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11.11.11 Light Codes full light body acsen

The real gain is perception, our consciousness has changed to perceive everything as one,

everything in the universe I now see, As one complete unit, everything that happens,

is in the cause of the collective will, things that happen to you and things you do to others,
it is all in the service of consciousness, this is seen clearly with all the crazy synchronicities happening,
it helps to break down the illusion, of a separate self, the ego illusion, is seen through to oneness,
this has benefits that are clear to one in that state of awareness.

A cat sees it's own reflection in a mirror and perceives that another cat is on it's territory and gets upset,
and as it gets upset, the other cat in the mirror also gets upset, both cats are really getting upset now
and the real cat is really attacking the mirror, but we only have one cat, the other upset cat
was simply a reflection, we do the same thing, we look out into the outer world
and get upset and attack our own illusion reflected back to us from the mirror of oneness, stop fighting the illusion.

A Perceptual upgrade, leads to manifestation, but by indirect and very powerful ways,
as a more clear out look on reality, pays clear dividends,
I always thought of manifestation as almost a mantra, but we can create amazing things by realizing,
that we are all one and the reality you see out side of yourself is merely a illusion,
a reflection of your own perception of what you perceive to be reality,

The highest point of view is pure unconditional love, as hate, fear, lack and pain,
all these things are constructs, in the the mind, and only serve to take you back to unconditional love, joy, harmony, and bliss.

The closer you can get to unconditional love, a consciousness shift occurs, you start to realize that everything is OK,
everything is all right, We are all one, Whatever happens is always for the best and you can't lose,
As realizing unconditional love was the whole point anyway.

Unconditional Love must come first then the light comes, the light comes from the love,
the light of whatever you need in your life, you can see peoples strings, you can see your own strings,
and you can see the universes strings.

The strings are of love only, we are all tied together by love, in the service to each other,

that is the hidden truth,
your neighbour down the street who is arrogant and refuses to speak to you,
this is an illusion and only exists on the surface.

The reality is he really loves you and would do any thing for you and you would do anything for him,
you may not be conscious of this but it is rock solid Fact of the universe, love binds everything together, in the service of love.
We all serve each other whether we know it or not.

Ask the universe around you to manifest what you want, you have no enemies,
or more accurately even your enemies work to help you get what you want.

See oneness everywhere in everything. If you seek a partner or a job or more freedom or information,
let go and let the universe around you manifest your dreams, really listen to your heart,
it will tell you the path to take, that leads to your destination,

Also anything that happens inside you is all part of the plan and even your faults and failings
will help create what you're seeking, Ask and you will receive but in Love,
if you wish help from your friend do you crack the whip?

Of Course not, as he will help you willingly and with love, the same goes for the rest of the universe,
the universe is just waiting to help you, because it Loves you so much, All is one in a circle of love.

It does not matter if one ascends or not, because as you ground more and more Light and Love,
your ability to create and manifest will seem totally impossible to some people,

they will not be able to observe you,
as everything you are, and do is beyond their perception of what reality can be,

and you disappear from their view.

You will still be on earth but they won't be able to see you.

Blessings Phil Cove



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Comment by Claude on November 3, 2011 at 7:38pm

I only take in what is valuable to moi..the rest is not important, when reading..engaging...

there is always mental positions/constructs and individual flavor..even on 4D and lower 5D

I enjoy simply sharing empowering, and sometimes..

divine wisdom, of pure knowingness..

I do thank you Trudy..for your always keen Insight, Intuition. Thank You..again...

Comment by Trudy on November 3, 2011 at 6:39pm

Nice, but somehow I do not agree ... but again I think NOBODY has the real answer what will happen when the shift  is coming through ... some say there will be two earths , this guy P C  says that you will go beyond  the veill ( and disappear)  ... and some say that the veil will be dropped ...

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