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Universial Time for 400% increase in pshyic awaness.

Recently Listening to David wilcock's 2012 audio blog:

around half way in he mentions a know time 13:30 where on sidereal timezone you place of living allies with the center of the universe allowing for 400% increase in psychic abilities. Ive found this for you guys so you can try it out and tell me what you think
Sidereal time is always changing I believe 5 mins or so every day so youll need to look for specific times every day depending on whee you live in the world.

ps: coincidentally living in Edmonton alberta gives me a longitude of 113.30 take away the one at the front and its the same number as the time i thought it was syincronistic. I also was able to try it for myself because I was up late that night I found the white noise became alot lounder and easyer to manifest things for a few mins

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