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24 July 2011 - Christ Michael Says It Has Started - Jess Anthony

24 July 2011 - Christ Michael Says It Has Started - Jess Anthony
Let us speak clearly and matter-of-factly. I realize that is not a word,
but I want to convey the intensity and sincerity of what I am going to tell you.
The time is now for us to begin.
We have postponed and delayed the final sequence until the time has run out by our calendar.
I know you tend not to believe our statements of definite events happening on specific dates.
You have had ten years of delays and postponements from the projected timelines we have given you.
However, each instance has had a good reason to be changed.
We have always found a better solution to resolve the situation causing the crisis.
Everything from our perspective has been measured by the slow movements of Galactic forces.
We have allowed postponements and delays because the forces necessary
to implement changes on Earth were not all in place.
The Cosmic moves are all in place now.
The tools we need to effect changes are in position.
Your Solar System operates through exchanges of energy.
You may imagine the Planets moving in circles and spinning around the Sun,
but the purpose of all that movement is to generate energy.
This movement provides the energy that runs your physical form.
Your Planet and all the creation it houses are fueled by the energy of the Universe.
Without it nothing can function.
The frequency of the energy waves determines the form the embodiment takes.
Ideas are energy that must be formulated, and your world is the manifestation of my idea for your incarnation.
Planet Earth is a laboratory to learn and experience certain aspects of creation
I have designated for further developments.
Earth is unique and you are especially privileged to experience its lessons.
I have said through you and various other messengers that the time is now.
My role is not exactly to push a button to begin the chain reaction. It is more personal, actually.
I am my Creation and I have to feel that everything is ready to allow a change to begin.
This will transform me, as well, and as is the situation with Gaia -
we both have to sense that everything is ready to start.
The energy from Father Source is surrounding my Universe of Nebadon,
and all its elements are reacting because I am ready to receive the force of the wave.
I have spoken about how each person on Earth is experiencing aspects of the dual incarnation I had with Esu.
I pointed out that each Spirit was being housed in a physical body in much the same way.
You all chose the form you would need to continue your exploration,
and you determined the genetic design you would need by observing the progression of generations
leading up to the production of the physical form you assumed.
In my case, Esu had done the work and I chose to share the embodiment.
His format was the most suitable one for me to use to effect the changes I needed
to make to guide my Creation back to my original intention.
His purpose was my purpose, but it took the power of both our energies to make the shift necessary
when we were housed in a lower dimensional form that was designed to be separate from my universal truths.
In a similar way, my Universe of Nebadon must have the form I need to effect the changes Father Source wishes.
The situation on Earth, while extreme,
is not the only element being affected in my Universe.
I am particularly mindful of what happens here on my Final Bestowal Planet [Planet Earth],
however, and the circumstances here must be ready in all aspects.
This is why I have waited until the very last minute to say it is time.
You can look at the level of confusion and breakdown that is becoming visible.
These are the initial steps of the process.
The change has begun, and will only intensify as more and more energy pours in.
Esu has spoken to you of the potential of August.
This is a month by your reckoning that will have a galactic configuration that is unique for our purposes.
This configuration was not a random occurrence.
It was planned long ago for this particular time.
The planets and celestial bodies that surround you were moved into position much like pieces on a chessboard.
They had to be in place to provide the levels of energy Earth was going to need to trigger
all the changes that have to occur.
These energies are such that the existing configurations on Earth cannot hold. 
As you know, physical forms are manifestations of the original ideas.
The previous ideas and their embodiments will have to change.  
Those that cannot will become erratic and fall apart.
Thinking, behavior, and production will all be affected,
and the breakdowns in established systems will be obvious and overwhelming to those who cannot adapt.
Look to your preparation and your readiness. Expect things now to happen each day until it reaches a peak.
Christ Michael, Aton of Nebadon

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