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11-11-11 3rd Density Ascension


As we approach stargate 11-11-11 it seems there is more disinformation than ever

on the internet and more confusion in general. 


This posting is meant to clarify some things as simply as possible for those that are ready to hear them.


This message is meant to be shared freely with as many people as possible because the information is so important.

Feel free to share it and distribute it.

This is my own understandings of what is happening and about to occur through my own personal experiences.

This represents a look at the ascension process through the eyes of those physically on earth if you will.


The purpose of this grand cycle was perhaps the most ambitious ever.

Mother Earth, Gaia, proposed to make a mass ascension bringing all living beings on and within her along with.


Essentially this meant the full ascension of an entire eco-system, not the ascension of individuals.

This is why her ascension has been so difficult and why so many life forms are involved in helping her.


None will be left behind although they may choose to leave after it is done.

The logistics of this has caused many problems because of the fragile nature of some of the life forms upon earth.


A way needed to be found that injured as few as possible

and that would happen as quickly as possible to avoid disruption of Gaia’s eco-system.

The foundations for the new energy system were laid gradually by light workers over the years. 


The new system was an alternating current model that tapped much further into the light

and into the dark than ever before and used both light and dark as power sources

much like the ordinary electrical current that powers homes and modern electronics today.


This vibratory energy was like the yin/yang symbol using electricity and light as reciprocals of each other.

Thus all of the new creation is created out of vibratory energy.


Duality still exists within the new system but exists as electricity/light and/or male/female. 


It is not correct to think that duality ends, only that the paradox of duality is resolved

at the highest and lowest levels even though confusion might remain

for those not able to achieve the highest or lowest levels.


To keep the system pure required that only those able to reach these extreme levels

were allowed to work on it, ascended masters embodied in physical life if you will.


Eighth density is a higher octave of first density and those able to reach eighth density light

first anchored the new advanced light energies and then began the slow process

of working with the dark energies of first density.


This involved the first contact between first density and the new energies

and these were anchored into earth through the physical embodiment process of these individuals.


It was this action completed in the early 90’s that paved the way for the first wave of

seventh density light workers who began developing the framework of the new system 


by piecing together the collective realities of all living things and forming new systems/karmic systems

that determined how the new system would function.

Rather than trying to sort out the mess they chose clean un-tampered levels energetically

above and below what already existed.


The idea was that at any given point in time whatever existed was in balance or it would not be able to exist. 


This way the new system could cut in at any time and not change anything at all,

but it would change how things happened from that point onward!


With this basic archetypal system in place the way was paved for sixth density light workers

to build the bridges of consciousness between it and the old system.


This was needed to assure a smooth transition when the time came.


Sixth density light workers in physical bodies built the bridges of conceptual understanding

that allowed entire timelines to be created.


This opened the new system to those of fifth density.


Fifth density light workers in physical bodies explored the new system

and began traveling timelines into the past and future making changes and adjustments to the system as needed.


What I am describing is an ascension process of embodied individuals first ascending

while in physical bodies and then remaining in physical bodies and returning to help Gaia,

Mother Earth, in the mass ascension process.

The ascension process has progressed at an accelerated rate and each of you reading this

have ascended in awareness already!


Eighth, Seventh, Sixth, Fifth and fourth density individuals have already been harvested. 


When you die, if you die, your awareness has been recreated at those levels

and you are using those new powers to help you through physical life.


You are remaining on earth in physical bodies because

She has not ascended yet, no one will be left behind!


You are here to help with this last little bit.

On the 11-11-11 stargate the ascension wave will hit third density life forms

and all life will ascend or cross over into the new system.


Only life at the second density,cellular, and first density,mineral,

levels will remain and they will make the transition before the winter solstice this year, 2011.


As the new light enters the system on the winter solstice the new system

will be fully operational for the first time on all densities, first through eighth.


All life forms will have ascended, warts and all. 


During the coming year of 2012 all those ascended life forms

not compatible with the new system will be forced to leave.


This will mainly happen through death as opposing forces kill each other off

like the gang wars currently rampant in Mexico.


Live by the sword and die by the sword…

These energies will be isolated and expelled from the new living system.


Indeed this is already happening across the world.

Much of what has been talked about and worried about will not even happen.


As the mineral/first density crosses or ascends into the new system all will be light powered

and the elements no longer chemically reactive.


This will mean massive changes that are almost unimaginable!

Digestion is a chemical process, there will be no longer a need to eat, no starvation.


No electricity, but no need for it since heat and cold will not affect living things.

Weather will not exist as we know it. Earth will be a “Garden of Eden”.


People will not go to work because there will be no work to go to and no need for it anyway.

Eternal life might be a drag unless people find a way to live without cell phones.


There will be no governments because there will not be any need for them and any organizational efforts

will take some time to evolve as life adapts to the new conditions.


The mineral world will exist as we know it and the organic world will continue to exist

but the organic world will not exist in the same way.


This is what is new, an entire eco-system has never ascended before

and no one knows what it will be like to experience first hand.


The day that chemical reactions cease to exist is the day everyone is waiting for

and this will happen by Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


This message may be freely distributed. It can also be found on my blog:

bright blessings,




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