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July 2011 - Wanderer of the Skies – The Galactic Federation - Kris Won
Greetings from the Federation:
The path to Disclosure [of ETs and their “First Contact” Mission] has been a long and arduous one
filled with set backs and disappointments for everyone concerned.
We feel your disappointment because it is our disappointment as well.
Just as desperately as you want Disclosure, we want to connect with you on a personal level
so that we can share those things which we can give to each other in Love and understanding.
In this respect, you must stay ever vigilant, as the time draws so much closer than you can imagine.
The activities of the Illuminati are decreasing as more and more of their minions
move away from that path towards the good.
Every day there are more who refuse to do their bidding.
We see the most resistance to this change, however, in those of the Illuminati
who control the underground facilities scattered across your world.
They have lived in more or less a sheltered way for many years,
becoming ever so more disconnected to you on the surface
and ever more bold in their thinking that they are invincible.
It is with this group that we find the most difficulty.
Those that control your money on the surface have more capability to reason a
nd have shown this in the recent past as more and more concessions are made towards the plans for Disclosure.
A new wave of energy has recently been “downloaded”
into your world causing minor instances of anxiousness and restlessness among you.
This is yet another in the steps towards Ascension that are part of a Divine plan.
Your media continues to divert your attention away from the very wonderful
and sometimes troubling news around your globe that interconnects with our messages of Disclosure and Ascension.
It becomes more apparent to those who are beginning to awaken.
It will not last forever, and you will find as time draws close to Disclosure that more attention
will be focused on pertinent issues, much to everyone's surprise.
That will be one among many signposts that Disclosure is occurring.
It will happen and we will rejoice with you when it does.
For now, continue to focus your Love and Intention on those that have the power to make it so
and this will help hasten the process that will insure maximum safety for all when Disclosure occurs.
When we can be assured that we have reached such a level, the trigger will be pulled.
It is our fervent hope that your leaders do it first to signify your willingness as a people to become Cosmic Citizens.
Be at peace.

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