisis of any kind,
how present people get in their ability to respond.
There is no room for complacency, denial or being asleep when there is a crisis.

To the extent that we are still asleep,
we will continue creating events that will wake us up
and keep us present and on our toes.
Many larger scale disasters can be averted by taking personal responsibility
for waking up, paying attention and cleaning up your environment.
So for this month consider the environment to be your personal environment
and know that whatever you do to pay attention
and be present with it will have a ripple effect on the greater environment of the planet.
This is about doing your personal work and your piece for the good of the whole.
This is a good month to come to terms with your responsibility for your own health.
No one is going to do it for you.
Tell the truth about your physical condition without judgment, self-deprecation or blame.
Self- loathing is never justified. If you have not valued yourself enough
or if you have been asleep and unconscious and have allowed yourself
to become addicted to poor habits, excess and bad behaviors,
this is a good time to change those patterns.
It may be excruciating to face the truth and take responsibility
but you must if you wish to wake up.

Many areas of maintenance will need attention, from hygiene to diet to exercise.
Do a little each day and don't forget to acknowledge your physical body
as being a part of a larger system of emotional
and energetic patterns and mental intentions.
Discipline is needed this month as you wake up to your relationship with your body
and begin to take responsibility.
You know what you need to do, so do it.
Specific areas of attention are the liver, adrenals, lymph system, skin,
digestion and circulation.
Anything procrastinated or ignored or just simply not dealt with should be put
on the front burner.
Wake up to the reality of where you are operating and what needs to be done.
This is not a good month to procrastinate.
You can schedule something out into the future but don't put off the call that schedules it.
As everything is accelerated, be present around changes and circumstances
that may require flexibility, reorganization and shifting gears.
Details are also important this month.
Not to be micromanaging, hyper-vigilant or obsessive about them
but simply paying close attention so that you can be ready to make
whatever adjustments are needed.
Remember that we have just had the theme of "birth" in July.
Many of you have birthed new projects, ideas, ways of being,
relationships and even businesses.
An infant always needs constant care and attention.
So do all the newly birthed aspects of your life.
Don't drop the ball now.
Be responsible for what you are creating and take care of the anything in your life
that is in its infancy with the care and nurturing of a doting and protective parent.
The theme of wake up and pay attention is likely to manifest in an
even greater expression of new scandalous and horrifying truths hitting social media.
Heightened reactions and an increased desire to do something about the world you live in
will bring renewed inspiration to small community groups and grassroots projects.
As the unwieldy and unsustainable structure of commerce,
decision-making and regulation continues to come apart at the seams,
there will be more and more opportunity to bring about change and progress using community and grass roots efforts.
Look for inspiring accounts of individuals, youth and small,
seemingly insignificant groups doing large significant things to make great change.
Pay attention and get involved in your own community.
Make it a point to know where your food comes from and where you money is being used and who is eating off the profits.
And don't forget gratitude. A little gratitude goes a long way.

There is such a habit nowadays of looking at what is wrong
and what needs to be fixed and what is lacking and what is not to our liking.
Certainly have an awareness of what needs change.
But more importantly, be grateful for what is right.

If you wake up and pay attention you will notice and have gratitude
for all the many things that are right in your life.
August 1-7:
A good time to notice what you have been putting up with.
Take bits of your environment and your daily habits,
look at yourself and your health, take stock of how you have been living and tell the truth.
Be ruthless but compassionate, non-judging and neutral.
Make a plan and then do something to begin the process of upgrading.
Think of yourself as wanting to be surrounded by a higher vibration.
If you are to wake up and pay attention you will want to raise the vibration around you
through beauty and a higher quality of experience.
Maybe you start by washing your windows and having roses on your table.
Maybe you reduce your alcohol consumption by 20%.
Maybe you resist spending 2 hours on mindless Internet activity
and cut it down to one hour.

Maybe you spend time outdoors just sitting and listening to the wind
and saying hello to the clouds.
Maybe you stop worrying about what you did in the past.
Maybe you acknowledge you have not exercised enough
and begin to discipline yourself in that area.

Maybe you are fully present with every bite of food you put in your mouth
with gratitude for the nurturing it provides.
Maybe you spend just a bit more time being fully present
with the person who is speaking to you or your drive around town doing errands
instead of thinking about some future responsibility or plan.
Regardless of what you do during this time, be aware and be present
and responsive to your environment and what is in it.
You will be surprised at how the environment responds.
August 8-15:
You will either be feeling like you have just gotten on the right track
or you will be feeling out of control, despairing and confused.
This is where you need to turn things over to spirit and to your unseen helpers and allies.
This is where the energy accelerates and your mind will have to give up
trying to control and figure it out.
This is where you have to trust that your intentions will carry you where you need to go.
If you are feeling right on track, experiencing synchronicity and things falling into place almost magically,
then make sure to pay attention to the details to insure nothing falls through the cracks
in your expanded state of awareness.

Take time for gratitude for spirit and your allies.
Take nothing for granted and continue to upgrade your environment
and raise the vibration of your experience.

August 13: 
Full Moon at 12:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time.
Gratitude, gratitude and more gratitude.
This may be challenging if you are in a place of being challenged.
Trust that gratitude is the best antidote for feeling small, limited, insignificant and irritated.
Spend some time in awareness exercises and being present.
Make yourself energetically available to something wonderful landing in your lap
without planning, effort or obsession.
And stay away from those that do not support you.
August 16-22: This time frame is marked by change, restructuring and choices,
                         some of them significant,
                            based on your new found awareness, acceptance of truth,
                            and desire to live better and be more awake.
Some of the practices, habits and relationships that have been part of the "asleep you"
may have to go by the wayside as you make decisions and commitments to yourself
to stay awake.
What is not congruent will be painfully obvious and you will need courage and will
and the use of the aggression mode of the year to move yourself to a better situation.
Beware of the mind trying to convince you that you have it as good as it gets,
or that it is too hard at this point to make changes, or that you cannot afford it,
or that you do not have the power or energy or wisdom to accomplish it on your own.
Thank your mind for sharing, don't give in, and follow your intuition.
August 23-31:
Pay attention to the details, opportunities, open doors, closed doors,
messages from spirit, and how things are landing,
integrating and settling into your everyday life.
Certain things will have nicely become a habit by this time,
others you may still be struggling with.
Don't be afraid to ask for help where you feel stuck.
There is always an adjustment period when launching anything new.
The details are important but it should not be a struggle.
If there is, you are not being present, awake and paying attention.
You are probably trying to control the how, where and with whom.
Look at where you might still have expectations around how your intentions are manifest.
Recommit to your trust in spirit, your allies and right timing. If you are experiencing impatience you are not being present.
This a time frame where some amazing and wonderful things can happen for you
if you just get the mind and the false personality out of the way. Make it so.
August 28:
New Moon at 9:04 PM Mountain Daylight Time.
Honor the still point of the new moon by being very still yourself.
From a still point inside, feel yourself expanding your awareness from the inside out, taking in your environment,
becoming a part of it, being a neutral energy,
very present and aware but without any agenda, expectation or focus.
This is a time to push the reset button, which is always a good idea
no matter how well things are going.

Use some sage or cedar to cleanse your spaces and yourself,
resetting and bringing everything into the present.
Have a wonderful month!

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