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How to make ORGONITE to protect yourself against EMF

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Orgonite Tutorial for Tower Busters and Holy Hand GrenadesMaking orgonite is easy, fun and can be very spiritually inspiring. In my opinion, there are two parts to making orgonite; 1) the actual physical process and 2) the intention you hold in your heart and mind while working. If you leave out part 2 while making orgonite, it will still work, but not as well.

Stuff you will need...

Metal shavings Easily obtained at any machine shop or recycle yard. Aluminum and brass are the most common. Steel is common and copper is harder to come by. I prefer copper, but any will do. You may want to inspect the shavings and see if they have any lubricant on them. Avoid shavings with lots of this if you can. It's a nuisance, toxic, and takes away from a really clean, pure piece of orgonite. If this is all you can get though, it will be all right.

Crystals You have a lot of freedom with the type and quality of crystals you use for your orgonite. The more exemplary the crystal, the better results you will get, but even the roughest of quartz will make some great orgonite so don't think that you have to buy double terminated Lemurian seed crystals to have some good functional orgonite. Also, the intention you put into it will make as much of a difference if not more. Simple quartz seems to work the best for making TB's (tower busters) or HHG's (holy hand grenades). Other crystals can add certain quality's to an orgone generator. Amethyst, Kyanite, Selenite and Rose quartz are great additions.

Resin Resin can easily be purchased at a hardware store for around $35 a gallon. It should include enough MEKP (catalyst) for the whole gallon. You may need more catalyst if you are going to be making orgonite in cooler than summer weather (read instructions for more guidelines on temperature variations).

Molds The best molds for TB's are teflon or silicon muffin trays. HHG's should be made with a funnel that has the end cut off and sealed with tape. Paper water cups can also be used for TB's. The cup will likely stick to the resin, so don't worry if they don't come out.


Use gloves and a good organic vapor mask, even outside. MEKP is one of the worst solvents known to man, even on its label its described as a “nasty” chemical. Do not get it on your skin and always pick it up with gloves after it is open. Resin is also very toxic when wet, but just like plastic when it is dry. If you happen to get a batch that does not cure all the way, leave it in the sun for a couple days to a week.

The TB Process

Have all of your materials on a table and cover it with wood or paper if you don't want the table to get thrashed. Put a crystal in each mold. I like to add a little amethyst or rose quartz to energetically take the TB's up a notch. At this point you can add some metal shavings to the mold. Next mix up your resin and MEKP. If I have some really fine shavings I like to add a handful of them to the resin. This makes the consistency of the metal and resin more even. Once the resin is mixed up, poor it carefully into the mold. You may need to stir around the mold to make sure that the resin gets into all the cracks of the shavings. When all the molds are full and stirred, place the tray in a safe place to catalyze.

Working with resin

Experience with resin can be very helpful. Here are some tricks I learned along the way. It is always better to over catalyze your resin then end up with a glob of sticky resin that will take weeks in the sun to harden. Sunlight will catalyze resin, therefore, it's always better to make orgonite during the day. In fact, in my opinion, you should only make orgonite during the day. This is because it is a great benefit to let the light of our star touch these creations while they are curing and absorbing the vibrational quality of the crystals. Sun light is a cosmic energy, it is universal information. Light is the energy of life and will greatly enhance the strength of your orgonite. When adding MEKP, do it very slowly preferably by drops and stir the resin a lot. Sometimes resin will catalyze a lot faster than you realize. This can be because of an excess of catalyst or working in really warm temperatures.

Using intention

Most people are familiar with Dr. Emoto's research in using intention on water as it crystallizes. Essentially, intention, sound and vibration have an enormous effect on the manifestation of crystals in water as it freezes (or resin as it hardens). Therefore, taking an intention and projecting it into the orgonite as it crystallizes can be a very powerful technique to energize and strengthen the energetic effect of the orgone. Furthermore, the crystal can also be programmed by holding it to your forehead and visualizing what you want it to do. All crystal programming should be done with unselfish intentions.

The HHG process

Take your funnel, place it in a cup and add some metal shavings to it with a little bit of catalyzed resin. Place a nice crystal point down in the middle of the funnel. Fill the funnel almost to the top with metal shavings and place four crystals with points out around the base of the first crystal. Fill with more resin until everything is covered. Be sure to poke around with your stir stick to get the resin into all of the cracks. Charge with intention and place aside to harden.

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Comment by Vaddix on January 24, 2009 at 6:13am
very detailed description of it. Do you know firsthand if orgone actually does anything? ive seen many videos on how to make them and where to use them. but i dont know what they actually do.

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