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The big bang theory, Light & dark with a side of rainbow.


Sentience struck you & me. Things have never been more black & white.

You & I seem but the result of billions of years of gradual building of a simpler time into a more complex meaning of those time's. Witnessing more & more of the possibilities of the reality around us A never ending spiral upwards into infinite possibilities & downwards into rock bottom nothing. Nothing less then shattered pieces of what used to be, what we

collectively where. I… Continue

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Come see my Baby.

I've gone ahead & created a Blog for myself to express as best I can my thoughts & actions. I figure you guys are the perfect condor to visit my little island. What Im looking for is feedback & traffic, some word of mouth if you agree & enjoy what you see here.

The Link is

Im seeking appreciation & followers who would consider me as there equal not there leader. As… Continue

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Universial Time for 400% increase in pshyic awaness.

Recently Listening to David wilcock's 2012 audio blog:

around half way in he mentions a know time 13:30 where on sidereal timezone you place of living allies with the center of the universe allowing for 400% increase in psychic abilities. Ive found this for you guys so you can try it out and tell me what you think

Sidereal time is always changing I believe 5… Continue

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CNN and Quicktime. Given some sight of changes to come?!

Could very well be a major impact on the world to come. First steps in the direction of peace and fall of the old powers?!

Then there's the Super bowl. Something I could really Care less for However the movie trailers are also pointing towards a Impact on are collective consciences. In fact almost every movie this year seems to be… Continue

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