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NEW SITE--BelVasPata, The New Healing modalities with the new angels and their frequencies and angels,Native Wisdom

Come Join Me on this amazing site we created in order to help and heal people in theirs quest of consciousness,truth,wisdom and awareness..

Love ,Praise and Gratitude


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the upcoming flood, where will you be?


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COPPER PYRAMID --the answers to your questions


Thank you all for your interest on my copper pyramid..

I'll try to answer all of your questions here..i will update this regulary, so dont mind asking questions

-How musch did it cost?

Well not very expensive..its around 120$ worth of tubing and parts..

-What do i need to make… Continue

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Copper Pyramids to BOOST your Meditation Energy and Skills

This is my Meditation Copper pyramid.

Base 6FT Height 4FT…


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How to make ORGONITE to protect yourself against EMF

Check also..the orgonite bible

Orgonite Tutorial for Tower Busters and Holy Hand GrenadesMaking orgonite is easy, fun and can be very spiritually inspiring. In my opinion, there are two parts to making orgonite; 1) the actual physical process and 2) the intention you hold in your heart and mind while working. If you leave out part 2 while making orgonite, it will still work, but not as… Continue

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the Andromeda holographic projector

The Andromedan Holographic Projector

This program features one of Dr. Bell's newest inventions: The Andromedan Holographic Projector. It allows the operator to manipulate space and time conditions.

This fascinating device is a wave machine that employs deep space penetrating design patterns and works with the hologram of reality.

FACT: For every intention… Continue

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Alien artifact in a meditation vision

Dunno what i means

here what i saw.

sort of brown black cookie like rock with odd inscription writen from outer edge down to a spiral in the center..The letters looked like C and O, almost written in a Binary code.on the top was this 4 arms golden claw and on the top was a crown with a crystal in its center!..

Weird vision!..maybe it has a significance of some… Continue

Added by Blessed By God on January 22, 2009 at 2:00pm — 2 Comments

Interdimensionnal dream or vision of the future

Heres the dream i had some month ago about a dream clearer than this perception of this reality.

I was walking down this round ceilling tunnel which had round light at the ceiling.I was walking down this corridor with this man in its 50-60s, tall, around 6ft. We came near this opening with NO doors in front..just leading to outside..but he halted me for whatso reason. he said, ''put this silverish suit on'' and he did the same.''you will need to put this helmet also'', i asked him… Continue

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The dream i had last from being on another planet seeing earth..or earth in another dimension

The two planets are represented as the correct size that was in my dream!

hmm looks a lot similar to this!!

Added by Blessed By God on January 9, 2009 at 10:30pm — 5 Comments

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